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You are here: > News > April 28, 2015; 4:00 GMT

Ronny Korsberg is very confident Rosch KPP/GAIA AuKW is real

Exotic Free Energy connoisseur attended the GAIA 5 kW AuKW demo on Monday as well as the Plexiglas demo last Fall. Based on what he has seen, and the conversations he's had with some of the players, he is essentially certain that they are for real, and no trickery is taking place.

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We'll be doing a live interview with Ronny on Wednesday, April 29, 19:00 18:00, GMT. (12 pm Mountain) so you can call in with any questions you might have for him. You can either hook in via Skype or phone.

Ronny Korsberg, screenshot from a brief interview I did with him on his birthday, April 13, 2013, when we were visiting Fabrice Andre in France.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Added April 28; 13:30 GMT

Those of you who have been tracking our news for a while will remember Ronny Korsberg from April, 2013. He attended the Yildiz magnet motor demonstration in Geneva, and drove me up to Fabrice Andre's place in France. It's a photo he took of me there that you've seen on our Facebook page since then.

I was delighted to learn he had just attended GAIA's demonstration of their five kilowatt AuKW system -- a production prototype, first of 500. For those of you not familiar, that is claimed to be a self-sustaining (no input power), with 4.8 kW net output. It is a buoyancy device in which floats are filled with air at the bottom of a tank, causing them to rise; then they fill with water on their way down, to then repeat the cycle, while turning a generator to harvest the energy gained. It is a home power version of a technology by Rosch Innovations AG, who is focusing on utility-scale applications, starting with 5 MW systems, claiming a total of 100 MW presently running at various places.

I had just spoken with Ronny last week to get his report of his attendance at ICCF-19 (International Conference on Cold Fusion) in Italy.

In the course of our 1-hour conversation about the GAIA/Rosch technology, I learned that Ronny is extremely confident that this technology is what it claims to be -- contrary to the sentiment by most, in looking on, that it couldn't possibly work. Even though present models of science wouldn't predict any way to get overunity, the Rosch KPP (kinetic power plant) technology is claimed to be many times overunity -- enough to self-loop (keep itself running, keeping the air compressor satisfied) with generous amounts of energy left over for practical use.

The skeptics viewing the technology are imagining ways that GAIA might be cheating in their alleged self-looped, net 4.8 kW system. They imagine that there might be hidden cables going to the system, either through the supports from the wall or up through the floor. One person even imagined that the floats are actually filled with batteries.

I asked Ronny why he believes it really works. His reasons were several, as elaborated in my notes below. When the Plexiglas system was on display last Fall at Adolf Schneider's conference in Breganz, Switzerland, October 18, 2014, Ronny spent quite a bit of time inspecting it, and was satisfied that it was genuine. His primary hesitancy was that it was so big and didn't produce much power, so it would be expensive, not competing with Solar or Wind. But in this present embodiment, that is no longer the case; it is competitive, price-wise, and would be ideal for home power. He sees the parent company and GAIA as being very professional, and the prototypes as embodying the world-famous German engineering. Their facility is in a part of town where many Germany companies are located. It makes no sense that they would be running a scam. Rosch Innovations has many employees. It is no insignificant enterprise. 


April 27 Interview Notes

Ronny Korsberg; Apr. 27; 5:13 pm [mountain]; AuKW demo report

Saw 2 M high demo at last Fall's expo.

I'm really convinced because:
it had a load of 4.7 kW
heating, lights, lamps, TV
steady 50 Hz
closed-loop system
couldn't seen any lines going in there
German engineering
industrial area of town
very professional partner (Rosch)
able to do it

If it's a fraud, it's the best fraud ever.

Couldn't see anything suspicious. It's just connected to the wall for holding it steady

To satisfy the skeptic that it's not a fraud, such as hidden power coming from the floor or through the support rods, you'd have to have it in your back yard running for a month.

very professional

skeptics: if you do calculations
engineers can't find a scientific explanation for this
the numbers are not fixing with the reality

I don't know if you find a good scientific explanation

The AuKW prototype has been running there for over a week [started Saturday, April 18].

Q. When you saw last fall, what did you think?

Heard about this [idea?] 10 years ago
Friends did calculations: not possible
Found some could be possible to get more energy out, a guy that has clue
When I saw it last Fall, interesting principle; was running the whole time I was there, enough electricity to run lights
batteries disconnected.
had measurement device with me
continuous movement the whole time, 
producing electricity
Was a huge fair, I was there in the morning, hanging out 45 minutes; then walking around, looking at other things
went later that day, still running; ~4-5 hours. [Note, Roberto said that the system only ran for about 1:40 hours before the guy from Rosch had to leave, so they turned it off, though it could have continued to run.] It was disconnected from batteries. The batteries were just to start it, which took ~15 seconds; and they were then disconnected. (Same with AuKW: external power required to get it running.)

