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You are here: > News > February 30, 2015

Alexander Parkhomov

“Local overheating resulting in reactor destruction.”

LENR-to-Market Digest -- January 30, 2015

Highlights this week include: New report by Alexander Parkhomov showing excess heat in E-Cat variant; Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat, too; Sven Kullander Plaque for 1 MW E-Cat Plant; Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT; Science Journal special section on LENR; "Other Nuclear"

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here's a compilation of the news about the various LENR companies since our January 22 compilation.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Replications
        • Alexander Parkhomov
          • New report by Alexander Parkhomov (LENR-Forum; January 28, 2015)
            • alexander_parkhomov2.pdf (in Russian)
              • The last slide says according to google translate:
                Experiments with the analog high-heat generator Rossi, loaded with a mixture of lithium aluminum hydride and nickel, showed that temperatures of about 1100 about C or higher
                This device does produce more energy than it consumes.
                The level of ionizing radiation during the reactor is not significantly higher than background indicators. Neutron flux density not higher 0.2 neutrons / cm2
            • Translation to English by Peter Gluck
          • The Parkhomov Effect Could Lead to Cold Fusion / LENR Breakout in 2015 - As Alexander Parkhomov continues to speak and publish about his work on the Lugano E-Cat replication effort, it is becoming clear that his work is becoming the major focus of people following the LENR story.
            For a number of years we have been carefully watching news about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, reading his comments, and studying every report, snippet of news and image, waiting for his technology to finally make it into the real world. The Lugano report was a turning point, because we received what could turn out to be critical information about the fuel used in the reactor, and this is the information that Alexander Parkhomov took and ran with — building a reactor based on information in that report.
            Now it appears that he has gotten close enough to Rossi’s recipe to show some type of ‘Rossi effect’, even if the reactor is not identical in construction or fuel. But I think his work has shown an effect that is ‘close enough’ to get people thinking that maybe it’s not such a difficult thing after all to build a device that clearly demonstrates an LENR effect.
            We have seen the work of Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, Brian Ahern, and Jack Cole as examples of efforts now attempting to build on the work of Parkhomov (in different ways) (E-CatWorld; January 28, 2015)
          • Parkhomov Presentation Watch Thread - Two presentations by Alexander Parkhomov have been announced for this week in Moscow.
            The first is scheduled to be today (Tuesday, January 27th, 2014 at 14:00 local time ) at a seminar titled ““The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” at VNIIAES, the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation based in Moscow, where Parkhomov is to speak on ““The study of high-temperature heat source analogue of Rossi”.
            The second presentation is scheduled for Thursday, January 29th at a seminar titled “Cold fusion and fireball” in the People’s Friendship University in Moscow to be held at 16:00 local time, where Parkhomov’s presentation is titled “New experimental results with the analog high-temperature reactor Rossi” (E-CatWorld; January 27, 2015)
          • McKubre Convinced by Lugano and Moscow Ecat Experiments - One of the world’s most experienced experts on cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has reviewed the Lugano Test of Andrea Rossi’s ecat LENR device and Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov’s attempt to replicate it.   Dr. Michael C.H. McKubre who has reviewed and participated in many LENR experiments is convinced that both experiments achieved nuclear reactions and generated excess heat. (EnergyCatalyzer3; January 24, 2015)
        • Jack Cole
          • Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat With New Experiment - A new post by Jack Cole on the LENR-Cold Fusion site reports on an apparently successful experiment to demonstrate excess heat from a reactor containing nickel powder, lithium hydroxide, aluminum powder, and iron oxide, with an apparent maximum gain so far of around 11 per cent. Jack has chosen this combination of materials to avoid using lithium aluminum hydride (used by Alexander Parkhomov) which can be dangerously volatile (can ignite when exposed to moisture, and highly toxic if inhaled or ingested. (E-CatWorld; January 27, 2015)
