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You are here: > News > July 18, 2015; 7:55 pm MDT

An open letter to Alex Jones of Infowars

Military: Just Following Orders -- Not Okay!

Just as fully informed juries are a check on power, so also is a soldier/commander who is willing to say "no" a check on a take-over of the military by treason from above. You have a conscience for a reason. Why not proactive military measures in the fight against domestic enemies?

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Hi Alex,

In your interview with Jesse Ventura on July 16, near the end, you asked Jesse what he would advise the military presently serving to do when they get an unconstitutional order. He basically said that "the grunts down on the ground are obligated to follow the orders they are given," and he said that it is up to citizens to make their voices heard regarding things that should be changed in the military. You gave him a ditto on that.

That's ridiculous.

It certainly didn't justify people in Nazi Germany. "Just following orders" is one of the most clichι statements coming from Nazi Germany at its worse.

Yet that is what your statements on July 16 amounted to endorsing.

First, most citizens have no idea about the individual orders being given. Second, they don't have the military tactical knowledge to understand what would be Constitutional and ethical and what would not.

Yes, citizens should play a role, but it's primarily up to the people out in the field to make that determination, in the field, in real time. 

I would like to see Joe Biggs and others of your fine staff who have served honorably in the military and who also understand conspiratorial forces, come up with a special information show that addresses this issue head on and provides guidance to the military. This is urgent. You need to undo the damage you did on July 16 and replace it with good information in this info war.

The guidance you just gave them stinks. "Just follow orders, no matter what."

How could you say something like this with a commander in chief like Barak Obama, who has chalked up over 100 impeachable offenses -- as of two years ago -- and whose conspiratorial agenda is to bring down free America and replace it with a socialist dictatorship.

Yes, there is need for order and discipline and obedience in the military. Yes, many serving in the military are honorable men.

But the further up the chain of command you are, the more responsibility you have to weigh issues like this -- and the more responsibility you have to say "no" to unconstitutional or unethical orders coming down the chain of command. Even at the "grunt" level, they should be instructed that even they have an obligation to disobey an order that is obviously contrary to the Constitution and principles of ethics, even though it might mean putting other soldiers in jeopardy and facing court martial.

What would make the difference between a robot and a human solider if the soldier is only going to just follow orders, no matter what?

Yes, I agree that the ruling principle of discipline in the military is to follow orders. However, there are exceptions. You should provide training about what those exceptions are, how to weigh them.

Don't approach this from a field manual point of view -- which by now is most likely infiltrated with the same domestic enemy propaganda: "follow orders." Approach it from a moralistic and ethical point of view, citing positive historic precedents and teachings by wise men down through history. JST-Mark 9 would be a great reference to use, for example, among those of the LDS faith.

I would like to see your guys tackle this issue head on and actually provide an instruction guide on disobedience within the military for reasons of conscience, from the lowest rank to the highest: how, and when, and why.

Please don't leave it as "just follow orders." You certainly don't believe that, do you?

If a soldier is just to follow orders no matter what, then why even take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC?

Just as fully informed juries are a check on power, so also is a soldier/commander who is willing to say "no" a check on a take-over of the military by treason from above. You certainly are aware of the myriad of domestic enemies of the Constitution of which there is no shortage -- including within the military. 

I'd love for you to get even so bold in your guidance to address proactive questions like: Would a squadron of fighter jets be justified to drop sufficient ordinance on the NSA civilian spy center in Bluffdale, Utah to take it completely out of commission? As far as I can tell, there is no positive, Constitutional use for such a facility as presently constituted. The people who put that facility in place are guilty of treason against the Constitution, why should the facility be allowed to stand? It is a domestic enemy stronghold and tool of those committing treason against the United States, e.g. to spy on the patriots so they can escort them to FEMA camps when martial law is put in place. Ditto for other such domestic enemy facilities. When are we going to see some military muscle put into fighting against domestic enemies of the Constitution? Certainly not as long as they think they are supposed to just follow orders, when the orders are coming largely from domestic enemies nowadays!

These same principles are also going to apply in other disciplines: industry, politics, education, health. There are going to arise times when people have to stand up and say "no" to an unconscionable order or edict from up the chain of command.


If you agree with me, send the Infowars team an email with your sentiments. If you click on that email link, the subject line will be filled in for you as: "Military shouldn't just follow orders."

# # #

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