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You are here: > News > November 25, 2015; 19:30 GMT

Clinton documentary illustrates how far gone society is

Though easily in the top 5% of the criminal bell curve, Hillary is leading presidential candidate in the United States and is treated like a hero. As a reflection of where society is at right now; it's no wonder we don't have exotic free energy technologies yet. We deserve tyranny, and we're going to be getting a full dose if we don't repent, which is why I've been focused on bringing about that transformation.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Last night, I watched a documentary film about the Clintons on YouTube. I was already aware of much of their corruption, but I was not aware of the extent of it and how many people they had supporting that corruption, including police and justices who helped them carry out their corruption and cover up. I also was aghast at the number of dead bodies that have followed in their trail as part of their cover-up and intimidation. 

I would estimate that their criminality, in its darkness and extent, is on the upper 5% of the bell curve of all criminals throughout history. Bear in mind that in this spectrum I'm talking about, even those in the bottom 5% would be worthy of jail in a system that actually incarcerated those deserving of incarceration.

What is most sickening about this is that Hillary is a leading contender for President of the United States.

for poll data

In the case of the Clinton's, we're not just talking about crooked people, but people who are polar opposites to the principles of freedom and goodness upon which the United States was founded. They are Communists in their ideology, and like Obama, want to see free America destroyed and replaced by a full tyrannical dictatorship.

As I've said many times, we get the government we deserve. 

Have we stooped that low, that someone the ilk of Hillary Clinton would be the leading presidential candidate? She and Bill should both be given the death penalty for their documented crimes for which they are unrepentant and only assured to perpetuate, yet she is celebrated as a hero of our day. 

This information about the Clintons is not hard to find. It's all over the Internet. There are tons of videos. Many books. Do searches for terms like "Clinton dead body count" or "Clinton Mena" or "Clinton Vince Foster" or "Clinton Benghazi."

What does this have to do with free energy, which is the usual topic of our news here?

If our leadership is a reflection of the people, what does this say about where the people are at right now? 

You know that equally damning cases can be made for Obama, who is in his second term. As of August 2013, he has over 100 impeachable offenses. He chalks up another one weekly, and sometimes daily. He has no regard for freedom, the U.S. Constitution, goodness. He is a tyrant intent on destroying those things; and he has a lot of people cheering him on. He built up ISIS and has no intent on destroying them, but wants to invite them here via our open borders. In case you've not been watching the news, those are the guys who are gleefully beheading Christians and raping the planet. He would love to push us into WWIII, and has been trying his best ever since he received the Nobel Peace Prize, which was a total scam.

Does this sound like a planet that would benefit from the emergence of exotic free energy technologies that would not only be clean but affordable, bringing power to the people, literally and figuratively. Is that what we deserve right now?

(When I say "we," I'm talking the civilization of which we are a part, not the individuals reading this story.)

I'm afraid the answer to that question is a resounding, "NO!!"

Not only do we get the government we deserve, but we also get the energy we deserve, and right now we don't deserve these exotic free energy technologies, which are all about freedom. We don't deserve freedom.

And if we fall off this cliff to which we're headed, good luck getting your free energy devices to market then!

All of this is why, since January 22, I've been so zealously and unfalteringly pursuing my quest to bring about the repentance clause of prophecy, which says that if the people repent, then we will no longer deserve the destructions and captivity to which we are presently headed. (3 Ne. 16:13,14) 

There is a prophecy in Isaiah 66 that I've been seeking to help fulfill, which rhetorically asks: "Shall the earth be born in a day?" (66:8) In the previous verse, it talks about the kingdom of God ("man-child") being born BEFORE the woman goes into labor or pain. (66:7) That is describing the emergence of a better world WITHOUT first having to go through destruction and captivity.

So if we end up going into martial law, e.g. following a major economic collapse that results in mass rioting and unrest (very plausible, very soon), then that Isaiah 66 prophecy is no longer an option for us, because we've already entered the phase of tribulation and no longer qualify for pre-tribulation-repentance to turn all that away.

Isaiah 66:5 is describing an event that brings about verses 7,8 that I just mentioned.

Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.

This is describing an appearance of the Lord to an outcast individual or group. So this isn't going to be like the millions of visitations that have happened through history, especially to those having near death experiences. This appearance of the Lord is something that is going to get the world's attention, to the point that the earth is born in a day, and the kingdom of God comes forth without tribulation.

The way I see this unfolding is that the Lord comes down from the sky, e.g. airline flight level, at night, and lights up the Sanpete Valley here as if it were day. The descending Lord takes about 3 minutes to come down, giving people time to step outside to see what is causing the brilliant light at night. They'll be taking pictures and video and uploading it to social media, getting the world's attention. They see something that is too slow to be a meteor, to small to be a UFO; and given the religious background of the people in this valley, and the story in the Book of Mormon about the resurrected Jesus appearing to the ancient inhabitants of the Americas (several appearances, several groups; reference: He Walked the Americas), they can't help but wonder if it might be the Lord or at least a very bright angel. 