          • Replication of Ni/LiOH Excess Heat Results: Updated – Experiment Completed - After the earlier success of producing apparent excess heating with a blend of nickel powder, lithium hydroxide, aluminum powder, and iron oxide (Fe2O3), there followed three failed attempts to repeat the results. The present experiment appears to have been successful. The fuel was modified in this experiment thanks to fellow Vortex member Jones Beene who […] (LENR-ColdFusion; January 27, 2015)
      • Andrea Rossi Honors Sven Kullander With Plaque on 1 MW E-Cat Plant - “Dear Frank: I send you the photo of the plate we applied to the 1 MW plant to day,: one year ago prof. Sven Kullander passed away. I would be glad if you publish it in your important blog. (E-CatWorld; January 26, 2015)
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • Project Fedora Thread [UPDATE #4: MFMP Refuse to Sign NDA with NicHEnergy] - There have been some interesting posts on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Facebook page today describing their initial meeting as part of Project Fedora — working with Francesco Piantelli. They have started out in Milan where they met with officials from Nichenergy, the company created to commercialize Piantelli’s LENR technology. (E-CatWorld; January 25, 2015)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Academic
      • Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT - Thanks very much to Barry Simon for this report from the recently held 2015 Cold Fusion 101 short course held at MIT . CF 101 was again inspiring. Peter Hagelstein is a CF theorist and Mitchell Swartz brings in his experimental data with the NANOR and the PHUSOR. Since 2012 when I first saw a NANOR at MIT, they have been improving on an increasing curve. The latest series are called M-NANORs. The M is for magnetism, which somehow increases the efficiency and the longevity of the NANOR with consistent gains of 80 to 100 COP (in some tests much higher by far).  (E-CatWorld; January 24, 2015)
      • “The Study of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions” (Slideshow by SN Andreev from VNIIAES Meeting) - Below is a slideshow (translated from the original Russian by Google) that was used in the presentation titled “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” given by SN Andreev, academic secretary of the Institute of General Physics, given at the meeting on LENR held at VNIIAES in Moscow, on January 27th, 2015 (E-CatWorld; January 29, 2015)
      • Open Power Association Newsletter #17: Roy Virgilio honored; collaboration with Francesco Celani moving forward - The Open Power Association at has published Newsletter #17. Selected excerpts of interest to readers are google-translated and posted here. Read the full and complete newsletter in the […] (ColdFusionNow; January 21, 2015)
    • Gates
      • Could Bill Gates be Hinting about LENR in Annual Letter? - Bill Gates has written an annual letter about what he hopes to accomplish with his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He talks about a ‘big bet’ that he is making, that the lives of the poorest people on earth will improve dramatically over the next fifteen years because of advances in technology — mentioning specifically vaccines, hardier crops and cheap smartphones and tablets. (E-CatWorld; January 23, 2015)
    • Media
      • Current Science Journal Has Special Section on LENR — (Current Science Association and Indian Academy of Sciences) - Current Science: a Fortnightly Journal of Research, is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary science journal published twice monthly by twice monthly by the Current Science Association, in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences. The upcoming issue of the journal has a special section titled “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” which contains articles on a variety of topics connected with LENR. (E-CatWorld; January 23, 2015)
        • Current Science 108 features Special Section: Cold Fusion - CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 108, 2015 issued in January features a Special Section: Cold Fusion, publishing papers from a wide group of scientists probing both experimental and theoretical results in the field […] (ColdFusionNow; January 24, 2015)
      • Hindu Newspaper Pushes LENR as the ‘Other Nuclear’ - Following yesterday’s release of the special section on LENR in the Indian science journal Current Science is an article by M. Ramesh in the Hindu, India’s second largest English language newspaper titled “Do not forget the ‘other’ nuclear”. The author is up to speed on all the latest developments in the field, including the Lugano E-Cat report, Alexander Parkhomov’s replication of the Hot Cat, and the Current Science special report. (E-CatWorld; January 24, 2015)
      • Nuclear fusion, the magnet pole - Italian researcher Andrea Rossi managed to get huge amounts of energy at low temperature, confirmed in an independent team of researchers premiere. "Energy catalyst" of Andrea Rossi E-Cat or, runs on a low-energy nuclear reactions that produce large amounts of energy from a few grams of hydrogen. (; January 25, 2015)

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