48 Volt DC Air-conditioning

Really a Heat Pump, 48 Volt, requires Batteries, won't work direct off Solar Panels, no Invertor required.

This will be of interest to anyone who has both solar panels and battery storage.

This is another way of using your generated power direct, without the need for outside grid sources and/or invertors.

The units will not work directly off solar panels (for obvious reasons as anyone who has solar panels knows why immediately).

In this video the user is running these units 24/7, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. But obviously in a situation in which they are not there for a good deal of the time in the dwelling.

BUT the fact of having air-conditioning that is quite usable for those who have solar power and who also maybe off the grid entirely will be very welcome. Usually those off the grid have alternative heating sources. But not so for cooling.