The New Battery Replacement - SUPER Capacitors

Imagine Recharging you Electric Car in 30 Seconds ? This is now possible.
  • KiloWatt Labs CEO Omer Ghani explains in the above interview, filmed at the IDTechEX Show, has begun shipping large-scale, super capacitor-based energy storage solutions for applications such as microgrid, renewable, utility and mobility. He indicates their solution is a cost-competitive replacement for traditional battery approaches.

The Battery of the future has now arrived.

The Super Capacitor is storming onto the market, from cellphones, to wearable's, to cars to utilities.

But combined with a Server the new super capacitors will be able to turn your solar/wind developments into standalone power sources... no more need to be exporting to the grid.

I think this is one of the most exciting developments I've seen in a long time. Mostly because it affects virtually everything we do now with regular battery's. With this product you will be able to charge your new electric car in 30 seconds.

Its good to see the rollout being slowly managed. Their aim is to show you it works first and to take it from there. I can imagine car manufacturers screaming out for these. Its going to solve all their present problems... slow recharging, one of the worry's that people have now in considering an electric car. Where and how long does it take to recharge on a trip ? If you knew that only a few minutes was involved, this takes away one of the major concerns.

There are many great features to these new super capacitors :

(1) They can be charged and discharged one million times.

(2) They are much safer than many current batteries such as Lithium-ion.

(3) They take up the same space as present batteries, in some cases even less.

(4) Battery density... just as good as present battery technology.

(5) The super capacitor lifetime vastly exceeds that of batteries currently in use, for example, the batteries in use by the telephone communication sector.

(6) Are able to withstand some fairly harsh environments.

Kilowatt Labs have been able to overcome a lot of the initial problems of the super capacitors making them a fit and suitable battery replacement, and are now on a path to providing us with something that is a definitely more viable alternative replacement for current battery technology at a cost effective price.

I look forward to updates and progress on this one.