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/2015/12/19/9602707_Quantum-free-energy_generated-by_artificially-created-ball lightning-under-pressure/
You are here: > News > December 19, 2015; 22:05 GMT

Quantum free energy generated by artificially created ball lightning under pressure

Experimental work being done in Bulgaria and in China demonstrated that "the output is kinetic energy -- about three times more than the input electrical energy. ...In the thick-walled cylinder of the generator, the piston was moving with speed around 1,000 meters/sec."

(Click on images for enlargement.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The following is an overview Dr. Chukanov sent to TeslaTech to consider having him speak at the 2016 conference. It was a bit longer than the "abstract" length Steve Elswick asks for, and provides a great overview of what he's been up to recently. 

Dr. Chukanov gave me permission to post it here (slightly edited). At the right are some photos he sent me to go along with this.

If you would like to see this included in this year's TeslaTech conference proceedings, you might sent a letter of encouragement to Steve, as the deadline for submissions was November 30.

With his thick Bulgarian accent, Dr. Chukanov is difficult to understand, but not so difficult as to be unlistenable. And with a PowerPoint to accompany his message, people should be fine for following along.

Quantum free energy generated by artificially created ball lightning under pressure

Dr. Kiril Chukanov has been working for the last three years on his discovery of QFE (quantum free energy) from ball lightning object in his native country Bulgaria and in China.

In this presentation, Dr. Chukanov will discuss his experience in harnessing quantum free energy from artificially created ball lightning in very dense media (compressed air or liquid). 

Ball lightning nucleus is a 2-D (two-dimensional) quantum object which possesses unusual quantum features (properties). Some of them are: 

  • ball lightning is giant macro-quantum atom, 
  • ball lightning nucleus has constant quantum temperature, 
  • ball lightning nucleus is a ‘black hole’ (very different from the model of ‘black’ hole accepted by conventional science); there is no space and material substance beneath its 2-D surface.

These three quantum features of ball lightning can be used as sources of free energy or other practical applications (in electronics, medicine, and military).

During seven months in his native Bulgaria (2013) Dr. Chukanov explored the practical application of the quantum feature of ball lightning to be ‘black hole’. He built an experimental QFE generator called “Great Bulgaria”. In this generator, he was producing ball lightning objects under one atmosphere pressure in gases and in liquid (salty water). The input energy was electrical from a capacitor with characteristics: 2 x 100 microfarads, 12 kV. The output is kinetic energy -- about three times more than the input electrical energy. 

The output free energy has nothing to do with [...] ZPE. All input electrical energy is transferred to the media where ball lightning is created. There is no way to transform electrical energy into kinetic energy without an electromagnetic field (in electro-motors, for example). This method is ‘heatless method’ - very little heat is transferred to the media (gas or liquid). 

Three times over-unity is [impressive], but not enough for practical applications. 

Because of very little investment available, Dr. Chukanov decided to put this project on hold (in Varna city, Bulgaria). He accepted the proposal from China to continue his project there (in Tianjin city). In China, Dr. Chukanov was funded well enough by a local private investor, and he had at his disposal a good team of specialists. 

In his Tianjin lab, Dr. Chukanov built several experimental QFE generators using two quantum features of ball lightning (its constant quantum temperature and ball lightning nucleus – ‘black hole’). Tremendous results were achieved. In a high-pressure chamber, in media of air (other gases were investigated, too). Dr. Chukanov created ball lightning in a stable (non-stop) regime under 8 atm (120 p.s.i.). This was for first time in the world! The output power was very hot air or air-plasma. The temperature of air-plasma surrounding the ball lightning nucleus was 10,000 °C. The temperature of the ball lightning nucleus was hundreds of thousands °C. A ball lightning nucleus under pressure is an extremely bright object. High-energy photon radiation is generated. 

In a very high-tech experimental QFE generator, Dr. Chukanov was able to create ball lightning in an extremely dense media (1.5 million p.s.i.). Ball lightning (created by discharge of a high-voltage capacitor) exists for only a fraction of a second (approx 0.002 – 0.003 sec). That is a very short time, but enough to produce tremendous over-unity in the form of kinetic energy. Every five seconds, a new shot from the capacitor [can be cycled], generating a huge amount of kinetic free energy. In the thick-walled cylinder of the generator, the piston was moving with speed around 1,000 meters/sec. And this speed is not the final possibility of such kind of quantum generators.

We are very close to practical applications! The sudden illness of the investor (cancer) stopped this project. Dr Kiril Chukanov moved to Bulgaria and then back to the U.S.A.

These two great projects will continue.

Dec. 18, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

# # #

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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