Charge Your Electric Vehicle Batteries in 5 Mins

New battery technology from Storedot enabling a charge wait of 5 mins...WOW !!
  • New battery from Storedot enables car charging in 5 mins.

Israeli firm Storedot held a live demonstration of its new patented battery technology at the Qtech Fair this week in Berlin.

The Battery uses a proprietary organic compound which enables batteries to be charged at extremely super fast rates.

This new technology isn't just for electric vehicles either. Anything that uses a battery is within its scope.

Whilst the product isn't yet available for purchase, it certainly is an exciting development which will no doubt make electric vehicles more desirable as an upgrade to petrol and diesel with the main barrier to people adopting them is the distance they can travel on one charge. But overcome this perceived problem by having a charge station only taking 5 minutes and I am sure people will start to take a different view. After all this is far quicker than stopping at a regular petrol station to fill up.

Even more so when you learn that Volvo, whose vehicles are a diesel legend, plans on dropping its entire diesel range soon and replacing them with electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are now starting to reach a momentum that bodes well for their future.

The only car manufacturer that seems to be taking a ho hum approach is Toyota who seem to be hedging their bets more towards hydrogen vehicles rather than electric.

Their web-site is here :