500 Mile/805 Kilometre... Lithium-Air... Electric Car Battery... on a Single Charge

Planned to be ready by 2020 and you''ll never guess who is making it. One charge... travel for 500 miles/805kms.
  • Lithium Air Battery with a capacity for 500 Miles (805km).

The last people you would be expecting to be making IBM.... Yes the computer company.

But they are looking to diversify, and this is one of the new products they are working on. Planned to be ready for sale by 2020.

Having a battery that took you 500 miles or 805km will go a long way to making electric cars a choice for many people who may have thought, nah the current cars are not just good enough for me, I'll be forever charging the battery to get anywhere.

Having a battery capacity that's equivalent to a petrol car will change a lot of peoples minds. And really get the green movement underway.