Future of Cold Fusion After the Passing of Eugene Mallove

Injunction to carry on with more determination.

Perhaps the next question, in light of recent events, is to ask "where exactly are we at?". No doubt that Eugene was making some very unique headway into Cold Fusion and LENR research, and his loss will be profound, but one thing that I would like to ask is that we also begin to look at where he was going and how we can continue his legacy to bring these technologies forward into the light.

Cold Fusion is one of many new technologies that I've either read up on or directly done research into. A number of these areas are almost "Phantoms", in that they always appear to be a year-away from commercial development, but the more that you work on them to less tangible they appear. Antigravity is certainly in this arena -- after 12 years of research, including 2 years of basically calling up everybody with any ideas on the phone, I can honestly say that I know less about this than I did starting out.

I could write a book about public perception of alternative science, but its faster to summarize the theme by stating "they care less than we thought they did". Either our efforts are a mere novelty, or instead the public feels impotent to help and simply figures that "sombody else is working on it". In either case, that's bad news for this type of research (funded out of pocket with virtually no support from mainstream science).

Mallove was a giant in this field, because he brought credibility to research that would otherwise be marginalized. We need to continue to provide credibility, and the primary way to achieve this is to first stop the infighting that this community is so notorious for, and then find ways to present a unified front for the public to put their interest into.

We've achieved a lot of the preliminary goals that have eluded researchers in this area in the past -- we've found lots of potential technologies, and attained publicity (or at least notoriety) in the public mind. The question now is where to go from here? Gene Mallove had an idea on this, and he will be missed by us all. However, maybe this is an opportunity to come together and become organized in our efforts, rather than letting fear and paranoia take hold.