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You are here: > News > July 31, 2015; 9:15 pm MDT

SHT's former CEO, Konstantine Balakirian, a Soviet disinformation expert

Hakop Aganyan (Jack), left, is Founder and President of SHT (brother at right). Konstantine, co-founder, is shown in the middle, at the Defense Energy Summit.

When he was fired, Konstantine confessed that he had been one of the best disinformation experts. He's the one who put forth the misleading explanation last year that the copious hydrogen production was coming from a transmutation of oxygen to hydrogen, and said that the chemical portion accounted for maybe 2.1%.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I need to preface this story by letting you know, clearly, that in publishing this, I am violating an injunction to keep confidential information provided to me by Jack Aganyan, founder of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc, who disclosed it to me last week, under those conditions. 

When he told me what it was, I inquired why he wanted to keep it confidential. It seemed to me to be crucial information that should be made known.

He reminded me forcefully that if I violated his trust on this, that he would not be disclosing any more privileged information to me, and he wouldn't be able to trust me. He didn't say this, but I also got the feeling from his intensity that if I violated his request that PES could lose its position with SHT as the preferred news outlet for sharing future breakthrough announcements.

Today, as I was writing this story, he called me regarding another question that I asked, and I told him that I was writing this story. He implored me not to do it. He doesn't want to jeopardize relationships, business reputation, and potentially the livelihood of six families. Konstantine has been a family friend for 45 years.

For context, here are the two back-to-back blockbuster stories we posted last weekend, which stirred up a hornets nest behind the scenes.

I was getting all kinds of information from both sides as they spat at each other. In the end, the guys at SHT gave me a toast, while Konstantine said he wouldn't contact me any more. If you saw the earlier version of the story, you could see why the guys at SHT were giving me a toast. I had backed way down in my anger at them, and in seeking to see things from their vantage point, I could sort of see why they were portraying things the way that they were. They had been seeing all kinds of anomalies, and didn't know how to describe them or explain them. The amount of hydrogen they were getting was way beyond what any one methodology (e.g. chemical) could explain. Nevertheless, I do have to say that I am extremely frustrated with them for over a year of portraying their system as being as high as 1300+ times overunity, when their calculation of COP did not take the chemical contribution into account at all. I have a hard time not seeing this as them having a hidden battery that they've not been telling us about. They do have a tremendous breakthrough, but I don't care for how they've held back a crucial piece of information.

Today, it took me nearly three hours to go back through the stories we've done, to post a disclaimer/errata notice, both in the stories, and to make changes in the bullet descriptions.

On July 26, 2015, it was made known to us that the SHT reaction is primarily chemical, using aluminum plates exposed to water to produce hydrogen and aluminum oxide (plus more). So all prior representations of "overunity" are erroneously depicted, because they only accounted for the electrical input and the hydrogen output, and do not account for the aluminum/water expendable fuel input. That said, SHT's symphony of 16 processes that facilitate the production of hydrogen, including by enabling the aluminum plates to stay exposed to water and not be covered with a film of aluminum oxide to prevent further reaction, is indeed a significant breakthrough toward enabling the hydrogen economy, and appears to include some exotic processes.

But that, alone, is not why I'm defecting and breaching Jack's trust and playing whistleblower -- whistleblower, in this case, given that I'm sharing privileged, inside information, which sharing will have consequences for me and PES.

The driving reason is my conscience. It just seems blatantly obvious to me that this information should be disclosed publicly. There are some valuable lessons to be learned from this, and Konstantine needs to be exposed for what he is and what he has done. My conscience will not let me be quiet.

I also did an Alphabetics query, which confirmed that this should be disclosed. It described Konstantine as CEO and alleged "scientist" covering things up, needing to be exposed.

Day of Firing: "By the Way, I was a Soviet Disinfo Expert"

In the July 26 story, I wrote:

Jack gave several reasons why SHT fired Constantine from the CEO position, including that his angrily barking of orders as a leftover of the Soviet era dictatorship was not appreciated; and that he did not give credit where credit was due, but tended to want to bask in the limelight, taking more credit than he deserved. They also didn't think he had the leadership skills required to run a company. His unbridled gambling addiction was also a factor. It was at a casino that his entire team arrived and announced that he was fired, after he had promised them he would stop.

