New Style Electric Car Charging System

Takes up less space and suited for hotel and apartment underground garages and in multi level car parking.
  • New option for charging electric cars.

From my personal experience with electric cars, they are now reaching a momentum where they are garnering a lot more interest. But the biggest bugbear is distance between charging stations.

Just already in my local newspaper there was a group demanding hotels start installing chargers for their guests. This was in Queenstown, New Zealand's top tourist destination.

But the big argument has been that the upright petrol bowser style chargers are difficult to install plus take up too much space.

This new option is for inside rather than outside, and is more suited to underground parking, or perhaps in your own home garage. I say perhaps because it seems to have a meter on it which you wouldn't need if using it with your solar panels at home.

Now its biggest use might be at multi level car parking for where people park whilst they work all day or maybe are there for a shopping visit.