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You are here: > News > January 4, 2016; 22:35 GMT

Hail Mary date invitation by Sterling -- to save the planet from...

I've got tickets for Wednesday night for Beau Jest. Now I just need an amazing lady -- someone who is awake, pretty, loving, spunky, smart, fun, gentle, wise, ambitious, kind, nurturing, funny; and, she needs to appreciate my Alphabetics code that points to fulfilling the Isa. 66:5-8 prophecy about the earth being born in a day.

Shortcut url: 

Most of you reading this are not in the candidate category, but maybe you know someone -- anywhere in the world -- who would be ideal for this. Please pass it on to her. Thx.

"Hail Mary" refers to the description of a football play in which the quarterback, in desperation, lobs a ball in the direction of several players hoping one of them will catch it. (It's also a play on words for this mission.)
What Does This Have to Do with Free Energy?

I know, there are always those of you in our regular, free energy audience, who give me a hard time for going off topic from that subject, which is the mission of this news site.

The reason this present story belongs here is that we get the energy and the government we deserve. Right now, because of the corruption we've sown as a civilization, we deserve tyranny. 

Free Energy is all about freedom. If we want these exotic free energy technologies, we need to deserve the freedom they engender. That means there needs to be a substantial paradigm shift in the mainstream before these things can emerge to the mainstream.

This spiritual quest I'm on is to bring about that global consciousness shift. Without that shift, our civilization is slated to hit the wall, in which case none of these exotic free energy technologies will be emerging for a very long time -- years, if not a decade. But if we have this paradigm shift as a planet, 2016 could see a major roll-out, not only of these technologies, but of many other things that have been suppressed by a corrupt system.

I also post it here because Google news picks up this feed.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yes, I like to make big cannonball splashes in the pool. Here's my latest foray.

Yesterday, for the first time, I was noting and commiserating with my parents that I've not been on any dates since I separated from Cheri 1.5 years ago. I've been actively seeking a companion since February 2015, with full religious zeal, this being the crux of this quest I've been on, so it's not like I've not been trying. This illustrates how outside-the-box this is, in fulfillment of Isa. 66:4 "when I called, none did answer."

Then last night, a lady at accepted my invitation to dinner and a play. Beau Jest is playing at the Hale Center Theater. It's described as 

"Simply one of the funniest comedies ever written! Lovely Jewish parents asked their charming Jewish daughter to bring home the beau she has been dating for months. But wait! He's not Jewish - so she hires an actor to play the Jewish boyfriend to please her folks. Problem solved? Absolutely not! By James Sherman. Brilliant and quick-witted. Your New Year will launch with raucous laughter. Mazel tov!"

I was on chat with the lady, and the chat feature froze. So while I was waiting, I went ahead and purchased the tickets. They're mostly sold out, but I was able to get two tickets for Wednesday night, Jan. 6.

Then, a few minutes later, I got an email from her saying she had decided to opt out. "I just don't think we have a lot in common."

Aarg. The tickets are non-refundable, and they're not cheap. Maybe I could find a couple who would want to buy them from me.

After a good night's sleep, I awoke with a brainstorm. I should open my date quest up to a public invitation. First one to say yes, that I like, goes with me. And I can get some more publicity for this quest I've been on since Jan. 22 to see the Isaiah 66:5 appearance of the Lord take place to wake up the planet to the fact that if they repent first, the destructions and captivity to which they are headed now will be turned away, and the kingdom of heaven will be birthed without tribulation, as prophesied in 66:7,8.

We don't have to go through hell to get heaven on earth, just as an addict doesn't have to hit rock bottom before they wake up to their situation and seek help.

From the best that I can understand, what has been holding this Isa. 66:5 appearance back has been that I've not yet been able to find any female willing to do this with me. There needs to be the proper yin/yang balance of female/male, so this isn't another male-dominant thought-form for the coming millennium.

As I open this up to a wider audience, here is my profile at that I updated this morning, going into the full paradigm. (I had to trim this down to 4000 characters to post it there.) Previously, I didn't go into the HMITF part. (Explained below.)

Hi ladies, Sterling here. I'm looking for my yin partner to balance my yang.

I live up to my name: genuine, sincere, excelling.

Like most anyone, I love intelligent conversation, romance, activities (love the outdoors; am in pretty good shape), etc.

In addition to these nice things of life, I'm looking for someone awesome who is not afraid to tackle a big mission TOGETHER to help bring about and maintain a global transformation for good. 

