DC Hybrid Heat Pump

Both DC direct from Solar Panels and Grid Plug-in as backup.
  • Part One - DC and Grid Power Heat Pump. This first video shows the equipment laid out before installation of the heat pump and the associated solar panels mounts.

Want the best of both worlds ? This might be your answer for solar panel users.

This unit will plug in direct to the DC output of the panels. Which makes it vastly more efficient than using an inverter.

But as all solar panel owners know, solar output constantly fluctuates, it is seldom steady. So how to overcome this.

The answer is a hybrid, which has a DC Compressor. The DC direct power is used first. Where needed the DC is backed up by grid supply to fill the gap.

Now the guy installing the heat pump mentioned in the first video that he wasn't going to vacuum pump the air out of the piping, which having done heat pump installations myself, would be a foolish move not to evacuate, especially in 10 feet of piping.

BUT in fact he changed his mind as we find out in the second video. Clearly he doesn't really know what he is doing as he left the pipework (all 10 feet of it) intact. He should have cut it to the length required. And seeing his amateurish work in this video, it is embarrassing. But it looks like he is an electrician, not a heat pump installer, although where I live often these two trades are combined.

This second video shows the near completed work and some of the final installation.

Part Two   -

This third video shows him forcing the unit to run on DC only and using the barest minimum of 240v AC possible. It has to use some 240v AC in order to run the electronics, or so he says. Which puzzles me as to how it could run if the grid was down ?

Part Three   -

If the main purpose of the Heat Pump is Cooling, then he should have put the outside unit on a shady side of the house. But conversely if the main use is to be Heating, then you would always put it in a position that gets both the sun and can make good use of background heated surfaces. Say like the roof itself for example.