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You are here: > News > January 27, 2015

Sterling seeking to converse face to face with Jesus

For the past few days I've been earnestly engaged in pursuing the promise in Rev. 3:20: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Seeking an interest in your faith and prayers.

Memo: While this report is primarily of a spiritual nature, it includes contents that tie in to my work with finding and facilitating the best exotic free energy technologies, but in a spiritual/prophetic context. That's why I'm posting it here at PESN rather than at If you are not interested in spiritual topics, this account is not for you.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

In Revelation 3:20 is this invitation to everyone:

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

We've all seen paintings depicting this, with Jesus poised at the door, patiently knocking. He's there. It's up to us to hear and open the door.

Usually, we take this figuratively referring to the presence of the Lord, but I'm among those who believe that this verse can also be literal; and in the past few days, you might say I've become obsessed with this verse, seeking as a quest for its corporeal realization for me personally.

I want to have Jesus show up, face to face, and share a meal with me.

One of the primary drivers for me personally is a yearning to receive full healing from my lust addiction so that I don't have to "manage" it for the remainder of my life, which is usually the case with any addiction, facing relapse during times of vulnerability and weakness, and the reverberations that causes in the lives of others. 

While He's at it, I'm also hopeful that Jesus will heal my type 1 diabetes, as well as other physical maladies that may be present. And I'd love to chat with Jesus, ask a few questions, get some advice, and strike up a rapport to make it easier for subsequent visits. 

Furthermore, I'd like to document it all on video -- for later publication when the world has sufficiently met the pre-requisites for that disclosure. I believe I have His permission to do that. I give my reasons for that herein.

This was spurred a little more than a week ago when I encountered the word "hug" in an Alphabetics study in context of healing from Jesus. It got my synapses firing, bringing to mind all the invitations in scripture to come into the presence of divinity, to see God, or Jesus, specifically, face to face. I personally know several people who have had an experience of this ilk, and I've long believed that at some point, I'll have that privilege myself -- not just once, but regularly. 

In my book, The Vision of All: Our Past, Present, and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon History, I compare the history of the BofM to the history of the House of Israel from beginning to end: a macrocosm parallel to another macrocosm. Then, in Part II of the book, I compare these national histories to the spiritual progress of an individual through life: a macrocosmic parallel to the microcosm of a person. Jesus' glorious appearance to the Nephites and Lamanites here on the American Continent following the cataclysmic destructions that accompanied His crucifixion in the old world, parallels the second coming of Jesus to the world, fulfilling the prophecy to His disciples just prior to Pentecost: "This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven." (Acts 1:11) These two parallel Jesus' appearance to an individual, which is called the "Second Comforter." And sequentially, you can see that the personal Pentecost or anointing immediately follows that.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that such a thing is in store for me -- and for anyone who diligently seeks the kingdom of God. The question is when.

It turns out that with the things unfolding in my life, I have come to believe that the time for me to have the first (for me, in this lifetime) such experience of seeing Jesus face to face is imminent. And one of the reasons I'm publishing this story to you, my esteemed audience (including the well-meaning rascals among you who poke fun of me and call me nasty names and insist that I've lost it and need professional mental help), is that I am hoping that by getting your thoughts and prayers working in my behalf, that perhaps it might help improve the likelihood of my being able to pierce the veil, amplifying my own yearnings

To use an energy analogy, there is my direct input to this energy equation; and what I'm seeking is to harness the wheelwork of nature -- the energy of you in my audience, and ultimately the appearance of Jesus -- so that I might get more out than what I put in. I'm confident that the well-wishes of the good among you will surpass the negative detraction component of those among you who delight in what appears to you to be the toppling of Sterling Allan, when quite the opposite is under way.

Here, briefly, is a synopsis of what has transpired so far in this quest.

Day 1, Thursday, January 22

I posted the LENR Digest the night prior, dating it Jan. 22 based in GMT. At the end of that synopsis, I posted this:

For those of you who think my Alphabetics is coming from a place of mental instability, I would like to report to you that the same mental processes that enable me to find those connections are in play here in compiling these news stories by topic. I feel exactly the same doing both tasks, though I enjoy Alphabetics more (it's more exhilarating -- the quest to unravel a great riddle), as thrilling as LENR news is.

