Perendev Magnetic Motor to Demo Soon

Magnets shipped were made wrong, corrected set pending arrival Monday, completion estimated Wednesday. TUV safety report pending next week as well. No diminis


With a corrected set of specialized magnets arriving Monday, Perendev expects to have their four magnetic motors completed by Wednesday, after which they intend to give a public demonstration of what scientists say is supposed to be impossible -- a magnetic motor, that is rated to put out 20 kilowatts of power continuous when connected to a generator.

Perendev expected completion about four weeks ago, but were delayed when their magnets were held up in customs. Then it turned out that the magnets were not built as requested, so a new shipment had to be ordered. Those are expected to arrive Monday.

Also expected early next week is a report from the TÜV from the testing they have been running on the motor since late March, is expected to be produced early next week as well. They have been testing for safety issues, such as the magnetic field effects, what happens if the generator overloads, what happens if the governor fails.

While he has been waiting for these developments, inventor Mike Brady, has been getting situated in a 300 square meter Perendev office in Munich, which will also have a 300 square meter research and development laboratory. He will be updating the Perendev website with the Munich contact information in the next few days. Perendev has also been incorporated in Switzerland, moved from its previous domicile in Johannesburg.

One question that is often asked about a system such as this is, "do you see any diminishing of the Gauss of the magnets?"

Brady responded that there is "no change in Gauss. There is no diminishing observed by any test we can perform."

He said that the PTC patents are now being launched and are nearly secured all over the world.

Brady is also looking at moving to Germany as well. He was sitting in his new Jaguar XJR, his step children admiring the gadgets, out on a drive during the phone interview with PESN.

Brady also reported that they also have four nitrogen motors completed. He said Perendev was recently contacted by a Titan space project interested in the possibility of investigating the nitrogen motors for possible use in that nitrogenous atmosphere.

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