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You are here: > News > This Week in New Energy™ > Archives > 2005

2005 Archive of . . .

This Week in New Energy™
With Sterling D. Allan
Sunday Evenings 9:53-10:00 pm Eastern, U.S.
Also Broadcast Worldwide on the Web
(02:53-03:00 UTC/GMT)

Adjunct to - daily news
and - feature stories

Weekly seven-minute blurb covers subject matter that is of strong interest to everyone today -- energy solutions that make a difference.

Brought to you by PES Network Inc.

Weekly -- Listen Live

Sunday Nights, Live, 9:53-10:00 pm Eastern, U.S. - Host, James Arthur Jancik. (Listen live)

2004 Archive


Dec. 25, 2005 - (no show, Christmas day)
Dec. 18, 2005 - Notes (James only)
Atmospheric vortex engine (harnessing a tornado); solar hydrogen from landfill gas; ESA's new space thruster; flying kites underwater; zero point energy device to build at home.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Dec. 11, 2005 - Notes
Magenn's floating (in air) wind turbine; crystal sponge sops up CO2; cold fusion conf.; electro fabric; rescuers hesitate on hybrids.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Dec. 4, 2005 - Notes
Mirrors banish town's darkness; maxing earth's buffers; failing ocean currents; toilet flush innovations.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Nov. 27, 2005 - Notes
IHS' after-market H device; river tidal station; StarRotor continuous cycle engine; petroleum as a clean energy solution; curbing energy waste in devices that are off.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Nov. 20, 2005 - Notes
Truckers choose H power; H embrittlement overblown; defense contractor on anti-gravity and propulsion; ocean wave devices.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Nov. 13, 2005 - Notes
Oblivion; TMA's vertical axis wind turbine; fuel cell's 1 millionth mile; Krivit and Valone's newsletters; patent on anti-grav.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Nov. 6, 2005 - Notes
Floating wind power; Focus Fusion; Blacklight power's hydrino; river gate.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Oct. 30, 2005 - Notes
Power from atmospheric pressure differences; car that runs on hydrogen from water on demand; cold fusion; ExxonMobile not into alt energy.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Oct. 23, 2005 - Notes
OSEN launches; disclosure videos posted; TIFE gets new voice; Wilma the super storm and vacuum energy; tankless water heaters strain peak; SkyBuilt's 'plop & go' modules.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Oct. 16, 2005 - Notes near to launching; Intergalactic Hydrogen; Singh's vortex combustion chamber....
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Oct. 9, 2005 - Notes
Diesel Secrets 46 mpg; bobbing for energy;
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Oct. 2, 2005 - Notes
Free Energy Congress; Zero Point Energy feasibility study; solar cell phone charger ...
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Sept. 25, 2005 - Notes
Access Denied (book); Ram Implosion Wing; sea wave propulsion ...
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
no show Sept. 18, 2005 - Notes
Tilley's new car claims; Katrina presents biomass opportunity..
Sept. 11, 2005 - Notes
Katrina's damage to oil patch; Lutec demo video claims OU; Golde's magnet power...
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Sept. 4, 2005 - Notes
Gulf oil disruption ripple-effect; global warming and Katrina; weather control; colliding galaxies; Pantone given extension; H from water at Purdue using organosilane; lightning guns; light to convert water to H; hydrogen peroxide as fuel; untapped geothermal; cow poop bacteria power.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Aug. 28, 2005 - Notes
Pantone out on bail; astronaut's magnetic boots; liquid nitrogen economy; METOZ gravity wheel; make biodiesel at home; Mitsubishi's in-wheel motor; Thomas Valone feature; no waste like home; worldwide fuel cell installation report; CA to save $6 billion by solar initiative.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Aug. 21, 2005 - Notes
Pantone incarcerated; EV Gray's nephew talks about uncle's amazing technology and death; water car using Brown's gas analogue; D2Fusion bringing cold fusion to market; pee power; cloud modification; fuel cells to power homes; plug-in caveat.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Aug. 14, 2005 - Notes
Stirling engine solar lands largest grid contract; FedEx solar; accelerated magnet piston generator; solar towers; Weizmann solar; dryer rinse cycle; obscene oil profits.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Aug. 7, 2005 - Notes
Lee Bowman's son attests to father's magnet motor; mag mot claim in Russia; IAUS thermal solar grid competitive; removing oil from water; zip project; John Deere into wind; fiber optics solar light.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
no show July 31, 2005 - Notes
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conf Report; IAS Solar Breakthrough; Fiber Optics Bring the Sun Indoors; Solar Challenge Race Concludes in Calgary; Blacklightpower updates
July 24, 2005 - Notes - Recording (high) | (low)
AEC's Hydrogen-from-water demo prototype; energy from vacuum already inefficiently used; 6,000 ton/day waste-to-energy plant in Vietnam; lightning wrangler; Peltier effect cooler.
July 17, 2005 - Notes
