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You are here: > News > September 9, 2015; 6:30 pm MDT

Does Geoffrey Miller's "Home Depot FE Unit" Offer Last Chance to Avert Societal Meltdown?

Energybat Labs is nearly done with a generator that uses off-the-shelf parts -- including magnet wire remaining on the spool it comes with. How would this impact society IF you could buy parts for around $300 to build a simple 1 kW home power system? How much of a good ripple effect could be created from the hope this could inspire? 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I'm on my flight back from Philadelphia, where we (Jay Pavasia and I) just spent a week visiting with Geoffrey Miller, as well as Mike Waters.

Of course, there is a lot I can say about the trip: what we saw, the conversations we had, the proposals we considered.

Personal Human Flight

Mike has an extremely exciting human flight technology that could finally get us to where so many of us thought we would have been long before now, not to mention the many free energy technologies with which he's involved.

As for Geoff, I have to say that overall, I was quite disappointed in what he presented.

Geoff with his self-contained, 500-Watt solar design.

Plug-and-Play Solar Generator

Along the lines of conventional free energy, Geoff does have an excellent stand-alone solar generator (500 W and 1.5 kW), which combines a photovoltaic panel, Prius batteries, an inverter, and several plug varieties. It does need to be tested to see how the batteries will hold up under the kind of heat that solar panels encounter. He thinks it would hold up just fine, as those batteries are designed to withstand such heat. Maybe so, but I'd want to see the spec sheets from such testing. It also would need to be tested to see how long it could put out its rated power, versus solar exposure time needed to recharge the system. But if he's right, essentially, his set-up is ready for mass production.


He also has the Pull-Out he came up with years ago, which is ready for mass production, and could finance the other projects he's working on. It's basically a tool cabinet that rolls off a truck bed, with legs that come down so the cabinet can roll around for use, off the truck. That would be a sure success in the U.S. market.

"Powering His Lab"

The reason Jay and I went to visit him was to see what he claimed to have along the lines of working exotic free energy devices. In particular, he told me he was running his lab on his larger, modified Bedini wheel. 

It turns out that "powering his lab" amounted to a few LED lights of about 10 Watts each, strung around the place (though the LEDs only pull 10 Watts, their brightness is roughly comparable to a 60-Watt incandescent bulb), a radio, and maybe turning on the drill press for a few seconds occasionally, amounting to around 100 Watts total (with the drill turning, unloaded). When we ran our test, we put an additional load of a 300-Watt light bulb on the system.

Below the cabinet top, he had two sets of two deep cycle 6-volt batteries in series, which he rotated, so one set would be charging while the other set was hooked up to a 5 kW inverter. There were also two smaller dry-cell batteries up top involved in keeping the wheel turning. What I measured/observed, in two 1-hour tests, was that the battery set powering the inverter reduced in voltage by much more (about 4-5x) than the battery set being recharged from the Bedini set-up was going up. Ditto for the two batteries up top. That is not a solid comparison, because we didn't have a calibration to know how many joules the decrease and increase represented, but it gave us a general idea of what was happening, and that the system was not self-sustaining at that power output.

Twenty-four hours later, we did see that the batteries down below were higher than the day before, consistent with Geoff's claim that they continue to go up, even after the system is turned off. And the day after that, he told us they had gone up even more.

Geoff claimed that he had been "running his lab" for about 1.5 weeks before we arrived, using this system. But it could be argued that with the small load he had, the batteries could sustain that, without anything exotic going on.

The bottom line is that, in my opinion, his demonstration was not unambiguous. And even if it was successful, the amount of power he was producing to "run his lab", being less than even 100 Watts, is nothing to get excited about, given the complexity and size of the equipment involved. It wouldn't be competing with Solar, for example, with the device cost per watts produced.

Other Demos

Geoff had also told me that he had built four new devices since I was there two months ago. When I asked for a description, he said something to the effect, "I'd prefer not to describe them over the phone. You can see them when you get here."

