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You are here: > News > February 12, 2016

February 26 ADGEX business meeting in Tomsk, Russia

The company that has figured out how to harness the earth's magnetic field to produce usable power and has been selling the ELFE flashlight (two more customer reports), is now developing a 3 kW generator. In two weeks, they are holding a business meeting for international distributors.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today, near midnight Moscow time, I spoke with Victor from ADGEX via Skype phone. (His accent is Russian, and his Skype account shows him residing in Australia.) Because it was so late there, he said he wouldn’t be able to stay up to proof read my article before he goes to bed. So please be aware that I might have some things incorrect here. When he gets up tomorrow, he will proof read this and I’ll make any necessary corrections.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

ELFE Flashlight Video Tomorrow

There was a video (second) posted Nov. 26 by a guy in Russia, allegedly taking apart an ELFE flashlight, showing three AA-size batteries inside, with 1.3-V each, and in series powering the light showing .5 amps. He said it stopped running after 10 hours.
Victor pointed out several problems with this video. It was published a couple of months before they started shipping their flashlights. They have several secrets to how their flashlight works that this guy clearly doesn’t know about. Their present flashlight is designed so that if someone attempts to open it, the flashlight will self-destruct, to prevent reverse engineering.

Just 5 minutes before we talked, he said he approved an official video that will be uploaded by tomorrow, and he’ll give me a link to it. That video shows the insides of the ELFE flashlight, and talks about what does what, without divulging secrets to how it works. He used the word “antennae,” as one of the components.

Here's a link to their ADGEX Limited YouTube channel.

Successfully tested 3 kW generator

One of the reasons Victor was in Moscow was to be part of some testing that was being done on a new design they have for a generator that produces 3 kilowatts – three times more than the average usage of a home. They are working on building a manufacturing prototype, and are doing some additional testing, so it might be a month or so before they announce that one on their website as a product.

This device, also, is based on several secret principles which combine to make it work.

Next generation ELFE flashlight

They are putting the final touches on a next generation ELFE flashlight that they think will be ready for roll-out in two months.

February 26 Business Meeting

I don’t think Victor intended at the outset to tell me about this event that is just a couple of weeks away, but he brought it up, as more of an afterthought – something he thought I might find interesting.

On Feb. 26, they will be meeting in Tomsk (3618 km from Moscow -- 4 hour flight) with several of their international partners for due diligence, to demonstrate their technologies and talk about the business aspects of distributorship. He said it would be okay for me to mention this in our news, but I ask that only very serious and capable players inquire. You’ll need to get a visa to Russia from the U.S. (and many other countries), and will need to use expedited services to get that in time. According to Expedia (this makes me lose confidence in Expedia), a ticket to Moscow from SLC is $820, but a plane ticket directly to Tomsk (TOF) is around $7.8k, so if I go (e.g. via fundraising campaign), I’d plan to fly to Moscow. A Google map search says a flight from Moscow to Tomsk is around $216. Not sure why Expedia isn't combining those.

Victor said that they will be videotaping the meeting (not clear if that meant most, all, or some) and posting it to the web.

Please only inquire if you have the ability to run a distributorship in all its aspects. Here is how I recommend wording your email to Victor:

Dear Victor,

I heard about your Feb. 26 meeting from Sterling of PES. I’m interested in a distributorship of ADGEX products for _____ (name of region). Do you still have an opening for that?

[More, briefly, about your business, including things like: business headquarters are in ___, how long you’ve been in business, what other international ventures you’ve been involved with, what your present volume of sales is, how long you’ve been interested in exotic free energy technologies.]

If so, I would like to attend your Feb. 26 meeting in Tomsk, and will need a visa. Could you send me an invitation letter? My full name is ________. Business name: _____ My passport number is ________. Exp. date: ____. And could you word the invitation letter to say that you anticipate multiple trips over the years as the business relationship unfolds, so that I can get a multiple-entry visa?