Since May 2002, I've been a leader in the world of exotic free energy technology (the next huge global technology revolution). I have a significant online presence. Google key words: exotic free energy, Sterling (the first 10+ of the 109,000 results are all relevant). See my 2015 review and 2016 predictions story at tinyurl dotcom FreeEnergy2015-2016

But that is nothing compared to the spiritual part of my mission in life, and the primary reason I'm looking for a suitable companion.

I sincerely believe that as a planet we don't have to go through hell to get heaven on earth. I have a lot of strong witnesses (a few mentioned below) pointing to my having a key role in bringing about the globally-noticed appearance of the Lord to a wrongfully-outcast and hated entity, spoken of in Isa. 66:5. That visitation brings about the Earth being born in a day (66:8), as enough of them sufficiently repent; and the kingdom of heaven is born without tribulation (66:7), because the repentance of the people has turned away the destructions and captivity to which we are presently headed (2 Chron. 7:14; 3 Ne. 16:13,14). 

This quest is not boring. You can read more about it at tinyurl dot com SterlingPartner

I realize that is a big pill to swallow, but take a close look at it. It is indeed an option being present to the planet right now. If we decline this offer and go into martial law, police state, which the New World Order conspiracy has slated for us, then that prophecy becomes moot, because tribulation has arrived. Because so much is at stake here, that's why I'm being so bold and open in this profile.

The wording of 66:8 is a question, not a sure prediction. "Shall the earth be born in a day?" This is not something that will happen for sure. It's up to us. Do we want to repent ant turn away destruction, or do we want to continue our present path off the edge of a cliff, from which 1% of humanity survives (Isa. says "a tithe of a tithe")?

The corollary question of Isa. 66:8, "Shall a nation be born at once?" has the exact same ASCII sum as my GreaterThings website url. And the opening of Isa. 66:1 "The heaven is my throne", has an ASCII sum (2154) that is just 2 digits away from where I'm living: "Fountain Green, Utah, USA" (2152). Our address here is P.O. box 66, and our house is 66 feet wide (Isa. 66) -- the number of chapters in Isaiah (premier prophet) and the number of books in the Bible. The ASCII sum of the KJV text of Isa. 66:2 comes to 17566, which (divided by 10 so it's in a range that can be looked up) corresponds to definitions in the New Testament lexicon that describe my career -- free energy -- with words like "energy, power, work." And that's just a start. There's a lot more.

Oh, and I should mention that there is a title that comes with this calling. As Jesus came among the Jews and was rejected by them, Heavenly Father and Mother incarnate among the Mormons/Christians in our day and are rejected by them.  "When I called, none did answer," says Isa. 66:4, just prior to verse five that talks about the appearance of the Lord to the outcast/hated group. This is not a popularity contest. It is not expected by anyone. It's a little surprise that God has in store for us.

But before you say, "Hold on, that's not me," let me point out that this invitation to the bride is in some regards an invitation to all of the Mormon/Christian world, and even beyond. It is an invitation for everyone to step into your godhood. "Awake, awake, put on strength," as it says in Isa. 52:1. Become One Mighty and Strong. 

There is going to be a quorum of 144,000 such individuals when this fully unfolds, setting right-side-up everything that is up-side-down in the world, where, presently: doctors destroy health, governments destroy freedom, universities destroy knowledge, lawyers destroy justice, teachers destroy imagination, media destroys truth, religions destroy spirituality, corporations destroy conscience, family planning facilities destroy life, utilities destroy free energy technologies. Instead of fostering what they are supposed to foster, the mainstream everything is presently undermining their mission. That's why we're headed to global tyranny and destruction. That's why we've got to repent. If we repent first, we don't have to face the consequences of what we've sown.

And this Isaiah 66:5 visitation of the Lord to you and I, to bring about this global awakening, is missing something right now: you. Come one. Step up. Let's do this. There's not much time left. The planet is on the brink.

The Hebrew word for "you" is spelled aleph, tau -- the first and last letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. In other words, "you" (all of us) are alpha and omega, if we will but recognize it and step into it. That is the crux of pretty much all religions -- in their true form -- to bring out the best in us.

I've made my share of mistakes, some of them quite serious. I'm in need of Jesus Christ's atonement as much as anyone else. One of the things I'm looking forward to in his appearance is to receive a full healing of my addiction, which I've been managing for ~16 years. 

I'm also looking forward to us being healed of all our physical maladies, receiving an anointing, receiving instruction, being given the ability to teleport, and being transfigured. You and I will be quite the item following this experience. The wedding will be a global event/celebration.

