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You are here: > Radio > Free Energy Now > Oct. 19, 2006

Interview: sEnergy Solution introducing motor-, lighting-, and thermal-control efficiency retrofit solutions

Interview with Paul Isom, V.P. of Business Development for Mialink and sEnergy Solution, exploring several technologies his company is introducing to the U.S. and global markets.  Their mission is to get more out of existing systems, while saving energy and money, and extending life.  They specialize in applications for motors, lighting, and refrigeration, for both residential and commercial settings.

Download Interview Audio File (13 Mb; mp3; 55 min)
On Oct. 21, 2006, Paul Isom joined me on the Free Energy Now radio show.

The PowerBoss, distributed by sEnergy Solution, saves energy by giving the motor the exact amount of power it needs, no more.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2006

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA -- On Oct. 21, 2006, I conducted a live interview with Paul Isom, VP of sEnergy Solution, a company that is introducing proven energy-saving technologies, as well as direct-sales business opportunities during what is presently their launch phase.

sEnergy Solution specializes in identifying the most cost-effective energy-saving retrofit devices, enabling existing appliances to run much more efficiently, saving money and extending their life.  In the case of motors, the technologies result in existing motors using less power, while performing at least just as well, and lasting longer.  In the case of lighting, the technologies result in more light while using much less power, using the existing lighting housing.  The company also has applications to provide significant savings in existing grocery and convenience store refrigeration systems.

A couple of months ago, Isom and his associate, Dan Furner, gave me an in-person demonstration of their technology.  I will tell you at the outset that I was very impressed.  Recently I signed up as an associates to promote both the products and the business opportunities available.

The company is in process of gradually phasing the technologies into the U.S. market, growing its sales infrastructure to be able to handle the large demand that is probable for these technologies once they become widely known.  Several of the technologies have been in widespread use in other countries, but have not yet penetrated the U.S. market.

Motor Controllers

sEnergy Solution has two classes of motor energy savings devices developed in the U.K. One is for home-power devices that run on the standard 110/220 volts, known as “PowerBoss Solo”. The other is for commercial and industrial 220-volt, three-phase applications, able to address motor loads ranging from fractions of a horse power up to 800 amps, known as “PowerBoss Integra”. (Note, these standards vary in some nations, and can be accommodated accordingly.)

What the technology does is first study the motor to determine its spectrum, then it takes readings every 1/100th of a second so that the motor only pulls as much energy is needed to provide the torque required.  It also provides a "soft start" thereby reducing start-up peaks typically created when a motor is turned on an comes up to speed.  It can also provide "soft stop" for applications such as a water pump, reducing wear on the motor and the piping.  There are also dozens of other programmable options, such as hard start (when a rock crusher looses power and needs to start with a couple tons of rock in its grinders), or automatic shut off (when a motor is running idle unnecessarily and can turn off completely).

In the demonstration, without their unit turned on, I watched the current draw of the motor as the unit turned on, then watched it as I grabbed the shaft with my hand to try to slow it down (putting a load on it).  The needle was stationary, pulling a continuous amount.  However, when their unit was turned on, the initial start-up energy pull was less, and the idle run was much lower.  Then, when I grabbed the shaft to apply resistance to its rotation, I watched as the energy draw matched the strength of the grip I was putting on the shaft, light or heavy; yet the motor's speed was unchanged.

The actual savings of this technology will depend on the application.  Systems that run close to max continuously, will not see that much savings with this technology.  However, systems that often required much less than their rated output, will see profound savings and a quick return on investment.  Great applications are motors that have changing duty cycles, or motors that turn on several times a day.

An escalator is a good example of a variable load, and a situation where most of the time the energy of the motor is being wasted.  In a home, the air conditioner and heater fans are the two motor systems that benefit the most from this technology.

Motor heat without PowerBoss Motor heat with PowerBoss

One of the advantages to factor when weighing a decision to purchase and install this technology, is the added lifetime of the motor.  Reduced heat (by managing low-load run time) computes to longer life.

The motor retrofit technologies both come with a five-year warranty.

Solo for 110-Volt, Home Use

The PowerBoss Solo unit is designed specifically to address smaller sized single phase motors, like the air conditioner and the heater fan.  During AC season, the system uses the fan to circulate the cool air better, requiring less frequent compressor time.  This typically results in energy savings of between 20% and 35%.  The larger the gap between the thermostat setting and the outside temperature, the smaller the savings will be.  The return on investment (ROI) will range between a few months and a couple of years, depending on the usage patterns.

