The Mallove Slaying - Open Season?

Pure Energy Systems encourages the hope that this slaying was not done at the bidding of someone targeting new energy scientists, but that it was just a random

We may be seeing the start of "open season" on all new-energy advocates, both scientists and inventors themselves, and those who try to publicize their stories. The death of Infinite Energy magazine editor Dr. Eugene Mallove is not an isolated incident, and may have had other causes than those referred to in the news report. This follows on the heels of other apparent hits against various categories of people, such as a series of suspicious deaths among the small, exclusive group of microbiologists with the specialized knowledge to identify weaponized strains of pathogens. As long as such deaths were reported as isolated incidents there was no apparent cause for alarm. However, “connecting the dots” makes us look at what these victims had in common – their profession – and naturally evokes the question: Why are these scientists being killed?

Dr. Steven Greer was a presenter at the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences mini-conference in Montreal that I attended this past weekend. It was a kickoff to a two-week set of in-depth workshops and lectures on topics such as spirituality's scientific basis, forbidden archaeology indicating ancient human history that contradicts the Darwinian theory, Quantum Mind, etc.. (Please see for topics and schedules.

Dr. Greer gave a condensed version of his "Alien Contact 601" talk. This began with highlights of his video interviews with high-level scientific and military personnel who are all ready to go public. Because elected leaders were kept in the dark, it was Greer who actually informed the head of the CIA as well as President Carter about this hidden history and its implications. He appealed to Carter to tell the truth to the American public. However, subsequently a democratic party hack visited Greer and explained the Commander-in-Chief's non-action as follows: "The President has been told that he will end up like President Kennedy if he does that." Carter chose to keep his head down, and via this party gofer, asked Greer if he'd reveal the story himself.

Thus, the support role he initially saw for himself --just informing the elected representatives -- became instead Greer as sole avenue of information. He gathered a team of helpers and started; about ten million have visited his website so far. (See However, four of his original team are dead. One was found floating in the Potomac River. Of four others stricken with metastatic cancer on or near the same day, only Greer himself has survived. Since technology already exists to aim disease-causing frequencies at targets, this cluster of cancer cases among activists may not be coincidental, but officially it can be blamed on "natural causes".

This situation is dire, and shows the lengths to which this power elite will go to maintain their stranglehold on the economy and the cover-up of clean energy.

This is one of the big reasons that UFO technology/alien visitation has been hidden, or aliens made to appear dangerous when they are actually benevolent according to Greer. In the short version of his workshop he did not explain the abductions and tests; however, other authors suggest these may be the work of human agents augmenting the fear factor with technological perception control to make the victims see them as “greys”. The power-elite's agenda calls for weapons in space, allegedly to defend us against the invaders. However, as Greer pointed out, this means they will be continually draining away all our money, and the intended targets will likely include political and economic dissenters and other "inconvenient" humans..

After giving a brief outline of the disclosure project, Dr. Greer appealed for help from any people present or among their contacts who might be able to be "Shambhala Warriors". This term indicates those who put public good and planetary survival ahead of personal comforts and safety -- able to "take a bullet" for the truth, as he put it. After their enthusiastic reception of a somewhat hypnotic and glitzy video about some vague "future human potential" put on by the Hurtaks immediately before Greer appeared, I noted that most of this international crowd of allegedly spiritual and open-minded folks didn't even bother to stand up to applaud Greer. This is a guy who is laying his life on the line to save all of ours, and our “future potential”.

Meanwhile a great effort to sell the fossil-fuel lobby's version of the future continues in the corporate media.

With great fanfare, the Canadian Discovery Channel recently broadcast a three-part series called The Great Warming, narrated by pop-culture stars. During the first two parts, which focus on the problem, I became aware that the sponsors of these broadcasts were mostly vendors of gas-guzzling-vehicles. I do not recall even one hybrid car ad. Warning bells were already tolling in my mind even before Part 3 appeared, so I made a point of watching it to see what they were going to try to put over on us.

The big buildup continued throughout Part 3, which dealt mostly with "soft" green energy such as wind power; all reference to anything over-unity or "quantum" was carefully omitted. After lulling viewers into a stupor with all the enviro-friendly talk, almost at the end, they trotted out their key "solution" that "will enable us to keep burning gas in our cars" -- the artificial tree!

This flat oblong vertical structure will "sequester" carbon dioxide by extracting it from the air and feed it down to "roots", which will lock the greenhouse gas away in deposits underground. The computer animation made a surreal forest of these things pop into appearance one by one going to the horizon. The pop-star narrator gushed about how clever this invention was and how we'd have a wonderful clean future with global warming taken care of so easily.

To me this artificial forest was an obscenity, and a cause for even greater alarm. It's often been pointed out that natural trees and other greenery remove carbon from the C02, and release the oxygen back into the air, helping to clean it. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but why would we permit to be built a system that doesn't give back the oxygen? I'm sure we'll be told -- by, of course, the same people who claimed for decades that global warming was not happening -- that the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is inexhaustible. These "assurances" will be presented as if they were proven fact, but I bet that no studies have been done. If they were, the raw data would be secret (always an indicator of something to hide) and we'd get only a favourable summary -- just like this glossy TV series.

However, I am doubtful, and therefore want the question entered into the public record as having been asked in May of 2004 just after the unveiling of this "solution". I don't want ANYONE to be able -- a few decades down the road when we all suffer from altitude sickness at sea level and only the rich can afford to refill their personal oxygen tanks at a great price -- that nobody foresaw even the remote possibility that oxygen depletion could happen. What are they going to say then? “Ooops! Sorry!”?

I doubt that I can put myself in the "Shambhala Warrior" class, but will do my little bit here in this riding -- assuming that I can get the 100+ signatures, and an official agent, as required by Elections Canada. I urge everyone who wants a life and a future, and for life in general to continue on this planet, to take whatever action you can toward getting the truth about the energy revolution brought to light. Also, please support Dr. Greer: go to his workshops, refer others to his site, pray for the courage to speak out, talk to your neighbours about science freedom, plant real living trees -- and reduce your use of gas in every possible way.