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You are here: > News > June 6, 2015

Platinum-Invests inviting core group membership licensing

Their line-up of 16 products include: 3 kW Palladium generator; Titanium power train retrofit for vehicles; Swing power for recreational and kit flight systems; 1:5 Force Amplifier with up to 5 kW output for solar, wind, mains augmentation; VCL 10 waste-to-energy system.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On June 3, Dr. Tony Sigona of Platinum Invests (PI) in Spain sent me a brochure which lists the multitude of products they have developed and are ready to enter into license agreements for their rollout in various global regions. They declare:

"With this review, Platinum team is manifesting its readiness to start the industrialization of its technology, wherever in the world. The Platinum branch is capable of initiating production and marketing of any of the products herein contained."


The line-up includes:
(This wording is from their brochure, with some minor editing. I've also changed the sequence, grouping them by category, and priority of interest to our exotic free energy audience.)

  • Energy
    • Palladium Generator [not listed in brochure; shown at right] - 3 kW home power, base load power supply. Shown in video below. R&D is working to also make one half that size. The 3kw Palladium shown in this photo (from the video) is going to the newly opened Ceka Republic Branch. "We will give one Palladium for demonstration in each Branch."
    • Titanium - "The tendency that leads us to develop technologies that are self-sustainable. With the Titanium line, Platinum has addressed this exigency by creating a system that is adaptable to any vehicle and that respects the environment." (An environmentally-powered vehicle, harnessing the wheelwork of nature, on the fly? They are very coy about talking about this one.)

    • Titanium Swing - (Ditto for kit and recreational flight applications.)

    • Palladium Hybrid Energetic Self-sufficiency System - "With the AMP v1, another technology completed by Platinum R&D department, which is a power multiplier (1 to 5) we have reached the maximum energetic efficiency." Magnify your solar, wind, or mains input 5x. With an input of 1 kW 220 V single phase, it gives an output of 5 kW 220 V single phase.

    • VCL10 System - Waste to biofuel or electricity and heat. Waste feedstock can include municipal solid waste (MSW), plastic, used tires, biomass, asbestos, dangerous and toxic waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and slaughter offal. This is "our integrated solution for waste treatment and its conversion into energy and effective on-site recycling of residues. The whole process is free of contaminants with an efficiency able to create up to 500 kw/h of electricity from 1 ton of municipal waste (MSW)," for example. Plant construction ROI is said to be no more than five years.

    • Biogas - "The Platinum biogas production plant is an installation for the massive production of biologic methane gas, deriving from vegetal and animal waste, the raw material necessary for its functioning."

    • Greendrops - "Still today, despite applicable laws and sanctions, the problem of used vegetable oils persists. Hundreds of millions of tons of burned vegetable oil is ditched in landfills and in sewers, damaging the environment and also polluting groundwater streams. Greendrops is a converter that resolves the problem of pollution and converts burned vegetable oil into biodiesel."
  • Potable Water
    • Desalination - "Contrary to the desalination process by reverse osmosis that is creating major problems of environmental pollution, our desalination plant by extrusion solves the problem of the accumulation of salt; by producing dry steam. The water produced is absolutely clean, drinkable and sterilized. Being also a fractionating system allows the recovery of many minerals contained in the water such as rock salt, lithium, gold, etc. -- an additional value of the process."
    • DewDrops Line, Water from Air - "With this technology, Platinum wants to address the problem of drinking water, which is scarce or is not available at all in many places of the world, giving the possibility of being able to have drinkable water always, wherever and in any climatic and social conditions."
  • Pollution Remediation
    • (See also VCL10 System above)
    • Biomarine Underwater Eco Technology Corp. - "Biomarine is among the first companies to have developed, in full cooperation with the University of Cordoba (Spain) this branch of microorganism biological science, applying it in many fields of environment pollution with many successes, even where no solutions could be seen. With the soft anti-erosion applications, Biomarine rehabilitates the shores to their original state as close as possible, due to the degree of environmental damage caused by human negligence."
    • Liquid Molecular Potentially Chain Disintegrator (MPCD) - "Platinum efforts for the resolution of the problems tied to the management of the waste is underlined with the introduction of MPCD, in the specific case, for the dumps. The process is activated by enzymes that biologically avoid the spreading of foul and unpleasant odors and also prevent the possibility of fire that the self-combustion of the accumulated waste could provoke. Absolutely respectful of the environment, although it does the same function (as competitors), it does not contain solvents and it is bio-degradable."
    • MSD 10 Mud Dryer System - "With MDS 10 we have developed a resolute solution to sewer discharges that are highly polluting in every city. This technology is applicable everywhere but could be used also in the cement production process, in consideration of the demand for electrical energy, for which, in addition to feeding the furnaces with the sludge, the production of thermal energy would be used in the process of drying of the sludge. In the transformation is highlighted the enormous reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and therefore a total respect of the environment, and in so doing restricting the dissemination of pollutants, as MDS 10 has no open catchments areas as usually seen in conventional sewage plants."
    • Bio-phyto Depuration - "Our method of Bio-phyto purification of residual waters with low environmental impact, rebalances the distribution of nutrients by reducing the problem of pollution. It is based on chemical-physical, biological and botanical principles, using vegetal essences."

