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You are here: > News > August 1, 2015

ERR 800 kW Power Station Project Booklet

In addition to giving a snapshot of where they are at presently in rolling this out, Dr. James B. Schwartz (Ben) of The Noah’s Ark Foundation, gives a description of the theory behind why the system works. They have built many smaller versions of this solid state design.

900W generator displayed in ERR Co.'s brochure.
900W generator, displayed in ERR Co.'s 2002 brochure. They manufactured 20,000 of these, which were confiscated by the Japanese government.

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

We've received an update from Dr. James B. Schwartz (Ben) of The Noah’s Ark Foundation, inventor of the ERR Fluxgenerator that harvests unseen energy from the environment in a manner not dissimilar from solar photovoltaic panels.

He's stuck with the quest, notwithstanding many set-backs, including an attempt on his life. I'm grateful he's hung in there, notwithstanding the planet not seeming like a very willing place for things that can make a profound difference for good. 

It's in docx format, for you to download, titled:

In addition to giving a snapshot of where they are at presently in rolling this out, it includes a description of the theory behind why the system works.

Here is an excerpt with some highlights:

ERR Power Station Project

This is the new home of my 800,000 Watt ERR POWER STATION PROJECT. Due to very strict security, its location is confidential. 


New Experimental 800,000 Watt Prototype, 16 Chambers Back to Back

Construction time: 8 to 10 months

Safety tests: Will depend on UL Approval 

Information sheet for the ERR Power Station Project

For many years I have been experimenting with many new materials that support fluxing wave propagation in ways that are not observed in nature. Other research teams around the world are doing similar experiments that also backup this theory. I have been able to create materials that support this type of effect for light and electromagnetic waves. Even some physicists are starting to challenge what was thought to be the basic laws of nature. Many of the hard-nosed skeptics are finding it increasingly more difficult to disprove the left-hand rule and its effect on different kinds of materials.

In nature, all materials seem to obey the right-hand rule. The fingers of the right hand represent the waves of the electric field, and when you curl the fingers around to the base of the hand, this represents the magnetic field; the outstretched thumb indicates the direction of the flow of power.

The Left Hand Rule shows what happens when charged particles (such as electrons in a current) enter a magnetic field. You need to contort your hand in an unnatural position for this rule, illustrated below. As you can see, if your index finger points in the direction of a magnetic field, and your middle finger, at a 90 degree angle to your index, points in the direction of the charged particle (as in an electrical current), then your extended thumb (forming an L with your index) points in the direction of the force exerted upon that particle. This rule is also called Fleming's Left Hand Rule, after English electronics pioneer John Ambrose Fleming, who came up with it.

Back in 1968 a Russian theorist; V.G. Veselago had predicted that new materials could be engineered to interact with our environment, which is just the opposite of how natural materials react. In 2000, researchers at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) confirmed this, creating what's known as the first "left-handed" material. A special team at UCSD created material that caused fields to move to the left even though the electromagnetic energy moved to the right. The light waves produced in this material also produced an inverted Doppler effect. Researchers at MIT and the University of Delaware, is also exploring left-handed media.

We are now discovering that the things we held to be inviolable can in fact, be violated under certain conditions. Many research teams are already able to build structures that support this theory.

Much of my research over the past 17 years has proved that these new kinds of materials can cause different affects when it comes to magnetic fields. I’m already using left-handed material in my ERR (Electromagnetic Radiation Receiver) experiments. I’ve proven this theory with my ERR prototype. Even though some of us have proven the left-hand theory, no one seems to want to admit that we have disproved one of the sacred laws of nature. 

A special frequency generator is used to induce a series of alternating Flux Frequencies to create a flow of electrons. This theory is still in the experimental stages so we still have a lot of research and testing for safety and other factors. 

The secret is in the special materials in the Plates and how the coils are activated inside the Plates. 

We will not be releasing any blueprints or technical information due to the strict security of this project. These simple drawings and information is not enough for other research organizations to copy our technology. 

We still need to build our first large scale prototype and test it over a period of time to make sure it’s safe before we can get our UL Approval. The smaller model worked very well but we don’t know how the bigger one will work until it’s built and tested.

