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You are here: > News > October 14, 2015; 4:55 GMT

GRAIN OF SALT: Keshe Plasma Energy Unit release

The Internet is abuzz with talk about a pending event in Rome, Italy on October 16, when Mehran Keshe plans to give sample plasma reactors to world ambassadors, as if this is the dawn of a new age of peace. Caution is called for, because Keshe exaggerates hugely and is significantly out of touch with reality.

"Always take him with a huge grain of salt, because he exaggerates hugely, but he is worth paying attention to, once you ignore the hype." -- comment to friend by Skype

Intro by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Internet is abuzz with talk about a pending event in Rome, Italy on October 16 at 6 pm, when Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation plans to give 1000 plasma reactors to world ambassadors+. They talk about this as if it is the end of concerns about energy, and the dawn of a new age.

I urge extreme filtering in these announcements. In the years I've been tracking Mehran Keshe, I've found him to be one of the biggest exaggerators out there. He talks way ahead of himself and doesn't point out that he's speaking of what MIGHT unfold, but talks almost as if it's already here. He talks about products that are ready to go when they are not -- not even close.

His "reality check" internal mechanism is almost non-functioning.

That said, it seems there is something to what he and his group are working on, and it shouldn't be entirely dismissed. But speaking of his group as well, there is a very strong "Kool-Aid" effect, where they all get into some kind of trance, being in awe of the claims, and a few things that have been demonstrated; but in reality, they are more like a cult than a sincere group of people who really have something. I can't think of another group that is more extreme in this regard. Not even close.

So, with that cautionary intro, here is a copy of the story that is being posted around, with some comments by me [in brackets].

Keshe Plasma Energy Unit Technology: Gasoline may drop below $1 by Christmas

Fri, October 9, 2015 by Steve Beckow

We are certainly living in interesting Times!!!

When Mehran Keshe gives his plasma reactors to the world’s ambassadors on October 16th in Rome, Italy gas price should begin to plummet. [They talk as if this thing is already available for delivery, when there is no manufacturing even set up yet. It takes years to get that online.] Italy has already ordered over 1,000,000 units. [Probably not an "order" but an indication of interest.] China is jumping on this with both feet. The Saudi Prince was told to stop filling oil tankers because he’ll have nowhere to sell it. [Total hype. There will be no competition for oil until mass production and distribution is actually set up, which it is not, which takes 18 months on an extreme fast track for normal products.]

Keshe says 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October. [This is absolutely ridiculously out of touch with reality.] This is divine activity being seen on a 3rd level. [A little woo woo mixed in, so you can put your brain in a jar and go on faith.] Obama was given a plasma unit on the 24th of September with the understanding that if America does not accept peace for energy, Keshe sends his patents out to the world. [Enter a little "the black ops are on their way out" sentiment, and now you've got people cheering for you even more.] The illuminati’s backs are against a very big wall. [Ditto.]

The rats in Washington, D.C. are still in shock and are looking for an escape with anonymity. [They probably have no idea this even exists, nor do they care if they are informed, as it isn't real yet.] It’s very exciting times and the RV is liable to happen before the meeting, for the currencies in the countries with oil may become even more worthless. [Total hype.]

I am assuming that only the Zimbabwe money may be able to hold up since it is loaded with more gold and diamonds in value, than all of the oil combined in Iraq. [Whatever.]

[Video] Mr. Keshe shows the final prototype of the Keshe Foundation Power Unit.

Fellow Earthlings, Keshe has come full circle for humanity with an invention called a ‘Plasma Energy Unit’. In this video, he explains how plasma is going to catapult us into the future we’ve been told that we have awaiting us. [Operative word: "going to", which is future, pending a lot of R&D and engineering, testing, certifications required before it can go commercial, which takes years for even non-controversial products.] I’m speaking of the future on which we are standing at the edge of a precipice. Keshe is virtually closing the gap completely on its arrival. [By make-believe promises as if its already here.] We have to wait no longer! [Don't hold your breath, it is likely to be a long wait.]

Here are some highlights of the 3 hour conference, one you will want to listen to again and again. [If you enjoy Keshe Kool Aid.]

It all starts with World Peace and includes space travel and world travel literally within minutes with no borders on any country. [In the future. It's a great vision, which we all hope can happen some day, soon, but don't think it's here now, because of Keshe.]

He has created a ‘Plasma Energy Power Unit’, and this technology is faster than the speed of light. [Theoretically; not experimentally proven that I know of.] He plans to use the Plasma Unit as leverage to bring about World Peace at the Peace Conference on October 16th in Rome, Italy. The only way that the representatives of every country can receive a unit is to agree to sign a World Peace Treaty. [Keshe admires the socialist United Nations, so don't get too excited about his overtures and conditions; as they are not that far removed from the New World Order cabal that is threatening freedom worldwide. He refers to Obama as "His Excellency."]

