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You are here: > News > July 14, 2015; 23:55 GMT

Keshe Magrav-Power home and car generators alleged

The Keshe Foundation website lists two generator technologies for sale, each for €499.99 Euros, but they give no technical information, including how many kilowatts they produce. The video presentation from their live announcement is a bit chaotic but interesting.

artist renditions

Intro by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here's an update on the work of the Keshe Foundation that we've been covering over the years.

I’ve had a number of people asking me to give some kind of coverage on the new generators alleged to be for sale from the Keshe Foundation.

I have to say that I’m hesitant to give any kind of big thumbs up on this. You’re going to see me play the skeptic on this one, though I do think their pursuit is worth tracking. There is some great info here.

On their sales page, they list a Magrav-Power home power system and a system that will allegedly power an electric vehicle. Each are listed as costing €499.99 Euros, but they give absolutely no technical information. There is no indication about how many kilowatts they produce, whether it is load following or a continuous output. They do give the sizes (diameter x length) as 67mm X 168mm for the car system, and 30CM X 90 CM for the home system. [Note: whoever does the website has the images backwards, showing the one for the house as being larger.] While a home, with net metering, would be more than happy with 1-5 kW; a regular vehicle will need more than that.

As I listen further in to the video, it becomes clear why these claims are being made. Apparently, these small systems can adjust to whatever the power demand is, and their output can go very high. I would love to see this in person, but for now, I guess we'll just have to take their word for it.

They say something about €200 Euros of the purchase price going toward the governments of the nations from where the purchase is made. They don’t use the word “bribe,” but that is the feeling you get of the pay-off purpose of this fee, to keep the governments happy so they don’t impede the rollout of this technology.

The images shown are apparently artist renditions. The gauge of the wires is not consistent with kilowatt level output. The artwork shows what looks like a DC plug for a vehicle, as if you might power a vehicle through that 30-Amp limit system.

I sent an email to the foundation asking for more information, but have not received a response yet.

Last week, we linked up to a live demonstration the foundation was giving. Today, I finally got around to watching the first ~3:38 hours of the first of two videos, the first one being 8:36 hours long. The second video is 3:18 hours long.

I have to say that it wasn't very easy watching at first, but as you get oriented, it gets more exciting. Mr. Keshe seems to act like that audience has all the time in the world. He features a gentleman, Alex, from Nigeria who has been living in the UK and replicating/building on various things he’s seen on the web. He describes Alex as brilliant and resourceful, which it seems he is. 

Mr. Keshe says this guy has figured out how to produce enough power to run a home or a car, and he’s got two days to explain how to do this.

The problem is that the presentation is like a worst case of two cooks in the kitchen. Mr. Keshe tells Alex to explain something, but then within a few seconds interrupts him and sends the dialogue in another direction. It’s like he’s trying to reproduce a conversation they had the day prior, and he wants it to go just like that, rather than letting the guy just explain in full sentences and paragraphs. In the first hour, of Alex presenting, I don’t think he ever gets more than 30 seconds without being interrupted by Mr. Keshe.

And the dialogue is not focused, not at the fault of Alex, but because of Mr. Keshe’s interruptions. I’d be curious to see a video of just Alex explaining what he’s doing and how to do what he is doing. I bet it would take 30-90 minutes, rather than 12 hours with Mr. Keshe’s interruptions.

However, as I listen further, it becomes clear why Mr. Keshe is interrupting -- to explain some of the details and nuances of the technology.

On just my first listen to this, I missed quite a bit of clarity, but from what I can gather, it has something to do with creating a nano-coating on a stranded, coiled copper wire by alternating between fire and water for half an hour; then using that treated, coiled copper wire to pull energy from the environment to light an LED. Later, they take a combination of materials including NaOH, sugar, tissue paper, zinc foil, with the "nano wire," and create a crude crystal-cell-like energy source that purportedly will run forever. Then they talked about combining two of these by hooking the negative to the positive of one (which normally would create a short, but not with the nano-coating, which creates a way to bring in plasma energy, Keshe says), before hooking it to the next.

Mr. Keshe extends an invitation to the audience to go build one, from things they have around the house, and then post their results to YouTube. He wants to see how many people can do it within the first week.

From what I can gather, the two power items the Keshe Foundation is selling on their website are based on the work of Alex.

I don't know how they get around the UL or CE certification requirements for power production in a home, and interface with the grid. These are unfortunate political realities effecting things like home insurance policies.

I apologize if I’m getting my facts mixed up here. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not getting any help from the Keshe Foundation to get clarification on these questions. I would especially like to hear from the Keshe Foundation.

If any of you have a better idea of what is going on with these products they are selling, please let me know.

I will say that what they are doing seems to be very interesting and does hold promise and is worth tracking.

To his credit, Mr. Keshe does seem more than willing to share this in an open source manner with the planet.

Therefore, if any of you are able to carefully watch this information and then clearly describe what the technology is, how it works, and how to reproduce it, that would be of huge benefit. Maybe the Keshe Foundations already has an instruction manual somewhere about how to do this, and you can give us that link.

Feel free to provide what info you have via the comments below.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 14, 2015




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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