In the first half of Jan. 22, I did several phrase searches, tabulating their ASCII sum, then looking up that sum in the Old and New Testament lexicons. I would say that the relevance was 100%, spot on, as is usually the case with Alphabetics.

For example, the ASCII sum of the string: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." (without the quotation marks but including the punctuation and spaces), came to 12645. There aren't that many words in either lexicon, so I divided it by a few things to get tons of applicable stuff, according to the principle of resonance and harmonics. 12645/2=6322.5, and word 6322 in the OT is the proper noun, Pul, which is used only in Isaiah 66:19, where it talks about the nations of the world seeing the glory of God. The next word Gesenius lists is an unused root, and it means: "(1) the mouth; (2) door, entrance", specifically mentioning a key word from Rev. 3:20, "door".

I got the biggest hit when I divided 12645 by 10, moving the decimal point one place to the left, getting such words as "to eat" (1262) and "food" (1267) in the NT lexicon; and "To announce everywhere or tell abroad, divulge" (1255); "To speak back and forth or alternately, to converse with, reason, present intelligent discourse" (1256); "To bear witness" (1263); to meet with; to hold together; to communicate" (1266) in vicinity words in the OT lexicon.

I also hit the road on Jan. 22, driving down to Safe Haven Villages at White Hill, north of Ephraim, which is about a 25 minute drive from my parent's place, and I walked up to the very top of that hill for the first time ever. I'd walked up on the hill several times previously, as it is part of our 90-acre property, but never to the top. I did some praying, repenting, seeking, yearning, pondering, etc. I could see that it is the highest hill in the central part of Sanpete Valley, giving view of most all the major towns in the county. There is one hill quite a bit taller to the north of Moroni.

Then I drove back to my parent's place and went a mile west to Big Springs and tried my petition to the heavens there, but still with no luck.

When I got home, I looked up the ASCII sum of the question: "Should I, Sterling D. Allan, go back up on White Hill tomorrow, January 23, 2015 to seek to open the door to let Jesus in to sup, or should I go to Big Springs?" (without quotation marks, with punctuation and spacing). It comes to 13723. Divided by 4 (two octaves) gives 3430.75. In the NT lexicon, this falls amidst several words having to do with adultery -- which is very relevant, since it is my lust addiction that has been so problematic in my life, and from which I seek to have full recovery, miraculously, through Jesus. The OT lexicon includes the phrases:

3426 being, existence [Tell them "I am" sent you -- to Moses] [on p. 371; p. 371 Web-71 god, gold]
3427 to sit down, thrones; dwell, abide, inhabit; near [sup]
3429 "dwelling tranquilly" [Shiloh]
3428 "father's seat"
>3431 "praising"
3430 "his seat is at Nob" [play on Mt. Nebo, nearby]
3433, 3434 "to whom the people turn"
3435 "leaving behind"
3436 "a seat in a hard place"

From this, I concluded that the meditation spot just north of what we call the "waterless waterfall" on the northwest end of our Safe Haven Villages property best fit that description, with its stone seating. There is no seating at Big Springs, as it is snowed in.

Not far away from this definition is 3442, 3443 Jeshua, which is the Old Testament word translated Iesous in the Greek New Testament, or "Jesus" in modern English.

Seeing that, and "father's seat" just prior to 3431, I next entered this phrase to get its ASCII sum and look it up: "Am I, Sterling D. Allan, the father of Jesus Christ?", which comes to 4439. Here are the relevant definitions:


4438 (1) kingdom, royal dominion; (2) a kingdom
> 4439, 4440 Malchiel "God's king," i.e. appointed by God
4441 "king of Jehovah," i.e. appointed by Jehovah


4438 To box. Syn. to fight; to strive. Ant. to be quiet; to be or act peaceful; to embrace
>4439 A door, gate
4440 A large door
4441 To ask
4442 Fire [God's glory]

In the near two decades I've been digging stuff out of the lexicons, I've never before seen or noticed a definition like "God's king" or "king of Jehovah". But in answer to my question, that's about as direct and affirmative as you could imagine. And the words in the NT lexicon have exact and direct relevance to the Revelation 3:20 verse, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock..." 