But none of those four were actually functioning. They all were mostly "99% done", lacking a coil, or some other last piece of required material.

The demonstration he gave of his Newman motor was likewise unimpressive. The input versus output was clearly under-unity, not over-unity. Ditto for his CEACU demonstration. He said that will require a properly machined container and other equipment before it will be overunity. The Newman motor may have been overunity in its past configurations, but it was not overunity in the demonstration he showed us.


All told, this trip to see Geoff is the archetypal case of over-promising and under-delivering. Our expectations had been set quite high in making the trip. What we saw was not impressive in terms of a demonstration of worth-while, working hardware.

That said, I do think that Geoff deserves kudos in several regards. He should be credited for all he has been able to do, notwithstanding the tiny budget, limited resources, cramped quarters, uncomfortable conditions that he has had to work with. He should be credited with his willingness to sacrifice the comforts of life in order to pursue his dream. To hear him talk about what he sees these various technologies he has built being capable of once they are done, is impressive (though without an actual demonstrator, those are just words). 

As far as accomplishments, he also deserves significant credit for his Pull-Out design. That is a winner, though its going nowhere all these years is commentary about his not finishing what he starts before he moves on to something else. Ditto for the Newman motor, which he built ~30 years ago.

In his defense, my take on this is that the reason Geoff has not produced a clear demonstrator after all these years is that the planet is not yet ready for these exotic free energy devices. As I've said many times, we get the government and the energy we deserve; and right now, because of the wickedness/corruption we've sown as a civilization, we deserve the tyranny we are getting. Free energy is all about freedom, and right now, we don't deserve freedom as a people. Until we turn back to God and goodness, we won't deserve freedom.

So, applied to Geoff, it has been my opinion that the reason he doesn't finish these devices has a lot to do with the angels holding him back. They inspire him to go only so far, then he goes on to develop the next thing, then the next. That way, there are a bunch of things close to being ready, and when society has the needed awakening, then he will be prompted to finally start finishing these things. 

He doesn't really look at it that way. His reasons are more down-to-earth. His reasons are worded more along the lines of: "Given how cramped things are here, when I clear a way for the lathe, then I keep it out and do all the lathe work for the various devices, then I put the lathe away." So he's working on the collection of devices, a little at a time, moving them all forward, incrementally.

Pulley on the side of the "Home Depot Unit."

Top view shows the large coils on the right and left.

Introducing Geoff's "Home Depot Unit"

One of the devices Geoff built since I was there two months ago is something he calls the "Home Depot unit," because the idea is that you could go down to Home Depot and get all the parts and build it. The most intriguing part of this design is that rather than wind his hollow core coils separately, he uses an entire spool of magnet wire as it comes, off the shelf, and then inserts his hollow sheet metal core into the middle of the spool. "Why wind a coil when you can do this?" he reasoned.

He has four of these coils situated around a rotary section which has flat magnets around it.

Also on the inside of the cabinet is a small motor which he envisions keeping the system turning once it is up to speed, via a pulley, powered by one of the four coils. So one coil would keep the system running, and three would provide usable power -- is the idea.

What was intriguing about his design is how easy it is to turn by hand fast enough to light the ~10-Watt LED bulb (comparable in brightness to a ~60-Watt incandescent). The bulb would start lighting at maybe 30 rpm, spinning the pulley with just one finger extended from your rotating arm. (See the section below about Karl's replication of Geoff's "Wattless Generator.")

Geoff plans to bring the system up to speed with another motor, then disengage that motor once the smaller motor takes over to keep it up to speed. He's not sure how much power it will generate, but thinks it could be as high as in the one kilowatt range.

That design is one he is talking about open sourcing. (I recommend the open license model in which anyone who goes commercial with this remit a 5% royalty to Geoff, whether it be selling plans, translations, kits, components, completed units, installation, maintenance, franchises, etc...). And it would cost maybe $300 to get all the parts, and it would be easy enough to build that it would be within the ability of most people to put together.

Imagine the ramifications of a ~1 kW home power system that simple and that inexpensive.