The officers who are dispatched to check on the lingering light at our Safe Haven Villages property at White Hill, just north of Ephraim, UT, will be told that it is a sacred visitation, and if they want more information, to go to That site concisely talks about this repentance clause of prophecy, inviting the people of the world to repent and thereby turn away the destructions and captivity to which they were otherwise surely headed. The Lord will not require that every individual on the planet repent -- just that a sufficient core of people repent, put on strength and stop the New World Order conspirators who have been seeking to enslave humanity. 

Such an awakening would turn away the long-pending economic collapse as well. As I said the other day:

Remedies to Prevent Economic Collapse and Martial Law

If we do indeed wake up and repent as a planet, I'm convinced that solutions will be presented to avert melt-down, destruction, and captivity (martial law or police state). Here are some things that are on my radar that could contribute substantially to preventing a melt-down, even though adjustments are needed.

  • The emergence of exotic free energy technologies will provide a huge dose of hope to the planet for 1) cheaper energy, 2) clean energy, 3) lower prices as energy effects all prices, 4) creation of millions of jobs to roll these things out, 5) creating of new technologies made possible by these new energy modalities, such as scuba equipment that will be able to create air through electrolysis of water for unlimited underwater diving, like they do in nuclear submarines.
    • These clean, affordable energy solutions will also greatly enhance the growing of affordable, organic, food, both in established farmlands as well as in cities in vertical, indoor farms. Not only does affordable energy make desalination feasible next to oceans, but it also enables air-to-water dehumidifier technologies, as well as well-pumping technologies. And it makes transport of water more affordable. Water is no longer a problem.
    • These clean, affordable, compact energy solutions will also open up many forms of travel that will greatly decrease congestion: jetpacks that enable point A to point B travel for individuals, as well as other personal flight technologies. Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) craft to eliminate the need for airports for flight travel. Surface-effect cargo ship flight will enable inter-continental travel in a couple of days rather than a couple of months. (Morgado) We'll also be able to readily harness and mine asteroids and meteors.
    • Space colonization will be maybe a decade away. Within 100 years we'll be able to re-animate Mars as a viable planet with breathable air.
  • Crypto-currencies are already developed and in use that provide an alternative to unstable currencies.
  • Do like Ireland and Iceland have done: jail the corrupt bankers. Nullify the illegitimate debt, e.g. from the derivatives scam, laid on the backs of the population who had nothing to do with its creation. (Ref.)
  • End the Fed sentiments are strong and will be stronger, to remove that leviathan that has been behind the corruption of our economic system, both in the U.S. and its counterparts elsewhere.
  • Restore the dollar to the gold standard. Related to this, the movement to restore precious metals as a solid medium of exchange is gaining traction. E.g. United Precious Metals Association 
  • Restore Glass Steagall to separate commercial and investment banking.
  • Repeal the 16th Amendment and its graduated income tax; eliminating the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).
  • Restoring to the U.S. Federal government it's Constitutional right to create money (not for the non-Federal Reserve to do it, as a fiat money system). For this to work properly, it also requires that the citizenry be weaned of their addiction to government dole (aka socialism, which is not freedom-based).
  • Bring full disclosure and full scientific and conscience-based scrutiny to all geoengineering projects so they are no longer used nefariously but can be used to our benefit, bringing water to arid regions, mitigating and steering hurricanes to not-as-dangerous areas.

Still Looking for Partner

The best I can tell, what's holding up this Isaiah 66:5 appearance is that I've not yet been able to find a female who is qualified, single, and willing to join me as a partner in this quest. Here's the most recent petition I published to this effect. There were several before this.

I've personally contacted quite a few amazing females, but so far none have reciprocated. 

God wants this to be a yin/yang, female/male balanced event, not another male-dominant event, which would only further propagate the patriarchal-dominant thought-form we've been laboring under for too long. We need to elevate women to their proper status. 

I'm convinced, also, that the difficulty I've had in getting a female to step forward into this quest is going to be a reflection on our sorry state as a civilization. If she doesn't show up, we don't have this experience, and the Isaiah 66:5-8 option is removed. Destruction and captivity will be our lot. That it is taking so long is a reflection of how recalcitrant even the very elect are.

I know there are some very enlightened people out there in our audience. I beseech of you to help me find a partner for this, before it's too late.

So far, since Jan. 22, I've only had one referral; and it turned out to be of a married lady. That was awkward. The person making the referral didn't realize that by "partner" I was referring to an eventual marital union -- quite a while after the Isa. 66:5 appearance event.

What adds to the difficulty of finding a suitable partner is that my understanding is that the post-appearance marriage is going to last 1000 years -- the duration of the millennium, the kingdom of God on earth. Don't want to take just anyone, but someone who would be a good match, who I would like to hang out with that long.

So if you have any degree of sympathy toward this quest, I urge you to pass this story forward to your circle of contacts, to increase the chance that I might be able to line up with a suitable partner, soon.

We've already had destructions postponed because of this quest, but that window won't stay open forever. We need to act quickly. Time is a wasting. The opportunity to repent is closing quickly. 

Just look at what's going on in Syria. It's a tinderbox about to explode into World War III. I applaud Putin's leadership there, including his constraint in not escalating things, and his departing from the New World Order crew. They were not expecting what he did in stepping forward to take some meaningful steps to contain ISIS, and it is causing a lot of shuffling.

# # #



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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 04, 2015




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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