Last week, in my Family Home Evening lesson with my kids, I gave a very short lesson because it was late and the next day was a school day. I said, "if there is only one lesson I could give you, it would be this one. That's how important this principle is." And, ironically, it was by far the shortest duration of a lesson we've had. I told them that it boiled down to one three-letter word: ask. That is the key to getting the information you need to progress through life, fulfill your mission, get revelations, and even to attain the pure love of Christ, which God bestows upon all who are true followers of his Son. I share that with you so you can appreciate the relevance I placed in seeing definition 4441 in the NT lexicon being "to ask", in this context of "door" and "fire."

I next looked up the ASCII sum for the phrase: "I, Sterling D. Allan, hope to open the door to sup with Jesus, tomorrow, January 23, 2015, at the meditation spot above the waterless waterfall at Safe Haven Villages." which totals 14809.

Divided by 4, that gives 3702.25, and words in that vicinity in the OT lexicon have to do with "silver, silvery'" which is a play on Sterling; as well as the word "now", in answer to the question of timing; and "shame", in response to the quest for recovery from addiction.

Here is the set of words surrounding definition 3702 in Zodhiates' NT lexicon. Not only are they relevant, but they are spot on relevant and enlightening to the question asked, specifically mentioning "what kind," "when", "where", "to see", "face", and specifying the seeing of the face of God, not once, but several times. I couldn't fathom a set of words anywhere in the lexicon that would be more specific for addressing the question asked.

3697 Of what kind or sort. Syn. great; Ant. least
3698 When, at what time
3699 Of place, meaning where, in what place. time, manner, circumstances
3700 To see, perceive with the eyes, to look at, implying not only the mere act of seeing but also the actual perception of what one sees. (I) To look upon, behold, contemplate. (A) to be seen, appear; of God; of Jesus after His resurrection; "all flesh shall see the salvation of God". (II) to visit; meaning to show oneself, present one's self to or before someone. (III) to see take place, witness; (V) to experience, attain to, enjoy; to see God, to be admitted to His presence, enjoy His fellowship and special favor
3701 A sight, appearance, especially a vision or apparition
> 3702 Roasted, broiled, cooked by fire [there is a fire pit in the center of the place of meditation at SHV]
3703 Fruit of late summer or autumn; juices of grapes, apples [sup; apple juice]
3704 in what manner, how; to the end that, in order that; the result or upshot of an action; (A,1) it marks what is supposed will really take place; (C) expressing mere result or consequence, so that; (D) used after verbs of asking, entreating, exhorting; implying a purpose
3705 horama A sight, spectacle, that which is seen. Used of a supernatural appearance, a vision. Syn. vision; sight, appearance; a spectacle, sight; apparition, vision; appearance, face; face, countenance
3706 horasis Sight, sense of seeing; what one sees, a sight or vision presented to the mind, that which is appearing. Syn. horoma differs from horasis in that it contemplates the vision objectively and focuses upon its content presenting the vision as that which results from the act of appearing, namely, that which is manifested, what is seen. Horasis contemplates the vision subjectively and focuses upon its character presenting the vision as that which performs the act of appearing, that which appears, that which makes itself visible.
3707 Visible
3708 To see, perceive with the eyes, look at; implying not the mere act of seeing, but also the actual perception of some object. (A,1) To see face to face, meaning to see and converse with, have personal acquaintance and fellowship with. To see God, figuratively meaning to know Him, be acquainted with Him, know His character.
3709 Wrath, anger as a state of mind. [3709 is Cheri's cell suffix; and that describes her very well, not just since our separation and divorce, but for much of our marriage as well.]

The last question I asked via looking up the ASCII sum was "Would it be appropriate to take a photo and video of me, Sterling D. Allan, and Jesus?" That totals 7632. Word 7632 in the OT lexicon means "flame", which brings to mind the glory/splendor of God/Jesus, and raises the point about videotaping and needing to have adequate light compensation and adjustment capability, which my 10-year old, Panasonic HD camera has built-in. Not far away is 7635 "a way" I had "highway" written in the margin, and "started". The next word is 7636 "net works", which brings to mind the name of my company, "PES Network"; and definition 7636 goes on to say: "from sun", which certainly brings to mind the classic free energy source: solar, pointing to this very venue as well as as a suitable place to publish. 