Solo has been fitted to Motor Homes and RVs with amazing results. An RV air conditioner that needed a 3500 watt generator to power it was able to run on a tiny 2000 watt generator, and that was even able to idle lower in economy mode.

The purchasing for home applications can usually be done by submitting the make and models of the appliances, without requiring an on-site survey by a company professional.  The installation needs to be done by a licensed electrician.

Integra for 240/480-Volt, Three-Phase, Commercial and Industrial Use

The Integra line for business and industry motor applications has been in the market outside the U.S. for fifteen years and is very well-proven and developed, having been implemented in over 70 nations.  It can be tailored to handle anything from a fraction of a horse-power motor, up to an 800-amp motor.

The sales process involves an on-site survey called an "energy audit" by a company professional, who both documents the "before" energy usage, while also preparing a recommendation for what Integra sizes to install on what motors.  Such audits typically also involve a review of the lighting usage and potential savings through an upgrade to the sEnergy Solution products.  In the case of grocery and convenience stores, the survey includes a review of the refrigeration savings possible.

Harmonics is an issue that begs to be addressed in three-phase power.  One of the ways that Integra technology increases energy efficiency is by addressing the imbalances between the three poles.

Considering the strengths of the Integra and the vast number of ripe customers, Furner remarked, "There's a lot of low-hanging fruit in this industry".


Download Light_movie.exe demonstration of bulb replacement process and features.

sEnergy Solution's fluorescent bulb technology focuses on efficient, cost-effective solutions for the existing fluorescent infrastructure.  Their products fit into existing fixtures, and do not require expensive replacements, though they do also have fixtures for fist-time installations.

"Our objective is greater or equal illumination, with less watts in," said Furner.  "It's the easiest way to treat demand-side energy."

In lighting, their market is commercial, more than residential.  Lighting contributes to around 20% of the typical energy bill in the commercial setting.  Even small gains in efficiency can result in noticeable savings.  sEnergy Solution products provide increased, more pleasant lumen output while profoundly reducing the energy required.  Simply put, it's brighter and costs much less.  The ROI for their various solutions is typically  measured in a few months.

EcoLight Fluorescent Technology

sEnergy Solution distributes a T-5 bulb called "EcoLight" that puts out 25% more light than a T-12 or T-8, while consuming 35% less energy.

sEnergy Solution distributes a T-5 bulb and adapter technology called "EcoLight" that puts out 50-125% more light than a T-12 or 25-50% more than a T-8, while consuming 35% less energy.  The total energy consumption is cut in half when unneeded lamps are removed, due to EcoLight’s superior light output.

In the fluorescent bulb industry, the diameter of the cylindrical bulb is represented by "T", which stands for 1/8th of an inch.  So a T-12 and T-8 bulb, which are the most extant in the industry, corresponds to a 1.5 and 1-inch diameter bulb, respectively.

The T-5 bulbs have a different connector fitting because of their smaller diameter, but that is addressed by a fitting at the end of the T-5 that enables them to tie into the T-8 / T-12 socket.  Usually that would be a problem because the ballast is designed for a certain type of bulb.  But the Eco-Power T-5 resolves that in a number of ways, depending on the fixture (whether it is magnetic, electric, or instant strike).  In some cases it controls the ballast, in others it bypasses the ballast.

Bear in mind that these energy saving are being realized by simply replacing the old florescent lamp with the EcoAdapter and EcoLamp.  Competitor solutions typically require typically requiring upgrading sockets, ballast, and lamps, involving labor expenses as well.  Other advantages of the Eco-Power bulbs is that they do not put out any more heat than a usual T-8.

The company also has a way to address the eight-foot T-8 and T-12 bulbs, linking two four-foot systems together in a sturdy arrangement through the "Eco-Connector" system.

Presently, the T-5 Eco-Power bulbs cost as much as a typical T-8 or T-12, but they last at least twice as long, and use much less energy.  sEnergy Solution is presently running a promotion to match the price of the bulb it is replacing.

In addition to the energy savings, from an ecological advantages are worth mention as well.  The smaller bulb results in 40% less glass, 80% less mercury, as well as less metal in the casing and less paper used in the packaging.

Eluma Substitute for HID Lighting

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting entails in the range of 400- to 1000-watt bulbs that typically take 10 to 30 minutes to cool down before they can be turned on again, so turning then on and off to match demand or outside lighting is not plausible.

sEnergy Solution has two products for this sector: the Eluma sensor system to manage the on-time and degree of lighting, and bulbs that put out better light while using less energy.  Their 230-Watt bulb contains all three colors from the color-rendering index (CRI), providing softer illumination that is more evenly distributed.  Retailers have documented increased sales resulting from the better lighting of their products.   The smile is doubled for the retailer because of the energy savings.