This Flux Power Station is designed to have an output of at least 800,000 Watts, with a possibility of one Mega-Watt. Since my new plate design has never been tested on this size plate, we cannot be sure of its exact output, we are also developing some new left-handed materials that could possible increase the output by as much as 2 to 4 times in the very near future. Until then we can still increase the wattage output by just adding more Flux Power Chambers. Each Power Chamber has an output of at least 50,000 to 80,000 watts.

The copper and fiberglass tracks with all the electrical contacts where the Flux Plates slide into place will be built in our machine shop. After the chambers are finished and the cement is cured, the tracks will be bolted into place. The cement work will take about 3 to 4 weeks to finish the 16 chambers. By then the first 32 tracks will be ready to install. Each Flux Power Plate as it’s finished will be slid into place and tested to make sure it’s making proper contact. After all of the 160 Flux Power Plates have been slid into place and tested, we can bolt the airtight chamber vault door into place. Then we will be ready to test the o-rings with a vacuum pump. After the chamber has passed the vacuum test we can pressure-rise the chamber to 1.5 psi with a special gas. Then the first chamber will be ready to go on line. 

The new Flux Power Plates should be pretty well maintenance free for many years. As we develop newer and better Power Plates the older Plates can be easily replaced by shutting down one chamber at a time. After the frequency generator is shut down going to that chamber then the cover can be removed exposing the plates. If the new Flux Power Plates are the same thickness then the old plates are simply slid out and the new plates slid into place. If the new plates are thicker or thinner then the tracks will need to be replaced. After replacing the plates the o-rings on the vault door is replaced and the cover is bolted back on. After the chamber has been vacuum tested and there are no leaks, then the chamber can be pressurized and the frequency generator turned on. After output is tested then the chamber is ready to be put back on line. 


Empty chamber with top and bottom track. 


Each power chamber contains 10 Flux Power Plate Assembles with top and bottom Plexiglas tracks. The bottom track has a total of 70 copper contacts that connects to the bottom of the Flux Power Plate, 7 to each Plate. 


This is the wiring diagram from the bottom track going to the junction box in each chamber.

# 4

Each Ceramic Flux Power Plate contains 5 Coil Plates; each Coil Plate contains 144 Flux Coils. A fully assembled Flux Power Plate has a total of 720 Flux Power Coils. 


Each chamber has an air tight high amperage power output for each chamber.


Since the MFG produces DC power the same as solar panels it needs to be converted to AC before it’s sent to the grid system. Large DC motors can be used as the prime movers to power AC generators. This is a very cheap and efficient way of converting DC to AC

A special integrated magnetic resonant power converter is used to stabilize the DC Flux power output. Below are drawings showing the technical aspects of the converter.

Continued at 


More Excerpt:

Some of the most important materials in the ERR Technology


Of all the metals, it is the most naturally diamagnetic, and only mercury has a lower thermal conductivity. When deposited in sufficiently thin layers on a substrate, bismuth is a semiconductor. Due to its extraordinarily long half-life, for nearly all applications bismuth can be treated as if it is stable and non-radioactive. However, the radioactivity is of academic interest because bismuth is one of few elements whose radioactivity was suspected, and indeed theoretically predicted, before being detected in the laboratory.


Graphene has become one of the hottest subjects of physics research, has let experimenters create the first images of small, individual atoms such as hydrogen. As if that weren’t enough, a second group of scientist’s claims graphene is the strongest material known, adding to its already record-breaking status as the thinnest.

Graphene is an ultra-thin—just one atom thick—layer of ordinary graphite, the form of carbon used as the writing material in pencils. Graphene grabbed the scientific community’s attention starting in 2005 when researchers reported exotic electronic behavior in the material. For instance, in graphene, electrons—the subatomic particles that carry electric charge—act as though they are weightless. Graphene’s surprising attributes have made researchers view it as a possibly ideal material for use in minuscule electronic devices.


Magnesium's characteristics are similar to its sister metal, aluminum. It not only has the lowest density of all the metal elements, making it the lightest, but it is also very strong, highly resistant to corrosion, easily machinable and a great electron carrier. 

Special made electromagnetic coil to help stabilize the flux power output.

Due to the solar wind from our sun, energy is constantly hitting the earth. This shows how ions and electrons strike the earth. Energy is present all around us, we are only now learning how to us it. The time has come to stop polluting our planet; it’s the only place we have to live. There is abundant energy all around us that we can use without burning fossil fuels that pollute our planet. 

Continued at 

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Dec. 31, 2010
Last updated October 09, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)


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