The hope factor alone could be huge, in this world that is in melt-down mode.

By the way, there's nothing that says we have to wait for Geoff to finish his before giving this a try.

A Lot of Ifs

Yes, I know, there are a lot of ifs here. We're not sure if that small motor will be enough to keep the system running. We're not sure if the motor to keep the system running can actually be powered by just one of the four coils. We don't know what kind of inverter will be needed to convert the output of the three remaining coils into something that could be used by conventional devices.

And the biggest IF: we don't know if Geoff will finish his prototype in enough time to intercede before Earthlings cross over the line of stepping off the precipice of no return to the New World Order police state that has been engineered by the centuries-old cabal that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all mankind.

Economic Meltdown

For as long as I've been aware of the conspiracy, this total economic meltdown and the subsequent police state to manage the societal unrest, has been in their plans as the milestone turning point that solidifies their control. At least that is how I've understood it, as articulated in puzzle pieces by people like Alex Jones, Ron and Rand Paul, David Icke, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Lindsey Williams, and many others. They don't word it exactly that way, but what they say does boil down to something along those lines.

A lot of people are pointing to later this month as being the likely crisis turning point, many of them seeing Jonathan Cahn's, 7-year Shemitah cycle, that lands on Sept. 28 this year, as being a compelling marker to keep an eye on.

We Don't Have to Fall

Part of Jonathan's message is that what happens on these Shemitah cycles is a function of the state of the people. The severity of the fall is a function of the severity of the departure from God. Or if people have turned to God, the extent of goodness that can happen on that cycle is likewise proportional.

Today, I listened to Alex Jones' opening remarks from a September 7 broadcast titled The Global Elites' Takedown Of The West Launches, in which he told his audience something along these very lines: "Turn to Jehovah or be destroyed." It sounded like the ravings of the archetypal crazy prophet, but he was dead serious, and right on target. That video already has over 60,000 views.

Intercession of FE Community

Here is where my pitch to the Exotic Free Energy community comes in.

Will you help Geoff finish his Home Depot Unit in time? Send him brief messages of encouragement (e.g. in the comments below). Send him donations.

His immediate need is for about $7k to cover back rent, get the transmission on his car fixed, and other expenses.

The last time I was there, and did a series of stories on what he has, he only received one donation, for $20. No one asked him about his hollow core coil. The response was underwhelming to say the least.

Bear in mind that Geoff and I did not have any conversation along the lines of what I'm presenting here, both regarding timing and regarding pitching in. 

This plea isn't coming from Geoff, it's coming from me. 

Geoff was hoping that Jay might step up and fund things for him. However, like me, Jay was not impressed by what we were shown by Geoff. It was a let down and felt like a waste of time, for the most part. We both have had our fill of "If only I had x, then this would work as I envision it to."

Jay may pitch in some money to help Geoff, but Jay wants to see something significant demonstrated before stepping up to help on the level Geoff wants (to move into a new lab with more space, etc...).

Geoff as a Touchstone

Where this is coming from for me is a realization I had when I woke up this morning. Yes, it's frustrating that Geoff's demonstrations during this trip were a let-down. But maybe he is a touchstone for something much bigger. Maybe he represents an opportunity for us to see whether we will rally as a body. 

Maybe his lack of performance is a reflection of where we as a people are coming from as a whole -- not just the exotic free energy community, but society at large. We are not rising to what God intends for us. We are being half-hearted in our approach to getting things done to rise up to our full potential, including doing effective things to route the conspiracy.

Exotic Free Energy Community as a Touchstone

What would happen if enough of you in our audience were to rally to Geoff's support? What are the chances that this could result in Geoff actually finishing the Home Depot Unit in a few days? -- soon enough to have that announcement go viral on the planet, to instill people with hope for a better world -- for jobs, for clean energy, for affordable energy, for solutions that can render the corrupt powers that be obsolete. 

We don't need their oil any morel we don't need their control over us. We can now rise up into our goodness. It's power to the people, literally and figuratively.

