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You are here: > News > May 16, 2015; 1:45 GMT

LENR-to-Market Digest -- May 16, 2015

Photo of Domestic Hot Cat, submitted to Trademark office

Highlights include: Domestic heater E-Cat photo, long self-sustain periods, size getting smaller; 'in contact' with Elon Musk; ICCF-19 reports, featuring Parkhomov replication, Tom Darden; Open Power Association collaborating with MFMP; other Start-ups: LENRIA, Clean Nuclear Power, and French Society of Nuclear Science in Condensed Matter. 

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of the news about the various LENR companies since our March 7 compilation. This time I only pull from E-CatWorld, which had over 55 articles in this time span.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • General Cold Fusion
    • Overviews
      • Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion (Video from - A new video has been produced by the website titled “Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion”. I think it’s very nicely produced and well written and gives a good introduction to the topic suitable for people who have very little background in the topic. (E-CatWorld; May 8, 2015)
      • New LENR Film, Following Nature’s Documents (Ruby Carat) - I received the following message from Ruby Carat yesterday regarding a short documentary film she has produced and which will be shown at the ICCF19 conference: The movie (18:28) looks at the method of initiating the cold fusion reaction called co-deposition. Co-deposition became the basis of Navy LENR research at SPAWAR Systems Center for over twenty-years, yielding results such as excess heat, nuclear products and transmutations. (E-CatWorld; April 12, 2015)
      • Report of Rochester, Minnesota Public LENR Presentation by Tom Wind (Ivan Idso) - Tom Wind, president of Wind Utility Consulting in Jamaica, Iowa, and president and founding board member of the Energy 2.0 Society gave a public presentation on April 26, “The Advance of Low Energy Nuclear (LENR) Technology”, at the Earthfest Ecofair in Rochester, Minnesota. (E-CatWorld; April 28, 2015)
    • ICCF 19
      • ICCF-19 Conversations and Impressions (Mats Lewan) - Thursday was my first day at ICCF-19, and it was worth every minute. Let me first give you a picture of the situation. I quickly understood that ICCF-19 is very different from earlier years. The number of attendees is the double of what had been expected. A total of about 500 people is lot more than in recent years, even though similar numbers have been reached occasionally at ICCF before. (E-CatWorld; April 28, 2015)
      • ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #10: Conference Wrap-up from Cold Fusion Now) - There’s a very nice article on Cold Fusion Now here ( which provides a wrap-up of the week’s events in Padua, with highlights and impressions from many of the conference attendees. (E-CatWorld; April 23, 2015)
      • Parkhomov
        • Parkhomov Reports on ICCF-19, Meeting with Lugano Testers (Who are Also Replicating) - Alexander Parkhomov has made a post on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site a brief report of his visit to ICCF-19, which includes some interesting news about meeting with some of the testers who were involved in the Lugano experiment. (E-CatWorld; April 18, 2015)
        • Alexander Parkhomov Poster Session at ICCF-19 (Video) - This is the poster session at the ICCF-19 conference where Alexander Parkhomov presented his research findings, and answered questions. As you will see from watching the video there was a lot of interest in his presentation from conference attendees who gathered around. (E-CatWorld; April 23, 2015)
        • Technical Discussion with Alexander Parkhomov on his Replications - Yesterday — Wednesday, April 15, during the course of a little light sight-seeing and a pleasant private lunch I had the chance to ask Dr. Alexander Parkhomov some technical questions about his replication of the Rossi E-Cat. (E-CatWorld; April 16, 2015)
    • LENR-G Meeting
    • Experimentation
      • George Miley Team Reports Superior Energy Gain in Pressurized Nano-Particle Reactors - Thanks to Daniele Passerini of, who has posted an abstract a presentation given by a team led by George Miley (Lenuco LLC) from the program of the NETS (Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space] conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Feb 23-26, 2015. (E-CatWorld; March 19, 2015)  
      • Live Experiment from Denis Vasilenko (AKA Firax Tech) - A new LENR Experiment has been started by Denis Vasilenko, aka Firax Tech. He writes that this experiment is designed to test his quartz reactor for hydrogen leaks. (E-CatWorld; May 14, 2015)
      • Stirling Engines and LENR - … this link to an article from the Guardian, which reports on how a solar installation in South Africa ’s Kalahari desert built by a Swedish company called Ripasso is converting solar energy directly into electricity using a Stirling engine. (E-CatWorld; May 13, 2015)
      • New Fire and Ancient Fire Compared (Mike Henderson) - The new fire seems similar to ancient fire. When lighting a fire, conditions must be within fairly tight specs. The ratio of fuel to air must be within certain bounds, the structure of the tinder fuel should allow for some flow-through. There must not be too much wind, nor too much moisture. (E-CatWorld; May 10, 2015)
    • Theoretical
      • The McEk LENR Controller (Gerard McEk) - Since Andrea Rossi presented his E-Cat in 2011, there were rumors of him using a kind of additional control other than just the triac-based heater coil controller. Many people saw the E-Cat nearby, but there has never been a serious indication that such an additional device was installed or needed, although Defkalion did add such an apparatus to their Hyperion, and Brillouin also use some kind of electromagnetic stimulation. (E-CatWorld; May 10, 2015)
      • Nickel or Palladium? — The Future Direction of LENR Research - I’ve seen some discussion regarding the recent ICCF-19 conference about the direction and future of LENR research in terms of the types of systems that are being tested and reported on. (E-CatWorld; April 21, 2015)
    • Politics
      • POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisor Eyes Cold Fusion as Possibility for Decarbonization - Europe’s energy transition has placed the nuclear sector at a crossroads, and members of POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisory Board consider the role of nuclear in Europe’s drive towards energy decarbonisation, ahead of the conference and exhibition which will take place in Amsterdam, 9-11 June, 2015 “Nuclear power will remain on the agenda and if we get a break-through in cold fusion, it will be even more important.” (E-CatWorld; April 24, 2015)

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