Tesla Solar Tiles Go On Sale Today

Your house looks great, but hmmmm, not sure myself about the practicality of so many tiles.
  • Tesla Solar tiles go on sale today.

A month late for release, but does that really matter when today being a month late is really just being on time ?

One thing about these tiles is they do make a house look great. No ugly panels all over a really nice looking roof... or was until you put the solar panels on ! The finished look is certainly appealing. And especially great if you have an historic house on which normal solar panels are not permitted.

But I have my doubts about joining all these tiles together electrically. What if you miss one ? Not every area of the roof is easy to get at from the inside. It looks an enormous task to me just doing the wiring.

You will also notice the show houses are all very high and steep pitched roofs. Not every house will be like this, some will have very low roofs in comparison. Therefore inside accessibility will be a completely different story.

It does come with a Tesla power wall of 14Kw storage.