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You are here: > News > November 17, 2015; 22:05 GMT

Interview with James F. Murray III

Jim describes the history of how he got to where he is today, in unraveling some key secrets of Nikola Tesla's work, which has been a life-long quest, and where he plans to go from here.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday I conducted an interview with Jim Murray, who we finally featured at PESWiki a few days ago, long overdue.

Here is a YouTube video that contains the audio of that recording. Unfortunately, my internet connection wasn't the best, and sometimes his incoming audio is broken up, nearly to the point of not being able to understand him. But for the most part, it was adequately clear. Below are the notes I took during our interview, for the sake of those who are listening to this from other languages. Maybe being able to read along in my notes will help you understand better the spoken English.

I should also note that Jim's crowdfunder campaign was temporarily taken down. Some Yahoo, who thought he was doing everyone a service, found someone else by the name of Jim Murray who has passed away, and thought it was the same Jim Murray, and reported to GoFundMe that the campaign was a fraud. Not! Jim assured me today (jokingly) that he is not dead. I think you will tell from the interview that he is quite alive.

Welcome to the show.  I’m your host, Sterling Allan.  You can join us online at where you can find a list of past guests, listen to those interviews, and read the stories associated with their appearances.

We’re joined today, November 16, 2015 by none other than James F. Murray, III, of Oklahoma City , Oklahoma , USA . Jim, following in Nikola Tesla's footsteps has come up with the Dynaflux Alternator; the Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply or SERPS; and the Toroidal Rotating Transformer, among many other things; for which he has been awarded several patents.

We finally got a feature page up about him at PESWiki last week.

Jim, welcome to the show. 

1.) How old were you when you developed an interest in electricity?

I think I was interested in it before I knew what it was; dad's antique train set.
In old days, could take motors out for cleaning; doing that very young. Probably 5-6 years old

2.) Describe some of your most ambitious earlier projects.

Sprinkled around. First electromagnet, out of wires from local hardware store and big dry cell battery, wrapped around spikes, picked up pieces of metal. The effect that became more exciting, later, in grade school, interested in radio and rocketry. Varieties of rocket fuel; desire to control them, radio, radio control. Moved to digital computers; designed some computers controlled by relay; tape deck. Scrap yard, 14 years old

Most exotic in H.S., thoroughly enamored by concept of particle accelerators, designed to; electron and proton accelerator. One exhibit in museum of science.

3.) What were your original career goals?

Yes, very focused.

Intereseted in particle accelerators

Wrote book on subject

Link between Van de Graaff generator and particle accelerator

Had built Van de Graaff generators

Utilize in nuclear research

Initial goal: to MIT, major in physics and math, into high energy physics as career. Changed in Senior year when dad died, couldn't afford.

During that period

Started college at nights, St. Peters city, advanced math, chemistry; had old library; found really amazing volumes on works of Tesla and contemporary.

Didn't realize disconnect between Tesla and mainstream science. Had enough physics under belt that I realized that what he was saying didn't jibe. That realization that made me decide once and for all, if Tesla had discovered novel things, I wanted to rediscover them; even though I didn't have the vaguest idea of what I was up against.

I never wavered from it once I decided.

4.) How did you get into alternative energy research?

I knew there was something outside of what was classically taught.

What showed me that I was on my chosen path. Guy I met in 1996 (?), Gene Carini, up in Conneticut, endeavoring to build electric car. When I found him, instant rapport; only 19 years old; the device he produced for this electric car, odd, captured my attention; couldn't figure out where the advantages were coming from. Had learned to be skillful machinist and model maker. Started making machines to bring out hidden concepts that might have been lurking in Gene's designs.

5.) When did you have your first meaningful break-through?

First meaningful breakthrough?

Have to be honest in answering that question.