I realize that I lose most ladies with the above info. I'm looking for someone extraordinary. If you're interested, you can text/call me at eight oh one - eight eight five seventeenhundred (mountain time).

(See also: - my dating profile, with links.)

I know, this sounds like something out of a religious fictional novel. But this is a reality I'm hoping to manifest here on this planet. And I genuinely believe it can happen. If you know of a single lady who who might be qualified and willing, send her a link to this story.

Here is a list of what I'm looking for in my partner. 

Required Attributes

  1. Single/available female.
  2. Faith: Loves Jesus Christ, believes in miracles, loves freedom for individuals and for nations.
  3. Phenomenal person. Attributes include: spunky, smart, fun, gentle, wise, ambitious, kind, nurturing, funny, and, of course, loving (these words should be something her friends would say describe her).
  4. Awake! & has personal relationship with God; boldly stepping into her mission in life, despite what others might say about her. Has demonstrated ability to overcome large challenges. Not afraid of big calling.
  5. Appreciates the value of Alphabetics, a code I discovered in '96 that tells the who's who, what's what, when, why, where, and how of the great and marvelous work, the strange act.
  6. Understands and appreciates that while the Mormon Church is out of order, that it was ordained to be the husbandmen of the second Messianic advent, as the Jews were of the first (and, unfortunately, with about as much sympathy). Realizes that with the house of God being out of order, like everything else mainstream, need to be set in order (Isa. 66:6 points to the D&C 85 setting in order).

Optional but Preferred Attributes

  1. Pretty! Takes good care of herself. Build is slender or athletic. I'm still veiled in the flesh, and find it challenging to look past this preference.
  2. Likes good music. Musically gifted, both in singing and in playing an instrument.
  3. Is familiar with me.
  4. Thinks I'm funny, loving, outgoing, fun, gentle, friendly, nice, caring, wise, and handsome.
  5. Age: 35-55
  6. Height: 5′ 0″ to 5′ 8″ (prefer shorter than me, but not too much)

I don't see a need to put any geographical limitations on where she comes from -- could be of any nationality, as long as she fits the above criteria (and speaks English). When it comes to getting here in time for Wednesday's date, if she's from out of state or international, she'll need to be able to cover that, as my budget is very limited right now. But we can provide a place for her to stay.

The Date

Given that Wednesday is just two days away, I thought I ought to do an exchange to a later date, to give me more time to find someone to go with me, and to give this more time to be discussed in the media (if any of them will pick it up; at least it will be here and in my network of a few thousand, awake people [most will not click on this, but they'll see the title and description]).

I felt so strongly on that point (using common sense), that I went ahead and changed it, even though a couple of Alphabetics queries I did seem to give an urgency to this. This morning when I checked ticket availability, there were quite a few days with openings, but by the time I called this afternoon, the only openings for the entire month were two Friday matinees that they just opened, so I grabbed two third row seats for January 15 on the West side.

However, when I did an Alphabetics query about this, I got a pretty strong sense of urgency, like we don't have that much time, so I called the theater back and was able to get two seats for Wednesday in an ever better location that what I had before, equivalent to the sixth row.

So the day of the date will be this coming Wednesday evening, Jan. 6.

What's more, the ASCII sum of the query I did ended up being just two digits away from a query I did earlier today. Here are those queries (first one and last one, below), along with some others I did with this scenario.

Alphabetics Queries

[6:07 am; Jan. 4, 2015]
[Unspoken but on my mind, which the following turns out to address: should I make a public invitation to have a lady join me?]

by Sterling D. Allan: Could any single, qualified, willing female serve as my partner in the Isa. 66:5 appearance experience, later to become my wife to serve in the HMITF role for the planet?

b 98
y 121
S 83
t 116
e 101
r 114
p 112
l 108
a 97
n 110
e 101
t 116
? 63



1711 To cover over [veiled in the flesh]; to be multiplied, to be increasing
1712 "great fish" (dear and honoured fish) [fisher of women =_)]
1713 To cover, to cover over; a flag, a standard; the idea of shining, being bright; to set up banners. [Veiled in the flesh but phenomenal.] The virgin is here described as conquering and captivating the hearts of all. [e.g. like Joan of Arc]
1714 a large military standard [Joan of Arc courage]
1715 corn; used of bread [wheat vs. tares]
1716 to brood over as a bird over her eggs or young; apparently to cover [motherly]
1717 breast, pap; breasts [female]
1718 to go slowly; to delay, loiter, to waver or totter in going; to lead slowly, e.g. a little child [motherly]
1719,1720 {uncertain origin}
1722 Gold [female metaphor, counterpart to silver]
1723 {uncertain origin}
1724 to be dumb, stupor; to come upon suddenly, to amaze, to confound, stupifying; confounded by sudden misfortune [(1) this calling may seem to take her by surprise; who could be ready for such a thing?; (2) our mission is to turn this away, and to amaze the world by turning them to God and repentance, thereby averting the destructions and captivity to which we are headed]