Cycclone magnet engine; GMF and Hutchison effect; GIFNET demos MAHG to Kofi Annan; sonofusion; U.S. Mayors attend Climate Summit; fear and irrationality in the Oil Patch.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
July 10, 2005 - Notes
Global Energy Independence Day on Tesla's B-day; power from lightning; world record energy output; holographic photovoltaics; birds v wind turbines.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
July 3, 2005 - Notes
France gets Fusion reactor; liquid H unmanned aerial vehicle; fuel cell robot; Tom Bearden paper on Lorentz; Boiling Point; Honda delivers first fuel cell car; earth as ZPE system.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
June 26, 2005 - Notes
Naudin's MAHG H2-H generator; fuel cell module for semi truck idling; Lutec 1000, fuel cell motor cycle; passive solar water heater, ground source heat pump.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
June 19, 2005 - Notes
Magnet Power Inc. nearly to pre-production with 1 kW ZPE device; calling all energy inventors; plastic to lubricant & fuel; lighting advances: LED, field emission; canned lights; acetone break-even.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
June 12, 2005 - Notes
Acetone boosts paraglider; Yale energy poll; pollution-eating bacteria; nanotech boosting solar efficiency.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
May 29, 2005 - Notes
Ammonia car H-storage; Vaporate fuel injector add-on; maglev rail system concept.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
May 22, 2005 - Notes
Tour de Sol energy cars by the dozen; Bedini project update; AEC hydro-car demo; wave buoys; Greens going nuclear.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
May 15, 2005 - Notes
Starting a "Today in Free Energy"; MagCorp pollution, Paul Pantone solution poo pood; Home biodiesel brewer.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
May 1, 2005 - Notes
Cold fusion breakthroughs at UCLA and Purdue; Oil gouging; Jirnov Vortex engine; natural plastic from bacteria; geobioreactors methane from old oil wells.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Apr. 24, 2005 - Notes
Perendev site downgrade; potential of ocean energy; wind fastest growing; energy device equivalency labeling; Ethanol inefficiencies; Tony's guide.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Apr. 17, 2005 - Notes
Semi on acetone; LEDs emerging as new preferred light bulb; solar-powered Stratellite; Kneider wave video; open source tech. discussion lists directory.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Apr. 10, 2005 - Notes
Acetone increasing engine performance; NY river turbine, Kneider's Wave Energy Propeller Engine, Newman antics v. Newman science, NASA 20-meter solar sail.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Apr. 3, 2005 - Notes
Increased mileage using acetone in semi truck; Marcus Wagner device update; Cold Fusion stories; Solar company merger; Toshiba's 1-minute charge
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Mar. 27, 2005 - Notes
Acetone additive results; high-altitude kite wind power; cold fusion coverage; utility scale batteries; amazing patents
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Mar. 20, 2005 - Notes
Acetone as fuel additive; sunlight-in-a-tube; Bio-energetics; renewable cargo ship; climate change inevitable.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Mar. 13, 2005 - Notes
Cold fusion explosion; Perendev caution; Bedini SG very active; griesel bus; Ram Wing Implosion report;Jan P Cack's permanent magnet motor design; air car
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Mar. 6, 2005 - Notes
Hybrid boats with high-tech kite-sails and solar sails; CO2 and hydro plants; sonoluminescence; Earth's coming magnetic field reversal
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Feb. 13, 2005 - Notes
Stranded natural gas; peak oil; energy from carbon; Kyoto to be signed; global warming; nuclear betavoltaic batteries.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
no show Feb. 6, 2005 - Notes
John Bedini and Peter Lindemann's Medium and Large Motor-Energizer Project
Jan. 30, 2005 - Script
Exxon-Mobil & Tsunami? Genesis World Energy gCell and questionable energy terminology; Tilley Foundation data with questionable significant digits; Mallove in mainstream press
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Jan. 23, 2005 - Script
No replication of SEBCAR over unity claim yet; Vapster carburetor add-on third party testing done; Bearden letters; M. Pullo's PM3 magnetic motor concept
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Jan. 16, 2005 - Script
Paintable solar cells from University of Toronto; Krivit's Cold Fusion proceedings; Valone on Godin & Roschin; Ventura on Einstein & secret anti-gravity in WWII.
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Jan. 9, 2005 - Script
Bedini SG variants claim OU; Kipper phenomenon with microwave transmission; Chaim Yankle ZPE claim; SHEC labs patent filed
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb
Jan. 2, 2005 - Script
GM's four-outlet hybrid truck provides mobile generator in disasters; Correas hydrogen breakthrough; Chris Arnold's ZPE claim; Vortex Dehydration Systems
1.2Mb 1.6Mb 0.8Mb

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan March 21, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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