Dividing that by 2 (=3816) to get in a range that can be looked up in the NT lexicon, the words around 3816 admonish as follows, which rings similar to the verse in Isaiah 66 cited above, about God gathering the nations to see the glory of God.

3814 silently, softly
3815 "by God"
UR to agree, to be congruent; to gather together
>3816 a people, an nation; community [SHV]
3817 communities
3821 Heart

That last definition played prominently the Sunday Prior in my SterlingSundaySchool lesson (1/18), where we looked up the ASCII sum of the LDS lesson title: "Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior" = 3821.

I later realized that even though I could record this encounter, that I should keep it private, for now, until the public at large has sufficiently met the prerequisite conditions for viewing it.

Day 2,  Friday, January 23

After digging this stuff out, you can imagine that my expectations were very high the next day. I spent the day down at White Hill, mostly at the meditation spot, doing more praying, reflecting, repenting, seeking; and I had my camera present to document most everything. (I'm about half way through compiling/editing days 1-6 of this experience to upload to YouTube as a preliminary offering, to set a context.) [Video]

Part way through the day, I headed back to Fountain Green to get my battery charger so I wouldn't run out of battery when the big reveal happened. On the way there and back, I imagined I had Jesus sitting next to me in the passenger seat, and had a dialogue with him. It was a great experience. On the lighter side, I talked through how I envisioned the filming taking place, as though I was a director with the lead actor. On a more serious note, I apologized for a time in my past when I put some serious distance in my relationship to him. (I ended up disclosing what that was on video three days later.) I asked for his forgiveness, and I felt as though he acknowledged my apology and accepted it. I also expressed my great anticipation in being able to converse with him in person, and I felt as though that feeling was strongly reciprocated.

So back at the property, my expectations were very high as I pulled out my camera and set it up to record.

I have to admit that I was quite disappointed and in a crisis of faith when nothing happened that day. At stake was Alphabetics, because it had seemed so spot on with such a specific question that had little wiggle room.

But as I thought about it, I realized that there is some wiggle room. Realize that when converting a date to ASCII that the altering of the day by one number will alter the sum by one number only; and we were taking that sum and dividing it in order to get it in a range that we could look it up in the lexicons. In the case where we're dividing by 10, the movement of 10 days results in the change of just one in the number we're looking up in the lexicon. Furthermore, in the lexicon, we're considering words several before and after the specific number, so we can budge either direction and still be well within range of the original results.

Day 3,  Saturday, January 24

Saturday morning, I put my camera on a tripod here at my parent's home, like I do for SterlingSundaySchool, and I recorded myself discussing all this stuff I had found and why I was on this quest and what I hoped to accomplish. That discussion entailed bringing up free energy and PESN several times. That 2-hour video was uploaded by Sunday noonish.

By around 1 pm, I was down at White Hill, once again doing the meditation, praying, repenting, pondering, reflecting, seeking; and documenting things with my camera. But I had to head down to Ephraim to take care of some stuff with the house, getting it more ready to sell, repairing the handle on the microwave oven. 

So I only filmed two attempts at having Jesus show up. Both of them have an element of humor in them. In the first, a contrail shows up as a jet flies over right on queue. In the second, you can hear a rifle being fired at an adjoining property where they have a firing range, also on queue. "Pow, pow, pow." Kind of anti-climatic. Conditions weren't good for continuing, and with the next day being the 25th -- my favorite number -- I thought maybe that would be my special day, so I headed out.

That evening, I took a look at what tomorrow's SterlingSundaySchool topic is from the LDS website, and began preparing the lesson for the next day, which ended up tying quite nicely into this whole saga, as is typical. Pretty much every lesson so far has tied into what is going on in my life at the time.

There were also some cool things relating to the date: January 25, 2015, which seemed to hint that this could be my big day.

Day 4,  Sunday, January 25

I woke early to film the 2-hour lesson (I usually try to keep it to about an hour), which was uploaded an available by the next evening.

My dad actually sat in on that one, for the first time ever; but rather than appreciate what he might have found agreeable, he chose instead to take umbrage with my criticism of the LDS leadership, which was a small portion of the lesson. Yes, I may have gone overboard in my generalizations, not giving enough credit to the good that does come from them. For that, I apologize.

