Perendev Magnetic Motor to Debut on German TV

All-magnet motor said to be emerging from first production run. News conference planned, including coverage by RTL German television.

German television will be the first to document and air a demonstration of the Perendev Magnetic Motor any day now, if things go according to plans, says inventor, Michael Brady, who is in Germany to oversee the final touches on a German manufacturer's first production run of the motor.

Production is expected to be completed at the end of this week, said Brady, whose optimistic predictions tend to run ahead of Murphy's laws of reality.

Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd), of Johannesburg, has contracted with a German company to manufacture the first units. The license is for all of Europe, minus the U.K. Another agency is in line for production in Australia, and yet another for rights to North America.

Brady reports that Perendev Power will be holding a news conference in September with German news media. He said coverage will include RTL, a local German television station.

The German agency, whose identity Perendev is not yet disclosing, is also licensing the rights to another invention of Brady's -- a nitrogen motor, set to enable water craft to once again run on German waters, where fossil-fuel-powered craft have been banned.