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You are here: > News > August 12, 2015; 7:15 pm MDT

Keshe timeline of lack of success

Documenting M.T. Keshe's long thread of promises of delivery with postponements and no delivery, ultimately, for previous products announced. Buyer beware of his newest product announcement, for which he is taking payment, but hasn't delivered any product yet, for it is not made yet.

Intro by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I should give a caveat regarding my own bias regarding Mehran T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation. The last story I published about them was titled: Is repentance not in Keshe's world view? He has not issued any kind of retraction or apology for his shunning of me, against principles of Christianity, which require us to be willing to forgive, lest we not be forgiven ourselves. He's building up some bad Karma.

That said, I will say that I think that this email I received from my friend, Clay Graner, a contractor with NASA (who was forwarding it from someone else), goes a bit too extreme in its conclusions that we will never see anything of substance materialize from Keshe and his team. Despite Keshe's weaknesses, I do expect them to come up with some great stuff -- though I certainly agree that he needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt -- but not discarded. When he says something, you can divide by 10 and be closer to reality. He's a dreamer, and he talks as though his dream is already here, when it isn't yet, but is only in process of emerging.

He and his team are drinking some pretty heavy cultish CoolAid, but it's not deadly poisonous, just fogs their connection to reality.

Lest you want to dismiss Clay's perspective because he's from NASA, which is a superficial front for the black budget UFO program, so their main function is disinformation, not truth; let me remind you of 1) compartmentalization; and 2) my experience with Clay shows him to be a sincere seeker of legitimate exotic free energy technologies.

Here is the message Clay forwarded.

Keshe is not exactly “selling” these devices. He is taking orders and money. The situation is quite similar to his “3-4 kw plasma generators”, which he started “selling” in 2011, and never delivered. He delayed the delivery about 15 times over several years, until most people forgot about the topic. I kept explicit track of the first 8 delays (source links for the quotes can be found in the second forum thread linked to below):

Keshe originally announced these generators in April 2011:

The Foundation submits for sale as of today for delivery early next year [2012] the following:

Portable 3-4 KW power systems on DC and AC 24 hours a day supply for the value of 5000 euros.

(Keshe on 04/11/2011)

Later he postponed the delivery from early 2012 to December 2012 (1st delay). He repeatedly confirmed this date throughout 2012, until December 21st (2nd delay):

[W]e have redesigned and corrected a number of systems in the reactor in order to comply with all international laws with respect to the use and safety of the systems.

Because of these adjustments, we have to delay the delivery of the systems by 45-60 days from 31.12.2012.

(Keshe on 12/21/2012)

He didn’t keep this date (about end of February) either (3rd delay):

Due to delivery from suppliers for some parts of the new [vacuum] seal systems we are behind the testing and releasing the generators.

Once we receive the newly manufactured parts in the second week of March from the manufactures: It will take us another 15 to 30 days to test and finally release the generators.

(Keshe on 02/26/2013)

He didn’t keep this date (about mid April) either (4th delay):

The non-nuclear reactor that is the basis of the power generator was received from the manufacturers this week.

The reactor will be put through the setting and start-up processes in the next 2- 3 weeks.

Following this the Foundation starts the full testing of the new system and during this phase starts developing the plasma in the core using the non-nuclear material core.

We will report the results to the forum by the end of May.

(Keshe on 04/17/2013)

At this point he stops talking about an actual delivery date (although he was allegedly already in the mass production phase months before, and has collected tens of thousands of Euros in deposit payments) and promises only “test results”.

He didn’t keep this date (end of May) either (5th delay):

Actually in next four weeks we should be going into the test mode, and about three, four weeks later we should be able to show, I hope, the first video.

(Keshe on 05/22/2013)

He didn’t keep this date (about mid July) either (6th delay):

The reactor is now going through initial testing and then test for full load will start in the coming weeks.

We should be able to confirm the testing process, results and the working of the systems with release of videos in the next 6-8 weeks.

(Keshe on 07/19/2013)

He didn’t keep this date (about mid September) either (7th delay):

The work with the new non- nuclear reactor for production of energy starts today after 4 weeks of redesigning the reactor systems.

We shall post the results in the coming weeks.

(Keshe on 10/17/2013)

The term “coming weeks” is rather vague, but a timeframe of about one to four weeks would probably be a reasonable association. A timeframe of more than two months is IMO definitely not covered by the colloquial meaning of “coming weeks” (among other things because it is already in the range of “coming months”). Therefore:

He didn’t keep this date (about mid November) either (8th delay):

The Keshe Foundation will make full disclosure about test results and the delivery of the non-nuclear power generator on 19,12,2013.

I hope all will be satisfied with our disclosure about power generator.

(Keshe on 11/19/2013)

As I mentioned above, this continued a couple of more times, until most people forgot about the topic. There never was an actually working generator.

The same will happen with the new systems. The delays and excuses will probably start around the end of September.

Keshe will never deliver any working technology (beyond worthless toys like his “CO2 capture kit”), because he doesn’t have any. He doesn’t have the slightest clue of science, and his theories are utter nonsense. In 2012 he imposed his legendary “USB stick” on a couple of countries (around 20) via their embassies in Belgium. The content of this very USB-Stick, allegedly containing all or at least the key parts of Keshe’s miraculous secret knowledge, was finally published in 2014. It turned out to be completely worthless, as all of Keshe’s pseudoscientific ideas. Nobody accomplished anything with it.

People seem to forget Keshe’s past blunders quite quickly. I recommend reading these two extensive threads about his history:

Not covered in these threads is Keshe’s most remarkable blunder: Declaring himself the Messiah in April 2014. It amazes me that anyone is believing his fantasy stories after that.

Keshe’s world is built on lies and delusions. Enter to your own detriment.

# # #

Featured Comment:

At ~9;45 pm MDT, lantern wrote:

Hi Sterling, I sincerely think you should research more and take opinions from more sources before you jump to any conclusion. There're reasons why Keshe broke the promises, and I'm sure you know better than I do who is behind the resistance.

I strongly suggest you take a look at this public group of the research community in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan focusing on Keshe's science. And you should contact the main host of the group called Vincent Leung to learn more about the legitimacy of Keshe's science. The folks there have done quite a bit of experiments to validate some of Keshe's claims. 

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