Water Vortex Electric Power Generation

Using low pressure water vortexing to run an electrical generator.
  • Gravitational Vortex Power Plant - Kouris Centri Turbine, Zotloterer Turbine

Last week, one of our readers going by the name 'bitterbonker" said "I could off the top of my head show you some vortex generators".

And so, here we go with the ones he has listed.

This will no doubt be of interest to people who have meandering streams running through their property, but have no height in which to create a hydro system. Well this vortex system is for you, simply making use of water wandering through.

Here are some further videos of other schemes :

VIVACE - Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy

SUSETUR bladeless Turbine - Rolling fluid turbine