1715 Before, in front of. Syn. before, first; before, in the sight of. [e.g. Joan of Arc]
1716 To spit in or on; to spit in one's face [is how I've been treated, and how she will need to be able to handle being treated]
1717 To make apparent, cause to be seen, to show; be seen openly [this is a public mission, and open book]; of a person, to manifest oneself meaning to let oneself be intimately known and understood. Syn. to make visible; to see and to allow oneself to be seen; to uncover, unveil. [epitome wedding imagery]

[11:08 am]

Jan. 4, 2015; by Sterling D. Allan: Should I reschedule my Beau Jest date to Jan. 20 or later, or should I stick with Jan. 6? Postponing it would give more time for media to pick it up and people to discuss it.

J 74
a 97
n 110
. 46
d 100
i 105
s 115
c 99
u 117
s 115
s 115
i 105
t 116
. 46



1804 To declare abroad
1805 To buy out, redeem from
1806 To lead or conduct out; out of prison [turning away destructions and captivity]
1810 Suddenly, unexpectedly, at once. [sense of urgency]


1806 "whom Jehovah has freed"
1807 "feeble," "pining with desire"

[11:08 am]

Jan. 4, 2015; by Sterling D. Allan: Should I reschedule my Beau Jest date to Jan. 20 or later, or should I stick with Jan. 6?

J 74
a 97
n 110
. 46
J 74
a 97
n 110
. 46
6 54
? 63

[1022 = our address in Eph]


1023 "house of the breadth" [n.a.?]
1024 place of the chariots


1022 Slowness, tardiness (2 Pet. 3:9 in that the Lord does not delay in respect to His promise.)
1023 The shorter part of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow. The arm in general, because the arm of man is the principle organ or instrument with which he exerts his strength. Used figuratively meaning the strength or power oc God.

[Concl. seems to encourage sticking w/ Jan. 6.]

[12:26 pm ]

Jan. 4, 2016; by Sterling D. Allan: Should I publish my cell phone number with my Beau Jest date invitation story?

J 74
a 97
n 110
. 46
s 115
t 116
o 111
r 114
y 121
? 63



994 prayer, asking; entreaty


994 To cry aloud, exclaim

[CONCL: I take that as a yes. The lady can't call me if she doesn't have my number.]

[1:30 pm ]

Jan. 4, 2016; by Sterling D. Allan: I'm feeling like I should postpone this Beau Jest date solicitation opportunity, to give me more time to find someone and to give it more play in the public.

J 74
a 97
n 110
. 46
p 112
u 117
b 98
l 108
i 105
c 99
. 46

[17165 = "by Sterling D. Allan: Could any single, qualified, willing female serve as my partner in the Isa. 66:5 appearance experience, later to become my wife to serve in the HMITF role for the planet?" (Jan. 4)]


1714 To inflame, set on fire, destroy by fire. [Peril]
1715 Before, in front of. [Take the earlier day]

Call Me

So, ladies, if you're feeling a tug of the Spirit, to give this serious consideration, give me a call. I'm easy to contact. (The angels serve as my receptionist service so I don't get overwhelmed with calls. They even screen my emails for me.) Let's talk. In addition to the usual methods of getting answers from heaven, I can run your numbers by Alphabetics -- the wisdom of the ages -- and see how resonant you are with this mission. I've not found anyone who is not at all resonant. But some are much stronger than others.

It's like when you hold the sustain pedal down on the piano then sing a note into the strings, that note vibrates in the strings and sounds like your voice -- the same tambour, like a faint recording. Actually, it's not just that one note on the piano that vibrates. All the strings on the piano vibrate, some more than others. The matching note will vibrate the most, but the octaves and harmonics will also resonate more strongly than the other notes. The higher strings pick up the vibration easier than the lower strings, which are heavier. The point is, using this analogy, that everyone will find at least a tiny degree of resonance with this mission. But the one(s) [including back-ups] who are foreordained to it, will have super strong resonance with it.

Let's get rolling. There isn't much time.

# # #


I'll be posting status updates here for this date thing, and related.


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated January 11, 2016




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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