I could push it, it rolled
electromagnetic field detected

Q. on scale of from 0-10, how sure are you about this [KPP/AuKW] being real?

A. 9.99

Q. Can you elaborate on what you saw last fall?

It works, but not enough power.
Was thinking about how to increase to produce more power; talking with others about it, how to increase it.
Robert told me it would not a big problem to increase.
Really positive to the principle.
More sure it was no fraud, because it was just running.

Now they have made it [AuKW], 4.8 kW; still big.
Can't put it in a car; but perfect for a household.
It can compete with wind and solar.

When I saw it in the Fall, it would not compete with wind/solar; but that was a demo prototype.

Q. You're part of a team scouting for FE technologies to take to market. Do you think your team might get involved?

Definitely get involved in this.
Have made up my mind on this. Just going to figure out how I should work with it.

Discussion with team here in Cologne and Robert
How to produce many units of this
Get at [AuKW] test model in Oslo to invite people in to see.
They are just in the beginning.
Takes time to produce it.
The R&D is over.

I'm figuring where to put it; by home? other place?

Q. Regarding the utility scale version of this by Rosch: the 5 MW system?

People thinking this insane, shouldn't work.
This time I believe it actually worked.

I also know other thing, close to breakthrough.

Utility scale?

Talked to other people
Bigger one very interesting.
Could use in remote area, would be interesting.

Q. How much has your talking with other people involved with this influenced your opinion on it?

Have been talking around. and important part of having a good picture on this, what they believe, disbelieve, know, don't know

I know it's existing, bigger units for testing. Not so deep into it, don't know everything.
Don't know what I can say
more convinced
What they say is one thing; but seeing it for myself; running with load.

Some bigger units around 100 kW have been running for over a year.
One unit for two years; also producing ~100 kW.
To get duration tests for longevity.

Things take time.

Q. How much of what you believe comes from "confidential" information?

Most things are open, on the table.

Trouble is that people don't believe it works. If you do the math, it doesn't make sense. Difficult conversation. I can't convince them with math.
On the other hand, it's running. Wow, it works.

If it's a clever trick; why would they do that? Thousands of people.

It works, produces electricity.

Shouldn't work, but it does.

Q. How loud?

You can hear it, but it's like a bad air conditioner; mid-normal 
But with insulation, it would be more quiet.
Could have conversation in vicinity; not a problem. We could hear the tour person speaking  really well, talking in a normal voice.
Noise was almost nothing.

Q. What did you think of the control panel display?

I wanted to see everything, inside (but couldn't).
400 V output
50 Hz
Load. 4.7 kW, could see lights and heat

On the back wall, they have drawings of electrical lines; how put together; in German
I understand German quit well, but not technical.

Q. Regarding ways things could have been more clear and reduce skepticism?

Of course, the show could be better, more convincing, better manner. But that takes time.

Improvement: could have English translators on certain days.

They did what they did based on what was necessary at that time.

Whatever you demonstrate, you want to show that things work.

The 100 kW will have windows. Quite heavy.

Suggestion: They could have a video from when they put it together.

Q. Could you draw for us a mental picture of what the tour was like?

I came there with a car. German industrial area. A lot of other companies doing different things. Went to entrance, 3 story building with offices upstairs, a lot of employees. Rosch, does other things, too.
At entrance, met people.
Then went to show room, ~200 M2, quite big area for doing things later, if they want.

Regarding the 100 kW demonstrator being built:

The [name place for the generator head] for the 100 kW system was listed as ~490 kW, almost half a MW. The tube is 7-8 M long. 2 M diameter. 
Parts of it were there, the generator was there; up to 490 kW possible [by that generator, but they won't be running it that high]
Air compressor, huge, was also there. 
The chain and float components were not there

The small demo unit from the [Fall] fair was there. Every one could see it. There was no water in it. It was there so you could see the mechanism, how it moves, connecting to the air, see how it's constructed.

The 5 kW was in the corner, with the TV, load, measurement.

They didn't want us to go close in, 3 M out from demo.

Everything was in same room. Except for the demo system, we were free to walk around, touch, see the name plates and numbers. They were allowing people to look, take pictures.

Q. In my interview with Etmen Dohmen, the Chairman of Rosch, he said they presently have 100 MW total up and running. Do you think that is believable, based on what you've experienced?


If 5 kW works; to scale it up shouldn't be difficult.

At first, I didn't think it was possible.

Tour description continued...

1.5 hour; 6-8 of us together. 
Guided tour. 

When I arrived, there were maybe 25, bigger group. [Through the day (guess)], the number might fluctuate between 50, or just 5.

In the corner were refreshments, food, water, sandwich, coffee, tea; then you would go out.
They weren't pushing for a sale.
You could sit down if you want.

People were very curious; lot of questions.