Imagine the situation. The SHT lives in the LA area. The casino is on the Nevada border. That's a 3-4.5 hour drive, depending on traffic. This wasn't a matter of just driving somewhere in town. The entire team got in a vehicle(s) and drove that distance to confront their CEO in the casino and unitedly fire him.

Afterward, at a get-together at a bar with them, somewhat inebriated, Konstantine, now 75 years old, said something to the effect:

By the way, it's only fair that you know. Back in the Soviet times, I was one of the best Soviet brainwashers. They would send me to scientific conferences to discredit certain scientists.

This was a shock to all the team members. Jack noted that they have neither confirmed nor disproved the accuracy of Konstantine's statement. Maybe he was just making a B.S. statement in his inebriated state.

I have not done anything to try to verify whether or not that was the case. I have no clue how to pursue such documentation. I wouldn't want to try, because of the kind of people I would have to contact in order to get that information. It's not a world in which I want to mingle.

I do know that his PhD is not in Physics. He was only a candidate to receive doctorate in Physics. His PhD is in Psychology, which is consistent with his claim to his peers, three months ago on the way back from the casino after being fired, that he was a Soviet disinformation agent: both his parading as a scientist, and his actual degree being in an area where mind manipulation can be used for good or evil.

One of the reasons this jumps out at me as being extremely troubling is that back in the late 80's when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union was "breaking up," the intelligence I was receiving from my sources that understand that there is a conspiracy to overthrow the freedom of the United States and establish in its place a world socialist dictatorship, was that this alleged "demise" of the Soviet Union was part of a long-term ploy to appear weak, even though they were yet strong. Sun Tzu in his War Strategy said: "when weak, feign strength; when strong, feign weakness." 

I was told that at that point, as the West then opened its doors to "former" Soviet persons, that there would be many sleepers coming to the West who would impose significant damage by being able to have more access due to this deception. They could get into key positions where they could exert their influence, subtly, in favor of the long-term Soviet agenda of global domination by the Soviet system. 

That said, no, I do not think that everyone who has come here from the "former" Soviet Union has/had nefarious intentions, or is out to see the dismantling of freedom in the United States and other Western countries. My friendship with the SHT team, knowing that they are from the "former" Soviet Union, illustrates my openness to good things coming from anywhere in the planet.

So, given this new information, there are questions that need to be asked about Konstantine and his role in SHT. Was he still acting as an agent, dedicated to the long-term agenda of his mother country, whether or not he's still on their payroll? Is there a sleeper cell tentacle that the "former" Soviet Union still has in him, that they are able to unlock remotely, to get him to do their bidding on certain key aspects? Is he still using the methodologies he learned in that practice to his own personal benefit? Or is he completely free of that former influence, and just being a dysfunctional human being that we should feel empathy for?

If I didn't think it was one of the former possibilities, I would not be writing this article. There are some important lessons here for all of us.

In the year-plus that I've been tracking SHT, the entire time, including and especially, Konstantine, poised as being dedicated to the United States and its success. This is reflected, for example, in a press release we published from them on December 20, 2014: SHT dedicated to keeping U.S. dominant. Ironically, within that was this statement (emphasis mine): "Our team has members who are accomplished inventors and who had high level positions within the Soviet scientific community and military industrial complex. Perhaps not in the distant future we will disclose the full biography of the team members and the details of their accomplishments in the past and the present." That was written by Jack, with help from Robert Avetesian, from California.

Jack emphasized recently:

"We don't know where the hydrogen is coming from. We're still exploring to try to understand why it produces so much."

Konstantine's Fruits Within SHT

Up until these two recent stories, I had thought that Konstantine was the primary inventor of the SHT system. But now that he's fired, I learn that he contributed very little to the intellectual portfolio of the technology. Not only is he not the primary inventor, but he barely deserves mention. His being listed first on the patent was political, to keep him happy, as was the scarcity of other names mentioned (just Jack). Konstantine's being given the CEO role was for similar reasons.

Though prior to his being fired as CEO, he had only spent 100 days of the previous year at home in Phoenix, his time in the Los Angeles was not spent working tirelessly with SHT. He spent most of his time gambling. He only showed up rarely to SHT, and when he did, he didn't contribute much. To the contrary, he was more of a troublemaker and builder of contention.