First real input came from a series of inspirations
First while working with Gene Carini, very unusual piece of mechanical equipment that came to me in an altered state of consciousness; put me on totally different track, equations investigating, equipment building. Didn't result in anything concrete. That came several years later, when moved to Michigan , working for Steel company. They had an old shovel, 1926 vintage, fork device, rotating equipment. When I found out they were going to scrap it, I asked to remove the controls and motor generator, to save them, beautiful engineering relics. You can do that, we don't want junk laying around, better find something meaningful to do with it. I can use that equipment to build large synchronous capacitor, knock 20-30% off your power. That floored him, communicated with superiors in Bethalem PA, be sure you don't waste a lot of money. Took 3 years to build. Made such a change that the power company sent engineers to see if they had bypassed power. More complicated than starting motors slow. It allowed demand to be almost completely negated. They take maximum demand number and use that as multiplier to modify kW-h reading; that's what they bill you on. You could have one huge demand and that upscales power bill by large numbers.

Recording equipment, looked at signals associated with what I was doing. In case of demand; you could see demand peak rise, such as when starting conveyor built.

Two events close together in time. Metering equipment had to look at average.

Tesla had talked about concept of oscillating power opposed to undulating power, which is what we do in industry today.
even though AC... a glorified version of DC. Tesla obsoleted his own system by going to the next system he called oscillating power; different in nature. This installation in N. Michigan got me thinking along those lines. Led to Dynaflux Alternator
Human mind modifies by making things linear. Gives bastardized view of nature, restricted understanding of what is really happening. Nature doesn't do anything like that, everything oscillates. Very few things linear.

6.) Did this discovery lead to other discoveries? If so, what were they?

Began to investigate everything from the stand point of Power, rather than Energy.

If you were to film a guy on high wire dropping cannon ball. From moment ball released to time it hits the ground, that continuity represents the power involved. If you stop the film at any point, that snapshot represents what physicists refer to as energy. It's really an artificiality. It allows you to make calculations through the energy stored, but artificial in sense that it doesn't really happen that way in nature. In real world, you can have machine, nothing happens, represents huge potential.

Power is relativistic. Guy watching object going by, versus moving with the object. Only the sudden deceleration that liberates the power.

All kinds of things I dabbled into over the years 99% were engendered by study of Tesla's stuff. Had radical ideas about resonance. Different types of resonance. Mechanical, impulse, ... all revolve around common theme: optimization of a particular effect.
two things stood out as important projects: "Tesla Wave". Very few people have heard of. That became a major are of investigation for me. Other: oscillative power a phenomenon that could stand on its own; should be subject to a form of optimization. That led me to most of the accomplishments I've enjoyed to date. Proprietary. Unusual wave form, when properly applied has properties that shouldn't be guessed at. Tesla made use of that in ___.
Other parameter: I dubbed "energy resonance". Not patented, not finished developing.
Those two concepts joined together combined with Dynaflux, comes to SERPS

Dynaflux is directional power device, part of time one direction, part of time other direction. Earlier prototypes very expensive and complicated to make. No parts available to order. Had to build from scratch. Began to think about it, is there anything that can be done on receiving end either adjunct or replace effect entirely, stand-alone on receiver end that people could benefit from. Thinking about solid state. Took quite a few years.

7.) When did the SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) concept present itself?

~first device functioned the way I wanted it to, ~25 years ago. I didn't have equipment necessary to properly analyze what was going on. Began aquiring sophisticated instrumentation to measure. Very expensive. Had private funder who agreed to purchase $85k. Began making studies, gave insights into real nature or power. That's when I finally understood one of Tesla's "secrets". Even though he shared openly.

"Imaginary power." Doesn't accomplish any work, a real thing unto itself.
"Reactive Watt" ΰ "Var Watt" the basis from which.

Q. 20x, 50x OUT

Can address superficially. Too much lip service not healthy for maintaining IP.

8.) How is it possible to demonstrate additional power without violating any physical laws?

Most people don't realize that you can have very beneficial effects forthcoming by applying these concepts that appear to represent a gain in a system's behavior. People are quick to call that free energy. In my world, that's an absolutely meaningless term.

Expand to give priority to the idea.

In "linear" systems, the energy and the world that that system can perform are absolutely equal in all respects; engendering the belief that is always the case; and it's not.

Non-linear system, the energy conserved, but work done is greater or less than. That's the area where things get interesting.

The mathematics is horrendous.

Other clarification: "overunity". Most people don't know what "unity" means. Term out of motor/generator area. When you do a load analysis on performance of motor or generator: list of all the various losses associated with machine's function, subtract out of power applied to the system. What you're left with, mathematically must be equal electrical load being supported by the generator.

