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You are here: > News > June 20, 2015;  8:15 pm MDT

Why I'm 100% sure Rosch's KPP free energy technology works

We ruled out the water tower as having an energy source due to some hidden wire in the air hose. We ruled out the generator and table as having some kind of hidden wire going to it. Conventional wireless transmission is ruled out as well. That leaves one conclusion: self-sustaining with ~15 kW output as claimed.

Sterling Allan (PES), Detlef Dohman (Rosch), Stuart Campbell (PES); June 20, 2015
Download Sterling's Photos (75 Mb zip)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Video uploaded which provides additional documentation from yesterday's report, which, together, show the following. (Yesterday's video is up now, too.)

Just from what I've seen so far, prior to today, June 20, 2015, I was convinced from a belief point of view that the Rosch Innovations KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) technology works. (For those new to this, it's a buoyancy device involving floats that fill with air at the bottom of a water tank to cause them to rise, turning a generator in the process, such that the generator produces enough energy to self-loop while also producing excess energy for base load power production {e.g. utility company capability.)

As I've pointed out many times before, scientists cannot conceive of how this could possibly work given what they know about buoyancy and electricity. Their first and persistent reaction is to assume there must be some kind of fraud involved.

But today, with my eyes looking for all the things an honest skeptic might want to rule out, I am scientifically satisfied 100% that the Rosch KPP technology works. No lingering points of questioning remain.

What I'm about to disclose is one of the factors that contributes to that conclusion, but is not the primary factor. The primary factor is what I personally witnessed, ruling out all honest skeptical points. But first, I do want to mention that after we were done with the testing today, I got to see with my own eyes the full TUV report of the test they did of the Plexiglas system producing a net 150 Watts. They signed off on this, not as a safety parameter, but as a scientific, third party validation of the technology so Rosch could overturn a contention they had from the patent office, receiving their patent as a result. I also received permission to publish an abbreviated version of the TUV report (sans photos, schematics, and other proprietary information, which I saw in my perusal of the report). Stuart Campbell and John Broberg were with me when Managing Director, H.-Ulrich Gaedke showed the full printed TUV report to the three of us. The TUV testers had the Plexiglas system rolled outside, away from the Rosch facility, and they showed that the system produced a net 150 Watts of energy with no reduction in the voltage of the batteries on board. So I no longer have to believe someone else who has seen that TUV report and has a copy of it.

Today, the implemented plan was to run the 15 kW system for several hours then drain the water so we could take the windows off at the bottom and look inside to rule out what we can't see through the windows -- hidden wires, hidden motors, hidden batteries, etc.

At the start, today at 13:41, the system instruments showed that the combined load (including the air compressor, several lights and heaters) being powered by the system was 16,560 Watts. We ran the system until 15:50, for a total run time of 2:09, for a net ~35,600 kW-h of electricity production. (We had planned to start closer to 10 am, but I had a diabetic incident that pushed things back.) It took about an hour to drain the system, using a fire hose on the bottom drainage nozzle.

As I was shooting an overview video of the emptied chamber, thinking of where to point the camera for the honest skeptics, it occurred to me (duh, of course) that the only way this emptying of the tube could be relevant is if there was a way to convey that electricity to the control panel via the air hose, and we had already ruled out that possibility by a number of means. As I noted in the blog, we did several things to show there is no hidden cable in the air hose going to the water tower.

  • Kinked the hose. Its bend was consistent with an air hose.
  • Weight and feel of hose was light, inconsistent with any hidden cable.
  • Wiggled the hose
  • Put clamp-on amp meter on hose, read 0
  • Same clamp-on amp meter showed a small reading on the Generator electrical cable (not all three phases exactly the same). Between 0.01 and 0.10.

Then, after the water was removed, we talked Detlef into having his main technician, Andrzej Klimek, disconnect the air hose from the air compressor, while I was video taping. No hidden wires. Definitive. Easy. And there were plenty of independent witnesses (~5) around in the interim between the time the system was turned off and when the hose was disconnected at 15:50 -- 2.15 hours after shut-off, to know that nothing had been done to that air hose prior to that time. The "chain of custody," so to speak, was in tact.

So any arguments that there were hidden wires, batteries, motor, etc., inside the water tower are absolutely ruled out.

Remember, on the day prior, during that several-hour run, they fork-lifted the air compressor off the ground about a foot so we could easily see that there were no wires running to it from below. And we picked up the extension plug box from the floor to show there was nothing under it, no hidden wires going to it from the floor.

Also, previously, it has been established that there is no way the system could be receiving some kind of induction generation using any presently-understood wireless conveyance methods. If they had invented a method that conveys more than 15 kW wirelessly within the circuitry we saw in the control panels, I don't think they would be choosing this method for introducing it. So while this is a "possibility," theoretically, it makes no sense pragmatically. Such a wireless conveyance technology would be worth billions of dollars and would be worthy of a Nobel Prize. (While mentioning Nobel Prizes, I think the Rosch group deserves one for their KPP technology, however it works, which they are keeping proprietary, for good reasons.) This is why I'm not giving any credence to this remote possibility of wireless energy conveyance.