Q. Describe the office space?

I didn't go upstairs. It was not a note to block it off. 
People, as part of Rosch Innovations, were going up and down. Felt it was natural to be on first floor with visitors.

The security entailed showing identification that I am who I am, whether by showing passport or driving license. Almost like checking into a  hotel. 

There were some security guys there. One of them was a big, strong man, watching over.
They were keeping aware of who was coming.
So no one would be harmed.

I had a bag with me and had to go back and put it in the car.
They allowed camera, cell phone, notebook.

Q. Regarding the 100 kW demo timing?

Maybe end of May. Things take longer than expected.

It's always that when new things come to the world they are first considered "crazy."

I look forward to go on that show.
This present presentation was supposed to be beginning April, but it ended up starting near the end of April.

The 100 kW tube thick enough to hold so much water. I was going inside it, knocking on it. It's made of solid metal, good welding, professionally put together, huge tube. Suitable for the purpose.

5 kW was steel, maybe 317 steel. It looks like plastic, but it's steel. Paint on it. Like on a car. Looks fancy. 

The ones that people get as kit. will be like this. I suppose you could paint it yourself, different colors.

Q. Could you tell us a little about your background and involvement?

From N. Norway. Have been doing replications of FE technologies, controversial technologies. Heard about people who have been dying from it.... Stanley Myer, poisoned 1988. I tried to replicate his; managed to get close, but didn't do it in manner he did: overunity.
Also studying nuclear physics; LENR; cold fusion.

Figured out that I didn't have lab to do all these things myself, so I changed my focus more to finding people doing interesting things. That has lead me to meeting a lot of interesting people; making friends; diving deeper into rabbit's hole.
Also interested in conventional breakthroughs.
Someone will suddenly find a tech that makes a big change; it's always like that.
I have my eyes and ear open to new things.
I'm "crazy" enough to go, measure. Sometimes the demonstration poor, not working.

This time, I'm really astonished at what is going on. It works.

Before that; I had normal jobs: real estate; fish selling; boring types of jobs.
Now I'm incorporating what I'm learning, networking with investors, interesting technologies.

Our group doesn't have a name yet, haven't had need for marketing ourselves.
Website is down.

Several friends; many of them different resources.

If you have something that works, we can help.

A bit of reminiscing about time spent together.

IN 2013, we both attended the Yildiz Magnet motor demo in Geneva.
We drove up to France to see Fabrice Andre (story), on my birthday: 13 April.
3000 M above sea level. It was like a break from everything.

I have his wife on Skype, have been trying to talk to her.

I did some of the testing with Tesla coil, didn't get same results.

Regarding the Kapanadze stuff he was doing; I didn't have enough knowledge to figure out how to improve...
He didn't show us enough.
The thing he showed in the garage, I didn't understand.

That wind turbine they were testing...

Notes from April 20 Report on ICCF-19 Conference in Italy

Ronny Korsberg; Apr. 20, 2015; 12:03 pm [Mountain]
coming back from ICCF conference

There were not many investors

No big news there; much of the same.
Fleishmann Memorial Project group was there, open source.

Different approaches to theory.

Brillouin was there
Robert Goddes was there
Mike McKubre

A little disappointed in lack of good news.

Brillouin has had good news with his stuff.

Rossi was not there
Tom Dearden was there on Monday, when I was sick.

Atmosphere: we need to cooperate, share, working together

Lack of investment was a topic

One a company in NY, guy has invested in LENR
Mike Harlan
LENR Cars and several others (secret)

Brillouin method different
Rossi has problems controlling it, but has more OU out.

60-80 people there

Not sure if Frank was there E-Cat World

Like family atmosphere; after a few days, guard down; more open.

X factors; strange behavior
if 2000 degrees, things accellarate
lectures will be on website
said they would send list of participants

Did take a few pictures of the location; big hall.

Was planning on doing interview with McKubre
didn't materialize

The big thing was theh Parkhamov replication.
He was there, with his daughter.

can call McKubre; he was there every day
saw deep in it; the nerves
knows so much; good overview of what everyone does

This conference, have scientific report, Lugano report; Brillouin results; the Russian guy Parkhamov
still in the shadow, but growing
maybe next year new change, in the news

A friend and group in Netherland plan on making a reactor.
We're collecting the right info about the science
to build a proof of concept
we have an idea about how to make a better design
need funding to do R&D

- - - 

Saw Indian Paramahans thing, interesting; was sure it works; talked to him quite a bit previously; "just come down, it works"

# # #


  • Featured: Buoyancy > Rosch > GAIA >
    Blog: GAIA's AuKW Demo - To track the demonstration under way in Germany from April 25 to May 6 of GAIA's AuKW production prototype, which is the first of 500, as a self-sustaining system (no input power), producing 4.8 kW net output continuously. [Presently SEEKING: Visitor input.] (PESWiki)

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