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You are here: > News > May 19, 2015; 22:00 GMT

Vladi S. Travkin on how Rosch' Kinetic Power Plant (KPP) works

Vladi says that the reason scientists can't wrap their heads around how Rosch' KPP could possibly work is that they are basing their logic on Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP)."In reality, this is the multiphase (polyphase) -- actually 3-phase fluids flow dynamics regime" in play.

Screenshot from one of Vladi's articles.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Recently, in our news, we've been giving much coverage to the buoyancy power plant concept by Rosch Innovations AG. In particular, until May 13, we were watching the 5 kW demonstration by GAIA, which has the license to bring forth the home power version, while Rosch is focusing on the utility scale sizes between 5 MW and 100 MW.

Scientists are beside themselves seeing no way this system could work, trying to figure out how we are being gamed by Rosch.

Enter Vladi S. Travkin

For quite a few days now, I've been getting a series of intriguing Skype messages from my long-time associate at the New Energy Congress, Vladi S. Travkin who seems to think he knows the secret, based on some not-yet-appreciated science that he has been working on over the years. 

Here are some excerpts from Vladi, in the sequence that I received them:
(slightly edited)

[5/14/2015 3:23:16 AM | Edited 3:27:17 AM] VT2: Sterling - you would laugh again - but and for this energy device of Rosch' KPP buoyancy system - I also explain this !

And you know Why - the same reasons as for other my explanations - because it is also the Heterogeneous System of at least 2 - Two scales work, when many physical effects cannot be seen from the Conventional Orthodox physics COHP point of view - just no way to see these effects in models!
So - no explanation in COHP writings (y) (flex) 

Congratulations with this Sterling (^)
[5/14/2015 7:22:25 AM] Sterling D. Allan: where could I link people to your explanation that applies also to Rosch KPP?
[5/14/2015 10:33:03 AM | Edited 11:25:47 AM] VT2: Let me answer a bit later.
We should congratulate ourselves with this one invention (^) 
And I am specifically congratulate myself - this is a gem (cool) 

[5/14/2015 2:51:10 PM | Edited 3:03:16 PM] VT2: Sterling,
The answer and some comments on the explanation of the great working invention in Germany - "Scientific explanation for Rosch' KPP buoyancy system" [PESN; May 13] is not actually worth much of attention - because it would do the unneeded thing - criticize the great invention official company's "theory".

This explanation is written in whole based on Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP) - just the physics that people have gotten in their university years.

They wrote what they could.

In reality - this is the multiphase (polyphase) - actually 3-phase fluids flow dynamics regime as is. 

The matter is that this kind of physics DOE, DOD, NSF and other agencies had been making the set-ups to programs for their understanding and "scientific" rigorous physics and modeling - just in my memory in 1990s-2000s, don't know about latest years. Lost interest to see their wasting of money.

The reasons are hard to hold and to crack - because the reasons are from the other universe for them. 

Many of the sub-sections in "Fluid Mechanics" have been devoted to this really theme of polyphase dynamics physics.

Many are unfinished - because this is the work for tens and hundreds of researchers, as it was done in the past in XX century.
Still - some topics are open, and one of them is exactly on the explanation of the device we all are glad that it finally happened - above mentioned - "energy-extracting pneumohydraulic turbine".

In the sub-section- 
"Homogeneous Mathematical Schemes for Heterogeneous Multiphase Fluids - 14 Years After 1998 Analysis and Criticism

I was writing in 2011-2012 on the stiff for >25 years inability of professors community on multi-phase fluids to understand and follow the correct math and physics for polyphase Scaled, Heterogeneous (really Heterogeneous, not just declared as "heterogeneous") matters understanding and modeling.

This might be of help in approaching to problems of understanding and modeling of different physics results regarding the "sources" of like "external" energy ??

Besides, I am not telling that I've proven everything - I am telling in this - that this physics has the ONLY CORRECT physical and mathematical formulation, description - when used the polyphase scaled explanation.

This is proven in the studies of ~ 48 years since 1967 and in many scientific fields, sciences and solutions - including exact ones.

At this particular moment I doubt that public and professionals would understand what is written in those sub-sections.

As it was happened in 2013 when I spent time and wrote some studies on Yildiz Magnet Motors function?
This needs to be taught in the long courses, this is a long journey for professionals and students.
Right now there is no other physics, theory that can do the scaled description (correct in math) of polyphase, polyscale physics. 

[5/15/2015 1:22:03 AM | Edited 1:31:13 AM] VT2: Sterling,
In addition it would be fruitful for all if you give to this German Co the information that should be of interest to them as soon as you mentioned -
that they have ambitious plans for a much greater scale power supply devices (turbines) of this kind of - "Gravidynamic Energy Turbine" extracting energy from natural forces using gravitation and polyphase kinetic energy supply.

I am talking about the missed forces in the polyphase dynamics that are disclosed (among many spots in websites) particularly clear in my papers as: 

"What Classical Mechanics of XVIII Provided in XX Has Done Wrong to the Base of Mechanical Science Including the Classical Mechanics of Continuum Particles and Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Particle Physics"

and in 

"The Major Forces Have Been Missing From Governing Equations for Dynamics of Sub-atomic and Continuum Particles, Bodies in XVIII - XX"  

where I've wrote:
" 1) One of many consequences of this wild and cr.... behavior of COH physics senior (upper) staff (more or less qualified staff) is that the known since XVIII century looking infallible postulates and equations of Newton "cannot" be corrected they are sure.

2) Another that these people cannot change their way of making living.

3) More serious consequence is that according to these dynamics equations Should be changed and many COHP sub-disciplines as - Classical Mechanics itself, particle physics (it is wrong and simplistic in many parts), nuclear physics, atomic physics, astrophysics, electrodynamics, theory of magnetism, gravidynamics, etc., etc. "

If you would deliver this to them and post this info at, this might raise the attention and lead to new designs in the same kind of naturally extracting energy technologies !!!

[5/18/2015 2:59:39 PM | Edited 3:00:25 PM] VT2: Sterling, 
I am flying over (continue) the topic of the #1 Swiss-Austria and etc. demo prototype of "Gravidynamic Kinetic Energy Turbine".
You see - they are actually Selling the "Proof of the Principle" not even the prototype !! 
Their device test design is a misfortune, but works. 
Still will be working for 2-3 months and then start breaking apart - just because of poor design.
Their "scientific explanation" is taken from the Russian paper and doesn't worth the much of it.
Still - and this is important - the both designs shown in your texts in are with the same polyscale physics base - no matter what you watch in the designs and pictures. Russian design more reliable - but we don't know its performance characteristics and real COP. 
And that was actually in 2004 publication!
What happened later and even - Ever happened later? We don't know.
Nevertheless, don't read and pay attention to trolls in the "discussion" part
and continue to keep this simple device in the 1st place - because of its hidden qualities to revealing 
capacity for overunity performance. And undisputed simplicity - Where is the energy coming from ? 
University physics doesn't know.
I think these designs kind of can be of Zillion, and that's good.
====== (y) (^) ==========

# # #


email: travkin {at}


  • Featured: Buoyancy > Rosch > GAIA >
    Blog: GAIA's AuKW Demo - To track the demonstration under way in Germany from April 25 to May 6 of GAIA's AuKW production prototype, which is the first of 500, as a self-sustaining system (no input power), producing 4.8 kW net output continuously. [Presently SEEKING: Visitor input.] (PESWiki)

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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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