That relationship gives you two numbers. E.g. 1000 W into 1000 W output = 1

Segregated load analysis.

In dynaflux, e.g., after subtracting losses, .5 or .6.  Tesla talks about this opening. This is what motivated him to make as close to perfect prototypes as possible. Buried in overall behavior of device.

If I was just starting out, and saw all the stuff I had to learn, I wouldn’t go there.

Potential survival of our species, continuance of planet. What better thing could I ....

9.) Did Tesla have any technologies which operated along similar lines?

Trying to raise money to write book: touch on

Not technical document. Want to talk about all the things I experienced on this journey of mine.

People who knew Tesla opened my eyes the most. Some mechanical devices. Tesla's self-running engine, running off environmental heat. 

Q. "Overunity"

"Free Energy" should be replaced with "Free Work"
Nothing will bring a scowl faster to a scientist than the term "free energy"
Want to gain the respect of academia.

10.) How is power oscillation different from alternating current?

AC under normal circumstances, e.g. resistive load, such as space heater or lamp. Alternating voltage and current. When you multiply voltage x current, you will produce a sine squared wave. Plot undulating function, average value of that function gives us the number of Watts associated with AC voltage and current in powering appliances.

Shift from that point of view to oscillating power: cannot have sit on x axis with no negative component, has to have negative portion to it; just as sine wave oscillates above and below. Standard AC. Reactive Watts, a true reversal of direction of power flow, can still power resistive load, SERPS.

11.) Can you give examples of Net work and absolute work? 

Should be available in most physics book worth their salt. E.g. guy wants to move heavy trunk across attack floor, will slide with application of 100 lb of force. 10 feet away from initial position. 1000 ft-lbs of work. If he pushes too far, can't open because of sloping ceiling. Moves back 5 feet.

Analyzing what he did. Absolute work: 1500 ft-lbs. But by definition of displacement in physics, net displacement, 500 ft-lbs.

Reservoir high up, when power is cheap, pump water from river up to reservoir, then during daylight hours, when load is increased, peaking power, let river from reservoir, put power back on line.

If you have frequency that interacts with 60 Hz, then you play that game much more quickly, with very interesting results. Idea of having oscillating power is not confined to our technology. Just doing it immediately, rather than 12 hours.

12.) What future plans do you have for your technologies?

None of this comes easy. Expensive. Custom built. Designed, assembled, tested, expensive.

I was 19 years old; now 68

Perfect, get it to market. At a point now where I can demonstrate these things with accuracy and performance, but still a ways from commercialization.

Generation of net power? SERPs does that. It depends entirely on how you apply it. You can't just have a receiving separate from transmitting device, allows this type of situation to develop.
e.g. Beckland Steel; put into resonance, over and above what original installation designed to be.

10k HP generators across river, periodically in ice storms,
peaking station

Issue warning to bring load down, sustain operations until main power returned.

During one of those periods of time, induced exotic mode of resonance onto power grid: generating station across river, my motor, load represented by communities involved.

What happened, load went off both generators, couldn’t detect load, yet the power was being delievered as it had in the past. Led to Dynaflux.

10 MW.

Has not been applied to 3-phase.

Assistance, other people involved. Would have to involve.

Takes instruction. Overall education of the individual.

Patents not yet filed on SERPs. Takes time.

Not impossible.

Timing nebulous.

I'm not going to be able to interact with just anyone; has to be sincere inquiry.

In closing?

One thought, worth ending on. Doesn't have anything to do with this project

At this cine '1967, without a break

When first starting out, Carini, Otis Carr, a lot older; very few people in this type of thinking. Now the world has changed a great deal; though not everyone is equipped with necessary understanding to pursue, the fact that there are a lot of people interested is gratifying. I don't have any problem with other people interpreting these facts in their own way to reach similar goals. Good to see the old dinosaurs are no longer alone in this area of investigation. I believe it's indicative that change must come if we're going to sustain planet and not destroy planet in process of pursuing sources of energy. Just question who and when. Obvious to people cognizant of vested interest who don't want this come forth unless they control it. People looking over shoulder whether you like it or not. I say onward and upward. Happy to make contribution I can to this pursuit. Have to walk thin line, desire to help, disclose/protect IP. 

# # #

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