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You are here: > News > December 7, 2015; 18:40 GMT

What I'm looking for in a wife life business everything partner

I had a phenomenal dream this morning that woke me up to what it is I'm looking for in a partner. Call me a dreamer, but I am hopeful that I can and will find someone who will be this great a match for me and the mission I seek to perform in helping to bring about a global transformation to God and goodness.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was blessed with an astonishing dream this morning, which I would guess lasted around one or even two hours. It resulted in a major awakening in my soul and a paradigm shift regarding what I'm seeking in a wife/life-partner.

The setting for the dream was an advanced university class with a phenomenal teacher and amazing students in a fairly small classroom with maybe 20 students in all -- an honors type of class, where you have the best instructor and best students. The purpose of the class was to solve the worlds problems. It wasn't stated as such, but that's essentially what it was.

Periodically, I would wake up enough from the dream to then register the dream with my conscious mind; then I would go back to sleep, wanting to resume the dream, enjoying it so immensely.

The dream began with the first day of class for the semester, and we were raising various major topics that we wanted to cover in the class. I was sitting next to a beautiful lady, and we immediately hit it off, adoring each other, and loving the topics being presented and how each other responded to those topics.

You know how dreams get bizarre, portraying situations that would be very awkward in real life, but which have symbolic value? Well, in the dream, she and I were snuggling very close together during the class. We were all over each other in affection. Of course that wouldn't happen in real life because it would gross everyone else out. But in the dream, it was very natural -- not in a "natural man" carnal way, but in a soul-melding way.

I don't remember this part clearly, but it seems that each of us in the class was assigned one of the key topics to take on as our specialty for the class. I think mine was exotic free energy, as that has been my career for the past 13.5 years. I don't recall what her area of focus was, maybe something to do with healing.

Next, the teacher had us go around the classroom to discuss one-on-one with each of the other students our respective topics and to provide insight for that person regarding their topic, and vice versa. Rather than split up to do this assignment, the lady wanted to stay with me, and vice versa, so we could be in on what was being said to the other person, and vice versa. This wasn't out of insecurity, worrying about infidelity of heart, but because we wanted to be integrally involved in each other's mission.

During this portion of the dream, she and I were even more all over each other affectionately, perhaps symbolizing the depth of connection with each other as we honed in on specific tasks. I woke up, noted that, and went back to dreaming.

In the next phase of the dream sequence, we had a meal break, which was happening during a general presentation being made to a larger group of maybe 300 people -- like a keynote address at a conference. But rather than listen to the presentation, she and I quietly went into an intense conversation privately. I was holding her in my arms in front of me, and speaking quietly in her ear. Most of this part of the dream involved my talking, explaining from my perspective what our life would be like together on a day-to-day basis. 

At first, out of almost an auto-pilot mode, I was portraying what life had been like with my ex-wife, Cheri, as an extrapolation for what life might be yet again. I work from the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed; I work in front of the computer while I'm eating breakfast and lunch. Dinner is together with the family, and once in a while we have a family activity together, or watch a movie together.

As I began into that mode, my lady in the dream was tensing up, and I could tell she was having a crisis, as this was not in harmony with what she envisioned for us. And this is where the paradigm shift came for me.

Of course this isn't how life would be with her. It had been that way with Cheri because Cheri didn't get into my line of work and didn't care to be part of it in the least, not even doing simple things like answering the business phone. 

But this lady in my dream totally loved what I did -- anything I did. And the other way around. My work was her work, and her work was my work. We thrived in and found fulfillment in what each other did. It was a team endeavor, not something I did without her or her without me.

With that realization, my heart leapt with joy, and I started over in describing to this lady in my arms what life would be like together. We would do most everything together, blending our talents into a oneness of effort. Now I could feel her melting into my arms, as she was hearing something that resonated with her soul.

All our meals would be together, as we brainstormed whatever was on our mind or some pressing matter that needed to be addressed. Our trips would be together. Our meetings would be together. Our exercise would be together. Our activities would be together. We would be one. If someone wanted to talk to us, they would be talking to both of us, to get the fullness of what we have to offer.

It was during this part of my dream, the beginnings of sharing this with her, that I woke up from the dream, very happy and filled with a feeling of peace and contentment. I wanted to get up and record this.

You've all seen couples like that. They are a team, not just in marriage, but in business, in church, in health, in counseling, in raising the children, in having fun, in doing exercise, even in doing chores. I love cooking meals and doing dishes with someone that is fun to have conversation with. I love going on walks with someone who is fun to talk to. Multitasking is a pleasure when it's with someone you enjoy. Getting up together and making the bed together, is so much easier and enjoyable together. Then going and and standing in front of your vision board together for a few minutes to begin your day -- not standing apart from each other at two separate vision boards; one. Then taking a shower or bath together. And while she does her extra dolling up with makeup and hair dryer, we're talking together; I'm holding her in my arms, whispering in her ear.

I've had enough pieces of this dream in the past to know it's what I want.

It's not that we wouldn't have any alone time (e.g. going to the toilet), or sometimes do things separately (e.g. writing an article or speech), but most of what we do would be together (having her review what I've written, to provide input and completion; and vice versa).

And it's not like what I'm looking for is a clone of myself. Not in the least. I see my ideal partner as someone who is different in a synergistic way, so we have yin/yang balance to bring a wholeness to our work. The very PES Network, Inc. logo that my brother in law, Kevn Lambson made for us over a decade ago, since at least Feb. 2004, bespeaks my resonance with this yin/yang imagery.

I see the beginning of this dream as probably metaphorical to the work she and I will do on the planet, among a small group of the "best students" on earth, to help solve the problems of the world --  together. It wasn't this way in the dream, but I would imagine that in a real-world, a reformed(or reforming)-world scenario, that most all of these key players would also likewise be in an ideal male-female partnership.

Maybe the additional symbolism of the dream -- that it was only she and I who were thus entwined -- ties to she and I being the ones who launch this era through doing the Isaiah 66:5 appearance of the Lord experience together that brings about the earth being born in a day, spoken of in verse 8, and the kingdom of God coming forth before tribulation (without tribulation), spoken of in verse 7. 

Because of this Isaiah 66:5 appearance, most all of the destructions and captivity to which we are presently headed is turned away because people repent and turn back to God and goodness, so we no longer deserve what we now have coming to us as a planet.

I articulate that scenario in a story I posted last October.

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Last updated December 13, 2015




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