That leaves the generator table as the only other possible "culprit" for hidden wires that would contradict the "self-looped" claim. Here are the things we did or observed that definitively rule that out.

·         We used Stuart's Flir top-of-the-line infrared imagery camera extensively to look around the generator. Everything we saw was consistent with:

o       The generator functions as a generator. It's heat signature is throughout the body of the generator as you would expect from a generator.

o       All four legs going up to the generator show a heat signature consistent with their being just for support, not for concealing a hidden wire, which would show a very substantial heat signature. You see how brightly the wire shines going from the generator to the control panel, and you know that if there were a hidden wire somewhere, then the material around it would grow warmer as well, and would stand out easily via the camera.

o       The cement floor around the legs of the support table were all at ambient room temperature with no elevation whatsoever anywhere, except where the wire coming from the generator approached and ran along the floor to the control panel.

·         There is a small space between the bottom of the generator body and the top of the table. So the only place a hidden wire could be conveyed would be from the two support arms which are attached to the body of the generator. This would require running a wire along the edge of a live generator without affecting the generator's function. As mentioned, the heat signature of the generator is consistent with it being a generator, not a decoy. And there are no stand-out lines anywhere in the generator that would reveal such a hidden wire running along the outside of the generator body.

·         Detlef removed the top of the blue box on top of the generator, showing that it is completely occupied with the wiring you would expect from a generator. Three-phase wires from the generator attach to three-phase wires going to the cord protruding from the blue box.

·         We took video and photos under the generator table top. The bolts seen there are consistent with a mechanism of stretching the chain to a proper tension so that it can handle the ~1500 Newton-meters of force it requires to operate. The reason Detlef gave for not unbolting the generator from the table or unbolting the table from the floor is that they glue both attachments (screws, in the case of the floor) in order to endure the tremendous force the table/generator system has to endure. The glue takes 72 hours to cure, and they have other demos scheduled for the coming days which can't be rescheduled.

As an added bonus, today they replaced a burned up circuitry component in the 250 Watt Plexiglas system on wheels, and ran it for quite a while. I didn't pay a lot of attention to that one because I knew about the TUV report (all of us did). My focus was on the 15 kW system, though we did film the Plexiglas system running and took some notes, though not rigorous. What we saw was consistent with that report: 1) net output, 2) batteries maintaining voltage, not dropping over time.

It's past 2 am here, and I need to get some rest for tomorrow, so I'll postpone reporting about the Plexiglas system to a later time. (3:30 am update: by the noise outside my window on this Saturday night, it might be difficult to fall asleep anyway. Hopefully, it will be quieter by an hour from now when I've got this story linked up at PESN.)

The bottom line is that we ruled out the water tower as having an energy source due to some hidden wire in the air hose. And we ruled out the generator and table as having some kind of hidden wire going to it. And conventional wireless transmission is ruled out as well, while unconventional is ruled out by the sheer fact of the value it would have itself, not to be encumbered by using to run a scam for a few million Euros for licenses and power plant sales that would have a lot of very professional and lawyer-endowed companies very pissed off, taking it very personally.

I say that the so-called scientific experts who jumped to the conclusion that Rosch is running a scam have committed libel, having inadequate evidence to draw such a conclusion, while the evidence is overwhelming to the contrary that Rosch' KPP system is what they claim it to be.

I don't know how it works, but I'm confident that it does.

The "how" has to do with a combination of the tower, the circuitry, and the generator, according to Frank Schmitz, the chief licensee for Switzerland with whom we had dinner and later socialized. We'll be dickering over the how for the next few years. But the fact that it does indeed work is now more than adequately established.

And they are in the marketplace, selling these systems, both for utility company/government customers and for territorial licenses. The smallest system they'll sell is 200 kW. Their maximum supply chain limit presently is 2.8 GW of output capacity manufactured per year. That will likely increase by the end of 2016.

If you decide to get one for your utility plant or other large power system, or if you decide to license a territory, don't forget to mention the role that we at PES played in your decision. And don't hesitate to call to get some inside information that I can't publish. The more we help you, the larger will be our finder's fee.

There, I've said it, by way of full disclosure, we will be benefiting from sales generated.

Rosch did a first in paying our way to come test their technology. I expect that they will also be the first to pay us a finder's fee after 13 years of being on this exotic free energy quest.

I'm quite sure they will be happy with our reporting and the role it will play in bringing qualified people to their bargaining table. Please don't raise your hand unless you actually have genuine capability to pay for and facilitate things to fruition.

Ronny Korsberg is already benefitting from the role he has been playing in this regard.

As Frank said to us in Cologne this evening: "Go for it, use it. Don't wait to sleep on it, [then dicker over it] for 6 months, because then it will be too late." You will have missed the opportunity to be in on the leading edge where the greatest benefits can be accrued.

Postscript: Happy Father's Day!! (As technically, we're well into June 21 here in Germany, now 4:19 am)


Link added June 21; 16:45 GMT

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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