What kind of message would that send to the angels watching over things on behalf of God, if we rallied to this cause? How might that message help to mitigate the severity of what is coming down, if not turn it away all together?

Is it possible that a handful of exotic free energy enthusiasts championing Geoff to help him finish his demo to open source, might have this widespread effect? What if it rose to a few dozen? What if a few hundred people responded? Could it even get up to a few thousand? (I assure you Geoff would find plenty of beneficial uses of such support.) 

If you don't think the actions and righteous aspirations of a few can impact the whole, remember the "ripple effect," remember the "hundredth monkey" effect.

At a minimum, the preppers would be very grateful for this info (once we get a working system).

Like, Act, Share

I know, you are used to people wanting their campaigns to go viral -- "pass it on." But I would argue that of all the various causes and campaigns you've encountered in your life, this one could rank up there as being among the most far-reaching in its potential impact for good -- for the well-being of the planet, for the emergence of a better, freer world. The actions of a few really could have a huge impact.

Chip in a few dollars. Send Geoff your encouragement. It certainly isn't going to hurt anything.

# # # - Geoff's official site

Appendix A: Karl Zimka's Replication of Geoff's Wattless Generator

On September 7, Karl Zimmer, of Philadelphia, who is part of the Keppe group, and who I introduced to Geoff following my last visit to Philadelphia, was over at Geoff's lab installing some very high-powered neodymium magnets in a replica he made of Geoff's "Wattless Generator." Today, he sent the following messages regarding this.

From: "Col. Zimka"
To: Sterling Allan 
Cc: jay, "Geoffrey S. Miller"
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 6:51 AM
Subject: Re: Recent meeting with Karl and Geoffrey

Hi Sterling and Jay,

Yesterday, while at Geoffrey's lab, my friend, Tim and I were putting together an over-unity generator that Geoffrey helped design almost 18 years ago. You can see that unit's design here. This design uses air core coils in the design. While Tim and I were there we turned the generator by-hand as fast as we could and it generated no more than 1.7 volts AC. Today we installed Geoffrey's tube cores in those coils and again spun the unit as fast as we could by hand. Anyone care to guess what the output of voltage was?

Write me back for the answer.



From: Col. Zimka 
To: Jawahar Pavasia ; Sterling Allan 
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 6:03 AM
Subject: Re: Recent meeting with Karl and Geoffrey

Hi Jay and Sterling,

The output before the steel tubes were inserted into the coils was 1.7 volts at the highest. After installing the steel tubes - IF the output was double that, the output would have been 3.4 volts. If it was 4-times that, the voltage would have been 6.8 volts AC. The voltage showed to be 8 volts AC...over 4 times the initial output. That's significant because the shaft wasn't any harder to turn than with the air coils. Geoffrey appears to have this type of insight into many "things electro-magnetic".

Within three days I'll have a 1/2 horsepower motor hooked up to the generator. With just the air coils, the output should be around 2,000 watts. I'll let you know the results.

It was a great pleasure to have met you both (again). [...]

Warm regards,

Karl Zimmer

From: Col. Zimka 
To: Jawahar Pavasia ; Sterling Allan 
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 6:54 AM
Subject: Re: Recent meeting with Karl and Geoffrey


This will allow you to use a much lower power input electrical motor to run a generator. Instead of needing to use a 1 HP motor to run X-size generator, you may be able to use a 1/3 HP motor for the same electrical output.



From: Col. Zimka 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: draft story

Hi Sterling,

Your article seems to be an accurate assessment in my opinion. 

For my AC generator, though the tube-core coil appeared to be significant when turning the fuelless generator by hand, when running it at full-tilt (about 1,800 rpm) it only produced 168 volts AC - and the current seemed to be rather low too. Not too exciting for me or Tim. From a design perspective, I prefer to generate DC, not AC. That could be the whole issue with this unit in its current set-up. I'll be sending a note to Geoffrey next on this exact issue.

Thanks for your patience and friendship,


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