Breakthrough: Researchers Cure Type One Diabetes With No Side Effects

Nothing to do with Energy, but I am bringing this to your attention in the hope that it can help someone.
  • Sterling Allan who created these web-sites and who used to principally write the articles on both this site and, suffered from Type 1 Diabetes. Which meant daily testing before eating food and self injecting insulin according to his readings.

It is a debilitating disease and luckily when we were both in Germany I was aware he suffered from it, so when he didn't respond to phone calls and door knocking one morning,  I called on the Hotel manager to open the door. We found Sterling comatose and called the medics. They found he was so low that he was reaching a highly dangerous point. This in spite of him having checked his levels the night before. Amazing to me not having encountered someone who had type 1 diabetes before, once he was given the right intravenous medication he was back to life in just a matter of a few minutes.

This article is dedicated therefore to bringing to you the latest research just to hand. If it helps some of you reading this, or your family and friends, its worth the effort even though this has nothing to do with new technology or new energy news.

If this new breakthrough, as unbelievably simple as it seems works on humans then it should save a lot of misery in this world. Read the story here :