I believe that this could well be the culmination of the people of the world praying, meditating and calling for WORLD PEACE all of these years, coming to fruition through Keshe’s invention. [This sentiment is a primary ingredient of the Keshe Kool Aid -- very enticing, putting people into a trance of fealty, putting their discernment aside.]

Some of the benefits of the Plasma Power unit are as follows:

The unit is designed specifically to be affordable to every person on the planet. For a cost of $200 every home can generate power and not be reliant on power companies. [I'm extremely skeptical about this claim for several reasons: 1) How much power can it produce? 2) Can it adjust to load changes? 3) Can it produce clean sine wave power? 4) Has it been properly tested for consumer use and abuse? 5) Has it gone through the certification process?] For those who cannot afford the unit, funding will be available from many sources around the world.

We will be able to maintain a heating as well as cooling system in our homes. It will maintain a consistent room temperature always [this is worded as if they have now produced a heating/cooling system that will maintain a set room temperature; which technology is not simple and requires a huge amount of R&D, testing, certification, etc.] and does not require a cooling system itself.

There will also be a unit available for our cars saving thousands of dollars of fuel costs. [Huge grain of salt. Great amount of R&D, testing, refinement, interfacing, certification required before this becomes a reality -- years.] There will be no more need for crude oil! He is urging the sale of oil to cease as it will no longer be needed. [As if they are all ready to go with millions of units per state around the world -- NOT!!!]

Neither will there be need for a backup generator. [If you don't like redundancy. Why do you think the human body has two eyes, two ears, etc. Nature tells us redundancy is a good idea.] There is no copyright and it cannot be copyrighted.

This is the answer to helping our climate change expeditiously cleaner. [This is one of many emerging clean energy solutions that look promising, but 1) it's not here yet, 2) it's not the only solution.]

We have been hearing over the years from people such as Sheldon Nidle that we will become Galactic Citizens and be able to travel the Universe. Until now, no one has explained how.

Sheldon also specifically explained that we will be able to travel across the world via ‘Teleporters’, literally within minutes…again, no explanation until how. Sheldon mentioned in one of his seminars that he’d actually seen the unit and it resembled an enclosed TV cabinet. The way Sheldon described how it worked is precisely the way Keshe explains how the Plasma Unit works. [Another gulp of Kool Aid.]

If you research Plasma, you will find that it plays a very important role in our body as well as the role it plays in our Universe. [True; but that doesn't mean it's understood well enough to now power our world.]

Keshe reminds us that the result of our interaction with the plasma depends on our vibration as…it is ambient. In essence, we can communicate with the unit. [Another gulp of Kool Aid. Sean McGuinness adds: (Besides, if you’re in a bad mood, ill or just received bad news, would you want to chance that your power would diminish or turn off altogether?)]

So October 16th 2015 is a very important date for Humanity. [Hype] It may very well mark a point in ‘time’ for the change we have been working toward for centuries – and it’s finally arrived because we are ready. [Not yet.]

Keshe repeatedly says it doesn’t matter whether a country will sign the Peace Treaty because the units will go out worldwide regardless. Keshe says that within the next 6 to 12 months our world will have changed dramatically for the better as manufacturing will have created enough units for the entire world. [And he was saying 5 years ago that we'd be able to travel to the moon in one of his devices within a few months.]

So….cheers! Here’s to our future. We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Many Galactics have continually said they cannot do the work for us. [Hype]

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Keshe! [All hail to the hype hero.]

Speaking of Keshe Kool Aid, here's a sampling of a major guilt trip he lays on his audience. At time stamp 52:50, Keshe says:

"The problem now sits with you [and] how you apply this technology. Be just with it, and be correct, [and] you will enjoy it. Be unjust with it, [and] it will punish you beyond your imagination. ...Remember, plasma reads your thoughts [and amplifies them]."  [Sean McGuinness comments: (So if, say, murderers were to get a hold of one of these units, does that mean it will amplify their bad intentions and give them more negative (evil) power? Sounds to me as if war around the world will just continue, though now just on a new, hyper-elevated level. Sounds like only Zen Masters should have these things. Lol.)]


Here's a little feedback I got by email:

From: "Randal Gross"
To: sterlingda...
Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2015 9:41 PM
Subject: Grain of Salt: Keshe Plasma Energy Unit Release

I just wanted to say Thank You for your voice of reason in that article about the Keshe Plasma Energy Unit. 

I saw a version of the original article first on Oct. 16, and was awed by the implications of it. So I went looking for more information about the Peace Conference in Rome on that day, because I had heard nothing in any news broadcast or on any news website, and I found - nothing. So I started searching for stories about the Keshe Plasma Energy Unit, and after several other postings of the story, eventually found your disclaiming article. Thank you for posting that. I wish the source that I had originally read the story on had done more research first, and so sent them your story too. I Hate the disinformation on the web. I resent having to check sources and alternative sources because those publishing articles online are not so responsible.

# # #

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Last updated December 19, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)


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