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You are here: > News > December 1, 2015; 17:00 GMT

Keshe Magravs Power systems being recalled

"Due to the manufacturing process, corrections were needed to improve the efficiency of the systems. We have used knowledge from all our supporters to bring forward the improved product." Update from Magravs replicator whose first unit was a dud.

Image courtesy

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


(Repeat from our Nov. 26 article.)

Since around July of this year, the Keshe Foundation has been selling (taking pre-orders) a "Magrav" system that they claim can power your house; and a similar one that can power your car. At first, the price was €500 Euros, plus they were requesting a €300 Euro donation to be paid (as a bribe) to the government of the country to which the unit would be shipped, to keep them happy. But because people were not paying the "donation" as part of the order, they changed the wording to "mandatory donation," which is a contradictor misnomer, kind of like "pregnant virgin," or, to get political, "Federal Reserve" (not federal, and not reserve).

About a month ago, Keshe announced that the orders had begun to be shipped, and that the customers would begin receiving their systems.

Not Working Right

Our Nov. 26 article pointed out that customers were reporting that no excess power was being detected yet from their Magravs Power units they had received. They supposed that a "conditioning period" had not yet been passed, so they were holding out to see if things might improve.

It turns out that beginning in their Nov. 19 Knowledge-Seekers Workshop, that Mehran Tavakoli Keshe announced that they would be recalling all the units that have been shipped.

Moral of the story: It's a good idea to test your systems to make sure they work before you ship them out. (Okay, I know, that goes without saying. This is yet another example of people being carried away by the hype of their Kool-Aid dispenser.)

Here is a report by a customer (Keshe forum member "when") who received notice by email today of that refund. (Slightly edited.)

Just to bring you up to date... 
I received an answer from the Keshe foundation support regarding the Magrav-Power Unit I have on order. This is a copy of the reply Email sent to me today, Tuesday 1st December 2015: 

IMPORTANT - Update on your Magrav-Power Unit via

Dear Magravs-Power Systems Purchasers,

I would like to thank you for purchasing the Magravs-Power Systems (Universal and Car).

Due to the manufacturing process, corrections were needed to improve the efficiency of the systems. We have used knowledge from all our supporters to bring forward the improved product. This has now been perfected and we thank everyone! ["Perfected?" What company is not always in a state of improvement? What company ships something that doesn't work?]

These changes have required us to recall the current units in shipment, so that we can offer the latest, updated product, to all our customers.

We have achieved the final point of manufacturing, to bring forward the product that customers are expecting from us, with the efficiency planned from the beginning.

The manufacturers have already started production on the updated systems and we will ship new product out this week. All Magravs-Power Systems (Universal and Car) ordered, will be shipped in December, as the manufacturing capacity increases.

If you have received any units, which might not be performing as designed, please contact through the support page (https://www.keshefoundation. [sic, .com omitted] - click on the Support FAQ on the right), so we may re-ship you a new, updated Magravs-Power System.

I apologize for this delay, and want to thank all our supporters for your trust in the Foundation.

M T Keshe
The Director of the Keshe Foundation


Here's a comment that was posted by CircleOfNine last week. (slightly edited)

11-22-2015, 11:42 PM

Hello everyone,
Some more news regarding the magrav units.
I was just watching the Keshe Foundation "88th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - November 19th, 2015", and the following was stated by Mr. Keshe:
November 19th, 2015 
Time in video: 10:20

Mr. Keshe:

"All of you have reached the point of testing. We have reached the point of testing ourselves, and as you see these are the first units that have come off the production. There were some teething problems, in capacitor housing in these units, because they carry plasma capacitors, and had to be rectified in past couple of days. I was told by the factory this morning, so, they're trying to finish, or correct whatever was needed to be readjusted, for the new units to go out. The units as we've said have received certification of CE and for American standards. "

I find the following statement from Mr. Keshe on Nov. 19, 2015 to be very puzzling: "We have reached the point of testing ourselves...". What does he mean that they have reached the point of testing them self? They are only just starting to do their testing of the magrav units now??? That would not seem to make any sense as the magrav units have been up for sale on this website for quite some time now, and apparently some at least have already been shipped.

By the way, from what I understand, CE testing certification is only for certification for the European Economic Area and does not cover certification of electrical equipment for use outside the European Economic Area. Mr. Keshe mentioned that the magrav units have also been certified for American standards. Can anyone provide any details about what specific certification has been received for the magrav units for the USA?

FYI, Mr. Keshe also stated in the above mentioned video that magrav units should take at least a week or longer of running before you should start to see power gains above what is being drawn from the mains by the margrav unit and its connected loads. However, if the Keshe Foundation is only just starting to test the magrav units as Mr. Keshe stated in the above mentioned video, then I have to wonder how they can even be sure of this. This is really puzzling to say the very least...

PS. After watching some more of the above mentioned video, it really does sound like the Keshe Foundation is really only just starting to test these magrav units them self. Mr. Keshe describes their own test setup which from what I understood he thinks will take at least a couple of weeks before it starts to produce extra power. This would seem to explain why Mr. Keshe has apparently not as yet shown any videos which show a working magrav unit producing significantly more power out than it is drawing from the mains. Apparently they have only just started their own testing with the magrav units in the last week or so, based on what Mr. Keshe states in the video. Mr. Keshe also states in the video that they have only just received official paperwork to allow them to start exporting magrav units.

All the best...
Last edited by CircleOfNine; 11-23-2015, 12:06 AM.


Roald Boom's First Magravs Replication a Dud

In other Magravs news, earlier this month, we reported:

On Nov. 27, he gave a follow-up report on YouTube stating that he was discontinuing his test, and that he had seen no positive results. He still seems optimistic and described the next test he was going to run.

He has also posted two videos (1 | 2) giving his theological extrapolations of the Magravs system.

Any Working Systems or Replications?

Again, we ask if any of you know of a positive report about these Magrav systems, let us know. Feel free to provide links and reports in the comments below.  We still have not seen any reports of someone who has reproduced a working Magrav system per their plans, one which has clearly produced excess energy. Let us know if you know of such.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 02, 2015





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