Elumas come in several models that use different lamp technologies to tailor to the customer's needs. They come in T5, unique T6 (used to reach 92-96 CRI) and Compact Florescent versions. While matching or exceeding light levels of a typical 400-watt HID, a customer will use 108-230 watts compared to 480 watts in the HID (lamp and ballast combined).

Some versions of Eluma are equipped with additional energy savings intelligence. Daylight harvesting adjusts the amount of light when the suns daylight is already contributing. Motion detection turns off/or dims lights when it is not in use. These features can increase savings an additional 25% to 40%, respectively.

Commercial Refrigeration Savings

See enlarged:
- C-Store Applications (pdf)
- Super Market Applications (pdf)

sEnergy Solution also has a number of products geared to the convenience and grocery store refrigeration market.  These include fan circulation solutions that reduce compressor run time, on-demand heating of display doors to cut down on unnecessary heating time, and freezer covers.

Fifty-eight percent of the average grocery store's expenses are in the refrigeration costs.  Significant increases in efficiency provided by the sEnergy Solution products can lead to dramatic net savings.

Anti–Sweat Control System

The typical glass door for a refrigerated display contains heating elements that are on continually, to prevent the door from fogging up from condensation.  However, this is a huge overkill from an energy perspective, because really the only time the heaters are needed are after the doors have been opened.  And then they are only needed for a few minutes at most.

The DoorMiser product is a moisture sensor that is strategically placed usually on the bottom of the door stop, and only activates the heaters when moisture is detected.  This system typically reduces energy consumption by 75%, sometimes going as high as 90%. 

The product has been on the market for ten years.

Fan Mizer

sEnergy Solution provides a fan-economizing system for walk-in coolers, that uses existing fans to keep the cool air better circulated, resulting in as much as a 20% reduction in compressor running time.  It also controls the speed of the fan so as to not blow out the refrigerated air when the air temperature has been reached.

"ECM Fan"

The freezers in the stores that have an open top are referred to as "coffin-case freezers" in the industry. Then there is also the upright cooler/freezer known as “Deli Case”. They use inefficient fans that create significant heat. sEnergy Solution suggests a sealed unit fan, specially made by GE, that results in a 30% to 35% reduction in compressor time. The savings of motor wattage is over 50%. The ROI is less than a year, and the costs are largely in the labor for the install.

"Night Shield" Covers

sEnergy Solution has covers for both the coffin-case and vertical refrigeration units.  They fasten with magnets on the end, to help hold them in place.  One type is woven aluminum.  The other is a see-through plastic, which can be imprinted with company logos, as well as opening instructions for low-volume times for 24-7 operations.  While in place, these covers result in a 33% reduction in energy use.  They have a four to six-month ROI.

About Paul Isom

V.P of Business Development, Paul Isom, has been in the energy conservation industry for at least five years.  He had his start in promoting power factor correction devices, and from there identified the needs in the industry as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches available in the market.  Having discovered that the best technologies are not yet in the U.S. market, he now specializes in introducing those.

About sEnergy Solution

sEnergy Solution is constantly monitoring and engineering energy efficient products (retrofit and new installation) for all ranges of customers for the North American market place. sEnergy Solution is available in the US, Mexico and Canada. sEnergy Solution is joint partners with EcoLight products (the manufacturers/patent holders) and co-developed the EcoLight product line uniquely for the North American power grid.

They also have a financing option so that purchases can be made without any up-front capital investment required.  For further product information or other energy efficient services, contact Paul Isom < >.


About Mialink

Mialink holds the exclusive rights to the sEnergy Solution. The company is presently focusing on building and training its personnel to be able to handle the volume of sales that is likely to come once the product line becomes known.  MiaLink offers a business opportunity for part time agents and installers, full time sales consultants and engineers as well as franchises and wholesale distributorships. Contact: Dan Furner <dan {at} > 801-231-1202.

See: (temporarily being serviced)

About PES Network, Inc

This is unusual for me, as the Executive Director of PES Network, to include a profile of my own company as part of a new story in which I am seeking to report objectively.  In this case, though, as part of full disclosure, I should mention that PES Network does have a relationship with Mialink, and does benefit from referrals made through the coverage we provide.  If you wish to get more information about Mialink and its products, go ahead and mention that you heard about them from me.

The more typical role of PES Network is as a news and directory service in the clean energy technology sector, as well as in ranking the various technologies to try and identify the most promising technologies.

# # #

See also


Page composed by Sterling D. Allan June 21, 2006
Last updated December 24, 2014





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