His email is:

For what it’s worth, I’ve had good luck working with I’ve uploaded a couple of documents they sent me regarding getting visas from US to Russia (Visa_Info_RUSSIA_3year.pdf | Russia_Visa_Info.pdf). The representative I spoke with today was not very encouraging that we could get a turn-around on this to be able to arrive by Feb. 26 am in Russia (some of the options take longer to process, such as multiple-year entry). Since the visa application requires that you have an itinerary, what I’ve done in the past is get one through Expedia, then cancel it within 24 hours so there is a full refund. That way you have the paperwork. Then, once you are more sure you can get the visa on time, go ahead and get the ticket. My dad has gone through the Russian visa process several times and says it is extremely laborious and picky. That’s why working with a service like G3Visas is a good idea.

More customers getting their ELFE flashlight

This person, Ray from Greenme Research (Netherlands?) has just received his flashlight and is shown unboxing it and trying it out.

He plans now to do tests over the next few days, run the torch out, and leave it to recharge etc.

Note that he tries to open the flashlight but cannot. [As discussed above, it’s not to be opened, and if it is opened, it is disabled]

On Facebook, he wrote: (slightly edited)
Ray Greenme Research: I am setting up my camera and [will] let the flashlight on till the batteries are empty, then keep it off for +8 hours and see if it turns on again and repeat this for 4 to 5 days. This should prove the point that the internal batteries are being recharged/accumulated by an external energy source.

Flashlight replenished after sitting for a few hours

Update: On February 13, 10:35 am MST, Thomas Buyea brought this follow-up from Ray to our attention: (slightly edited)
Video of new ELFE owner testing his ELFE. He has run it down all the way and has waited just four hours to let it charge, then turns it on. It comes on bright. He is going to turn it off and let it charge the recommended length of time and then see how long it operates. He does not go into detail about how long it ran bright and how long on low but still usable levels of light. I hope he does that in future videos. Just a reminder that this performance that he has experienced does not rule out the ELFE having the very best quality and high capacity disposable batteries and an electronic timing circuit that turns it off or dims it then allows it to come back with full disposable battery power after 4 to ten+ hours. LEDs are miraculous lights and can put out a lot of light using very little electrical power!

"Batteries" replenish when inside case

Our friend, Rasa Viharii, from California, USA wrote on Facebook (slightly edited)
Some results... When I take the batteries out of the flashlight, the voltage does not increase in the battery over time. When I put the batteries back into the flashlight, the batteries voltage slowly does start to increase over time.

Remember, ADGEX does not want people opening the flashlight. Apparently, at least in this case, the flashlight function was not destroyed by his opening it.

That said, this does pose some interesting questions about the role of the batteries. Are they like the Lithium-iron batteries in the Steorn OPhone, which are trickle charged by the O-Cube inside; or do they carry more of the secret sauce, as one of the key factors in how the technology works, not just as storage? Perhaps tomorrow’s video will give us more light on that.

User Manual

Stuart Campbell (our forum moderator who has been very helpful in preparing this story) did a transcript of the MANUAL shown in Ray Greenme Research’s video above.
Charging of the flashlight is done by Energy Harvester Technology from external electromagnetic fields.

ELFE looks like an ordinary flashlight. Push the button and turn powerful 3-watt LED on. Push the button again and the light will be turned off. Everything looks ordinary but the difference is drastic. Leave a flashlight turned on, and in a couple of hours the batteries will die and need to be replaced.

Now you can forget about it. In ELFE there is no battery. ELFE is powered by environmental energy getting it from the magnetic field of the Earth. When the light he becomes dimmer, simply turn it off for a couple of hours and ELFE will recharge by itself. It is truly incredible, isn't it? No need to charge to shake or replace batteries anymore.

ELFE's body is made of aluminium alloy, which makes durable and resistant to external influences.

Alfie is equipped with a 3 Watt CREE LED and will provide a powerful stream of light for not less than 12 hours. In that case charging time will be longer.

In practice ELFE is able to produce light uninterrupted for several days. However, don't forget that light intensity will decrease with the time.

The best operating mode of ELFE flashlight is from 1 to 3 hours per day. That gives optimal charging time.

You don't need to change power elements. Simply turn it off and ELFE will charge automatically, by using and accumulating environmental energy.

ELFE's body is made of aluminium that makes it firm and resistant to external factors.

Earlier Customer Story

Purchase Flashlight

# # #

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