    • Paper Filtration - The recycling of paper and cardboard creates the problem of waste resulting from their treatment. Filtracion Apresto Papel is an apparatus that resolves the problem of these residues always in full respect of the environment
  • Medical
    • Palladium Biomed - "The success of the ability to harness the magnetic energy has led us to Palladium Biomed. It is a magneto-therapy that has been proven as a remedy for the problems of osteoporosis, cervical and many other applications in relief of problems that develop both in people that are forced to remain seated for many hours a day due to their work and the problems coming with the third age."

  • Media
    • WEB TV - "Platinum is activating web TV with the intent to give the [Palladium-licensed] Branch the faculty to highlight environmental issues in their territory, and in so doing, to make the public opinion aware of important environmental factors that could then be resolved by implementing Platinum ecological solutions."

Core Team

At this point, those who become part of the PI team must be willing and able to handle all of the technologies, not just one or two. These are comprehensive licenses.

I commented to Tony that that's a big batch of pills to swallow for anyone. That's a lot of due diligence to have to perform. Any one of these would be a big pill to swallow, not to mention 16. I suggested they focus on maybe just 3-5 master licenses for the whole world, one for each continent region: Asia, Europe (including Russia, Middle East, India and Australia), Africa, US & Canada, Latin America; and, of course, Antarctica (kidding). Tony appreciated that suggestion.

Later, once this master licenses phase is complete (end of 2017), then disparate companies can license the manufacturing and distribution of specific products within those regions from the master licensees.

For historic archive purposes, here is a present map showing their licensee territories in process (from their brochure):


Q&A with Tony

Q. When is the annual assembly going to be held?

A. When the branch in Tenerife is fully open and with the summer coming, approximately September, and you will be invited specifically and personally as our guest.

Q. Regarding your hybrid system, would you allow companies to reconfigure it so that with the 1:5 ratio, they could use some of the output to power the input, and thereby create a base-load generator that doesn't require wind or sun or mains power?

A. I will pass this request to Umberto and Eng Daguanno head of R&D Tenerife, will reply ASAP

Q. I'd like much more info about Titanium. What is there is too sparse to understand what it does.

A. I am sure that it was done on purpose, when the time come and we can support the impact that it will create everyone may be there to see, on car will understand, I am very confident that when you come for the annual assembly it may be there to show.

Q. Ditto for Swing

A. As above

Q. Where can we get technical specifications on each of these technologies, especially the energy-related ones?

A. Do you mean disclosure? Now you know why we must act with Platinum Branches, we have to do it discreetly, sell the products with the understanding that the branch must look and implement; and after sale, maintenance, mainly to check if anyone is trying to be clever. To tamper with it means they will loose the guarantee, and for the Palladium products, the machine will stop operating, and we will not repair.

Query to Tony (Response Pending)

On June 6, 6:33 pm MDT [GMT-6], I sent the following query to Tony:

Using the following scale, would you mind going through the list of products we posted in the PESN story and indicate how far along each is?

10 - Mass Production: More than 10,000 built and in operation
9 - Large-Scale Production: More than 1000 built and in operation
8 - Solid Production: More than 100 made and in operation
7 - Form Factor Decided: More than 50 made and in operation
6 - Late Beta: More than 25 made and in operation
5 - Early Beta: More than 5 made and in operation
4 - Pre-Beta: At least two solid prototypes have been built and are operational
3 - Early Engineering: One solid prototype built and operational
2 - Early R&D: One proof of concept prototype built that can be demonstrated
1 - Still an idea on paper, but our engineers say it should work


Dr. Umberto Stranieri, who heads up the Platinum Invests initiatives, sent me several videos of their 1:5 force multiplier system, which I compiled into this video:


Umberto also sent me a series of photos showing their municipal waste to biofuel process. You can download a zip file (22 Mb) with all the images in full resolution.


Keep the donations coming, they're what are keeping us going while we wait for these technology deals to materialize into a revenue stream. Thanks for what you all are doing. Keep it up. We are going to win this Exotic Free Energy Revolution!

# # #

What You Can Do

  1. See Suggestions for How to Get Involved with the Roll-out of Exotic Free Energy 
  2. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  3. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  5. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated June 27, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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