Was it Konstantine who fostered the strategy of keeping the Aluminum confidential up until our story this past week-end, and presenting the "overunity" calculation only in terms of electricity input versus hydrogen output?

When SHT was first coming on the public scene last year, in a story we published on May 7, 2014, Chief Scientist Shares SHT Symphony 7A Secrets, Konstantine wrote:

"The following are some of the more notable comments (with my responses) from various forums representing views of individuals that I found most interesting." 

1. "This is a Chemical Reaction"

Professor K. Balakiryan - "I agree. In Symphony 7A, active metal alloy is involved in the oxidation reaction. However, the amount of formed oxide for a one hour period is only 2.1%. During that same time, Symphony 7A produces more than 7 kg of hydrogen, and the share of that chemical reaction is only about 189 grams of hydrogen. If all the hydrogen in Symphony 7A reactor was produced by oxidation - reduction reaction, then in one hour we would spend 97.9 % of all active metal alloy, and the cartridge would have to be replaced practically every hour. This could have become the weak point of our hydrogen reactor. However, in Symphony 7A, the cartridge is replaced once a week, and for the model Symphony 7AM, cartridge replacement will take place once every four weeks."

Knowing what we know now, that their process keeps the aluminum exposed to water, I'm not inclined to believe this statement to be anywhere near being a close representation of the facts. One point that we know to not be true, is his saying: "the cartridge is replaced once in a week," as if they have kept the reactor running for that long -- when he told me a few days ago that SHT never could keep it running for more than 6 hours (until after he left, according to Jack, who says they could keep it running continuously, now). He didn't clarify in that statement that such duration was theoretical, but stated it as if it had been accomplished, which was not true.

It was also Konstantine, in that same article, who put forth the theory that the abundance of oxygen being seen in the qualitative analysis was from an LENR reaction involving the transmutation of oxygen into hydrogen. In other words, the H2O was turning to just H, via some safe nuclear process. Jack said that none of the other scientists on the team bought into that model. However, none of them corrected it in the stories we subsequently posted.

Putting these things together, that Konstantine had said, we were led to believe that, yes, there was a little chemistry taking place, but very little, and that most of the action was coming via the conversion of H2O to H2 gas. And according to that model, the only relevant input was the electricity, producing the hydrogen gas output, with huge overunity.

Now that Konstantine has been fired as CEO, it has been Konstantine who has preemptively disclosed to us that a primary aspect of their process is keeping the aluminum plates (which we didn't know existed) exposed to the water. He disclosed that at the vehement protest of SHT, who threatened to sue him for violating their NDA, even though he's close to a majority shareholder of their stock.

Now, do you believe their number of COP 1300+?

I don't know about you, but now that I realize Konstantine is a former Soviet disinformation agent -- one of the best -- up until recently serving as "chief scientist" and CEO of SHT, I find myself wondering about everything that we've heard from SHT, all of them being from the "former" Soviet Union.

He's not the only one who has been purveying this misleading information. The others have been saluting.

Now, ask yourself the question. Do you think I did the right thing by publishing this? Are you glad I did?

Yes, I still hope SHT will be successful. I'm all for a cleaner planet, and it seems that they have a solution with great promise.

But I like my information given to me straight, not via strategic agendas.

I can understand a certain extent of fudging to protect proprietary aspects and to stay under the radar from the bullies on the planet. But what we had here was not fudging, it was blatant disinformation that the entire SHT team was complicit with, in part because of the mastery of the CEO dictating the terms. Now that we have a more clear view, this has become obvious.

I wish them well, and I trust they will be just fine in recovering from this exposure I'm giving of some sore truths behind the scenes. It's good to pull out slivers so they don't fester.

Postscript: Snake in the House

Just after writing this, and sending a link so Jack and Konstantine can review it first, I looked up from my computer, and there in the kitchen, by the sliding door, was a snake -- in the house.

Snakes don't belong in the house.

I don't know how far to take this synchronistic metaphor, but in my case, it was a small, harmless snake, about the size of a garter or gardener snake, but all brownish. Maybe a small bull snake.

Seeing me see it, it crawled into a corner, back behind some stuff.

I opened the door, then started moving the stuff, and when it was exposed, it quickly slithered out the door.

# # #

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Last updated August 13, 2015




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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