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You are here: > News > May 25, 2015; 23:55 GMT

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company Create Massive 10,000 Farad Graphene Supercapacitor

"At 10,000 Farads, a Graphene Supercapacitor / Battery is powerful enough to power up a Semi Truck while being the size of a paperback novel at this point." The price point is expected to start lower ($100/kW-h) in Q3 roll-out to the market than where Tesla expects to be in 5 years; and will be half that ($40/kW-h) by year end.

Click here to go straight to press release below. (This first part is repeated on the new PESWiki page.)

CEO, Gary Monaghan, shows a 1000-Farad capacitor prototype at a March 23, 2015 Wall Street conference.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Anthony brought this press release to our attention with this preface statement (edited): 

"I caught this news about Sunvault, a Canadian company which recently announced a next-to-market, new, 10,000 farads graphene-based supercapacitor. With a size described as a paperback novel, which should be a real breakthrough energy storage technology with multiple applications from off-the-grid to EVs."

For those of you not familiar with capacitor sizes, I did a quick Google image search for 1 Farad capacitors (wide range of voltages), where you'll see sizes ranging from a large water drinking bottle to 1/3 of a D-cell battery. 10,000 of the smallest of these is going to take up much more space than a paperback novel.

While we typically only cover exotic free energy technologies in our news, the more I looked into this company, the more excited I got about what they have. They don't just have an affordable energy storage solution, their technology also serves as a solar energy harvesting technology -- in the same cell. Imagine that! Furthermore, it can charge from any light source.

Sunvault has designed a way of making graphene by pouring a liquid mixture of graphite oxide, which is a water-dispersible material, then coating (pouring) it onto plastic (CD) then treating it with laser light (in a computer) to oxygenate it to turn it into graphene, using off-the shelf components (in parenthesis).

In a GE Focus Award video, they talk about charging a 1 Farad supercapacitor the size of a postage stamp for 2-3 seconds, then lighting an LED bulb for over 5 minutes. The energy density is an astonishing 500 Farads per gram (voltage not mentioned).

A supercapacitor is like a battery in its ability (duration) to store energy, but it can charge and discharge 100 to 1000 times faster than a battery.

On their home page, they talk about being able to have a smart phone that never has to be charged. I would guess that this is a function of the solar harvesting and storage and power density all in the same technology.

As far as being "clean," graphene is biodegradable, so at the end of life you can put it in your compost and use it in your garden (minus the electrical portion -- wires, etc.)

But in talking about disposal, I should mention that the life cycle is expected to be indefinite, with no components that deteriorate over time: hundreds of thousands of cycles expected to be possible.

The present best pricing for batteries and supercapacitors is $500/kW-h (for Lithium-ion). At their entry to the market in the third quarter 2015, they expect to have a price point of $100/kW-h that exceeds what Tesla (Motor Co) was expecting in a few (~5) years ($150/kW-h), and by the end of 2015, Sunvault expects to get down to less than half that price: $40/kW-h.

As a business, they are being very wise by diversifying their portfolio so that they have involvement in the gamut of relevant ventures: Electrical audits, Utility Build, Installations, Build outs, Commercial, and Residential. 

I've created a feature page about them at PESWiki, including videos, additional photos, attribute slides, news links, site links, patent info. That will be the main page where we'll be tracking Sunvault as they move forward. If you're reading this page first, you can skip the opening of the PESWiki page, as it is the same as this opening.

Here's their most recent press release. (Edited.)

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company Create Massive 10,000 Farad Graphene Supercapacitor

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, May 06, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- SUNVAULT ENERGY INC. ("Sunvault") ("the Company") (otcqb:SVLT) is pleased to announce that in conjunction with the Edison Power Company ("Edison") that it has successfully created the world's largest 10,000 Farad Graphene Supercapacitor. This development is the most significant major breakthrough in the development of Graphene Supercapacitors to date. The development is a combined effort between Sunvault Energy and the Edison Power Company.

At 10,000 Farads, there is no other graphene supercapacitor built to this size in the world. The Company is continuing to evaluate what level of building block it will launch its initial product lines from, as that will determine the various configuration designs to launch in its initial product lines.

"This technology is more accurately defined as a hybrid bringing the power density associated to a battery together with the high impact fast charging known to capacitors" stated Gary Monaghan, CEO of Sunvault. "At 10,000 Farads, a Graphene Supercapacitor / Battery is powerful enough to power up a Semi Truck while being the size of a paperback novel at this point." "We continue to advance daily on our product development, and we expect large gains in shrinking the size of the unit over the next few weeks", he continued.

The relevance of the size and power supplied with these graphene storage units are that they can be connected together like storage building blocks to form a larger form of electrical storage for many markets. The higher the Farad combined with the smallest sized unit allows an optimum building block approach. The building block approach allows for sizing to any existing battery driven product that exists on the market today and also new product development as an internal component. Some initial markets of concentration for Sunvault Energy in conjunction with the Edison Power Company are the smart phone market, the electric car market, electric grid stabilization and the recently popularized concept of a home off the Grid with Solar and a proven storage component made front of mind to potential investor's recently through information releases by Tesla. [...Excerpt mentioned above...]

The Sunvault / Edison Graphene Supercapacitor is completely safe to use. It will not catch fire, does not require safety equipment that can fail and poses no risk to the environment; because it is carbon based, it could be put in your garden to help grow vegetables. The same cannot be said for Lithium Batteries, which on the Government's Transport Canada Website are listed as dangerous goods. [...]

"Graphene based Supercapacitors are carbon based, and form no toxicity threat to the environment, unlike the lithium battery, and our opinion is that no one should be putting several thousand pounds of these Lithium cells in close proximity to the house or on their walls, " stated Gary Monaghan. " There is an ample supply of graphite to make graphene, or if you do not choose graphite there are other carbon based elements to make graphene, while Lithium supplies are finite" he continued.

In simple terms -- A smart phone that will be charged in under a minute and electric cars that can be powered by the graphene pseudo/supercapacitor that can fast charge more rapidly than any battery and effectively last a life time, will significantly change the landscape of the future. In every decade there is some breakthrough technology that will significantly impact the world and its future. Sunvault believes for "this decade that breakthrough is graphene and all of its potential uses."

The Company expects within this current month it will have solved its building block configuration design base unit and will move into the phase for product approval and manufacturing immediately following.

About Sunvault Energy Inc.

Sunvault Energy Inc. is committed to bringing cost effective energy generation and energy storage to the solar industry through a seamless and novel integration of energy generation and storage. This technical approach is a first and has the potential to enable the lowest overall system cost at maximum efficiency. SunVault has further diversified by acquiring companies or assets that are immediately accretive and that will facilitate into the owning of quality non-cyclical assets.

For more information, visit the Sunvault Energy website at and/or

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

[... (You know the drill)]

Sunvault Energy Inc.
Gary Monaghan

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated June 26, 2015




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