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You are here: > Radio > Free Energy Now > Aug. 26, 2006

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Interview with Dr. Santilli of MagneGas

Sterling D. Allan of PES Network will be interviewing Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli on Saturday, Aug. 26, from 3:00 to 3:55 pm Pacific time, regarding his MagneGas technology that enables the conversion of the waste stream into usable fuel.

A schematic view of the PlasmaArcFlow Process based on flowing the liquid waste through a submerged electric arc.

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MagneGas Technology has been developed to process liquid wastes into a clean-burning fuel known as MagneGas, plus heat and other usable byproducts. This process occurs without noise, and without releasing liquid, gaseous or other types of pollutants.

The technology processes liquid waste such as sewage, used motor oil, used antifreeze, and glycerin, converting these into a Natural Gas substitute called "MagneGas."

The technology eliminates harmful elements from entering the environment while producing a very clean-burning fuel. This substitute for natural gas burns more cleanly than gasoline, bio-diesel, ethanol and natural gas.

The technology is said to cost less than fossil fuel. The exact amount of the savings is estimated in the range of 30% over the cost of fossil fuels. However, this has not yet been proven in large-scale production.

Several patents have been secured, and books have been written on the subject. And the technology has been installed in a number of locations. Therefore, the credibility factor for its claimed merits appears to be very high.

An edited message from Ruggero Maria Santilli dated August 14, 2006, in preparation for the Aug. 26 interview.

Please consider the following:

1) America does not need to import petroleum because we have technologies, industrially available now, which are capable of producing excellent fuels from an abundant domestic supply of liquid feedstock other than petroleum. MagneGas which is producing fuels from liquid waste, is one example of these new energy options.

2) These made-in-America fuels, such as MagneGas, cost significantly less than fuels produced from imported petroleum. In fact, in the case of MagneGas, the income from the recycling of liquid waste can be so high as to cover all operating costs of our MagneGas Refineries. Because the raw material is a waste product it’s like a free energy; even better, the companies that need to get rid of it pay us to take it away. The selling price of the fuel can thus be based mainly on the indirect costs such as taxes, storage, and administrative costs.

3) American-made recycled fuels are drastically cleaner than fuels refined from petroleum, whether foreign or domestic.  For instance, under proper combustion, the exhaust from MagneGas has been certified to have no HC or CO - that is, no carcinogenic or toxic substances. Compounds identified in the exhaust from Magnegas are: about 50% water vapor; up to 14% breathable oxygen; about 4% - 7% CO2; and the other 29% includes minor percentages of other atmospheric gases.


[Consider] the horrendous political situation we have in our country regarding fuels, in both parties and at all levels.

When asked about the major problems of our technology by visitors that I can trust, my answers are the following:

PROBLEM # 1: Charges that the technology is fraudulent.

Answer: The MagneGas technology is true and verifiable at any time in our lab. That is a problem because had the technology been fake, I would have received a number of offers for scams.

PROBLEM # 2: Does MagneGas require subsidies?

Answer: MagneGas technology does not require governmental subsidies because it is industrially available now. Surprisingly, this is a huge problem causing serious political enemies because politicians prefer fuels requiring large governmental subsidies, such as ethanol or hydrogen. Apparently dispensing cuts or favors brings votes originating from the (un-necessary) dispersal of public funds.

PROBLEM # 3: Does MagneGas require importation?

Answer: MagneGas fuel is 100 % domestic. This is, by far, the biggest problem because had MagneGas been an Arab fuel, I would have seen lines of politicians offering their favors, rather than running away as if seen a leper, because Arab fuels provide politicians large income from the so called "petroleum lobby", that is essentially a euphemism for "Arab Money".

It is my opinion and personal experience that all politicians I have contacted, with no exception to date, are servants of Arab oil interests, paid by Arab oil interests whether in money or in political support, to have Americans pass billions of dollars per day to Arabs so that they, in turn, can finance terrorism against us. In fact, nobody seems to care that WE are funding terrorism with our money spent in gasoline, otherwise, where is the money funding terrorism coming from?

# # #

Additional information

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    Magnegas Going Mainstream - Recent activities include actively selling Magnegas fuel for the metal working market through several distributors in the United States. They have set up a retail operation in Florida and are selling fuel direct to end users such as scrap yards and other metal working shops. (PESN; November 13, 2011)
  • PESN Interview - Sterling D. Allan of PES Network interviewed Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2006 from 3:00 to 3:55 pm Pacific time, regarding his MagneGas technology that enables the conversion of the waste stream into usable fuel.
  • Hydrogen is not the answer - Claude Saint-Jarre says hydrogen would be more toxic than petroleum since it accelerates the deterioration of oxygen in air. "The solution is Magnegas, that is non-polluting and derived from human and animal wastes." (FreeEnergyNews; Feb. 6, 2003)

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