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You are here: > News > October 19, 2015; 15:40 GMT

Orgone Accumulator shields router EMF

Dorron Shapir from Bahia Brazil created a simple orgone accumulator with concentric paper and steel wool inside a can, with an aluminum tube protruding, and shows that when placed on a certain spot on his WiFi router eliminates the EMF that otherwise emits from the router.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Saturday, I communicated with Dorron Shapir from Bahia Brazil, who sent me a link to a video he posted showing how placing an orgone accumulator (OA) on his router reduced the EMF radiation to zero on his meter, but when he removed the orgone accumulator, the EMF detector immediately jumped up. It's a very simple, straight-forward demonstration.

I suggested he do a video showing the orgone accumulator at different places around the router, and also move the detector to different locations around the router. "Why did you choose the location that you did?"

He replied: "If I put the detector closer, I get readings much higher. When I place the OA, it still drops it by approx half. I chose that location because it blocked the most at that position. It blocked the most when inverted. Also, when you put crystals close by, it has the effect of increasing the EMF."

He later posted a follow-up video showing what is inside his orgone accumulator: alternating paper and wire (steel) wool, arranged in concentric circles. (Shown at right.)

What does the OA do to the EMF field radiating into the room. Is the effect only pronounced just next to the router, or does it diminish the EMF field many feet away? What about 20 feet away? Does the detector even pick up a reading that far away?

Dorron replied: "Unless the meter is close to source the rest of the room is Zero so can’t measure that accurately. No change I can measure."

Dorron also said that he hasn't noticed any change in the router's communication with WiFi divices when the OA is situated on top of it.

I asked him: "Would this be feasible to develop as a product for consumers to protect them from router radiation?"

Dorron replied:

I would say yes, but needs to be developed with caution, as Reich discovered that if you expose harmful EM waves or radioactive material including CFL lamp radiation, the OA would start to produce DOR Deadly Orgone Radiation.

And then the OA would need to be disassembled then the natural ambient Orgone will clean the area, or a e.g. Karl Hans Welz chi generator can do it much faster!

I would go down the quantum Tech pathway (for Protection) that has already been developed. e.g. 

I'm worried. Doing this causes DOR production which nearly killed Reich. I do know a technology that eliminates EMF and is safe.

Also all EM meters show the positive readings but not on the minus scale. Just because EMF’s appear to go away, they do not measure orgone unless I had this meter (which i can’t afford right now) 

I would think that Router manufacturers would be interested in implementing something like this with their product. Perhaps the same effect that Dorron showed could be affected with a much smaller OA, which could be housed inside the Router cabinet.

On a broader front, with applications to other situations, including energy generation, he wrote:

I'm friends with Karl Hans Welz, the actual inventor of Orgonite and the OG. He explained to me how to generate Orgone (not accumulate it). This info will help many inventors to make their own supply. If you create a moving magnetic field within a block of Orgonite, Orgone energy will be generated. 

Orgone energy has unlimited applications. All thoughts that manifest use Chi/Life-force/Orgone as the gasoline for the manifestation. Hence the use of it in all magik (action at a distance) operations! Also this guy has made some very relevant comments on this topic 

So Adding Oronite to magnet motors/gens will transform your machine into a OG. Cool! Best to use Beeswax instead of resin as BW never goes off and never emits DOR. 

You can reach Dorron via S: dorronski
email: dorron {at}

# # #


From: "Peter Turhede"
To: sterlingda
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:22 PM
Subject: About the "wifi shielder"


Hi, I read the article on the wifi-shielder. He does not use the right meter, so one can not know if the shielder really works.

The meter he is using measures electrical fields up to microwave frequencies, it does NOT measure microwave radiation. It is a big difference. If he had used a microwave meter he would have been able to pick up the wifi-signal from probably more than 100 meter or maybe 150 meter away with out the shielding.

The meter only measure close electrical fields and the prof of that is that the meter stop picking up any signal a short distance from the router. Or one can look up the meter online and read about it's specs. :)

I am my self an EHS person, having grave problems, I would be really trilled if this helps. I have over 4 years of knowledge and has work as an electrician for over 8 years and have knowledge in hobby electronics. I am also in the local board of directors for the nonprofit organization for EHS people in Sweden so I have a lot of contact with knowledge engineers and other people.

This is just to show that I know what I am talking about and what I address is very important to know if his device works or not.

Another important fact to remember, IF someone clams to have a device that change or neutralize the harmful microwave radiation then it is highly unlikely that one can make contact and exchange information with what is shielded. Because it is the INFORMATION in the carrier frequencies that cases health problems. That is why when research is don with simulated signal that does not contain any information then almost no health effects can be found, but when real signal are used that contain information then grave health effects are found.

/Best Regards Peter Turhede from Sweden

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Last updated November 03, 2015




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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