I was able to get down to the property by about 11:30, after calling 911 to report a fire in Moroni, that ended up being contained in a barrel (I drove in to inspect for them).

After filming Take 1 at noon, and Take 2 at "midday" with no results, once again I trekked up to the top of the hill, this time at a much more ponderous pace, soaking in the beauties of nature, along with my pondering, repenting, seeking, and conversing with God and nature. I saw two jack rabbits, then a huge owl flew out of a tree I was walking by -- maybe a 5 foot wing span -- and a couple of days before, I saw several deer at the top. The terrain there is spectacular, breathtaking.

Back down at the meditation place, I did a total of 15 takes through the day, the last one being at 7:30, when the sun was fully "down" (relative to our position on the planet), with a little less than a half moon overhead, which was actually quite bright. I mused: "Wouldn't that be quite the spectacle if Jesus showed up in his glory on a Sunday evening, lighting the entire valley." 

I realize that in most instances where He fulfills the Revelation 3:20 verse for someone, it is probably very private and personal and not visible by outside eyes. And maybe my experience will be of that ilk. But I'm also open to the idea of this being a special exception, for the sake of getting people to wake up and turn to God and prepare for a new world that is coming. They wouldn't see the personage, but they would see the light, and then there would be my account, which they could at least circumstantially corroborate. Just in case something like this happens, the next day, I added a statement at the top of (housed at PESWiki) linking to to tell people where to go for an explanation of the light they behold over White Hill.

But, alas, no such thing happened on January 25. And frankly, I was in a major crisis of faith, again, wondering why, with all this amazing stuff I found about this in Alphabetics, nothing was materializing. What merit is Alphabetics if its only a mental exercise with no real life value for bringing amazing things to fulfillment? 

That night, I was quite morose in my follow-up ASCII sum questions, using such phrases as "no show". A couple of days later, as I pondered on this frustration of a quest not yet fulfilled, and expectations being repeatedly let down, I was reminded that the Free Energy Quest is the same way. We know that eventually they will materialize to market and bless humanity. We won't perpetually be "just a few months" from market, never making it. But what made this particular situation very frustrating to me is that I had been extremely specific in my questions, and the answers very very applicable and affirmative.

Day 5,  Monday, January 26

In the morning, I looked up two ASCII sum phrases

  • 4868 = How do I turn this "sup" thing into a corporeal event?
  • 3828 x 2= 7656 = How can I serve as an emissary of recovery if I myself have achieved full recovery?

[Just now, I realized that I left the "not" out of that second string, which is interesting, as if to presage that I will receive recovery.]

These were pretty cool, the second tying strongly into the number seven, specifically mentioning seven sacrifices that were done in the law of Moses to get restitution.

Well, maybe I need to do this seven days, so I made another trek to White Hill, and recorded a confession.

I also took a few minutes to get at least something up in our news:

In the evening, I headed up to see my family to do Family Home Evening, discussing more about that "Ask" subject.

Day 6,  Tuesday, January 27

That brings us to today. I spent much of the day compiling my videos, which will probably be ready by tomorrow morning.

And I also spent about half the day composing this article.

I hope you'll extend your faith and prayers on my behalf to help me get this breakthrough. I think the planet could be greatly benefitted by it, as well as myself.

A memo about the coinciding of ASCII sums

(Note added Jan. 28, 8 pm, via Verizon hook-up at SHV property, waiting for close to midnight.)

One of the most stunning things about the above word studies I did is how many times the ASCII sum of one thing came very close to the ASCII sum for another.

For example, "hear my voice" comes to 1244, and "open the door" comes to 1255, which is just 9 away from 1264, which is the 1/10 sum of: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." the very verse from which those phrases come -- not to mention that the definitions in vicinity of those numbers in the Old and New Testament are highly relevant to those phrases, even including the very key words from them . The topic for the LDS Gospel Essentials class, from which I do my Sterling Sunday School series, for February 1 was "The Creation", and the only word for create, created, creator, createth in the King James Bible is the OT word 1254, which number comes in the midst of this cluster. Then, for the fifth instance, on February 4, I looked up a string whose ASCII sum/10= 1234, which is also the number of the ASCII sum of the name of the lexogropher: "H.W.F. Gesenius". Again, I ascribe all this to resonance, which is the primary reason why Alphabetics works.

The ASCII sum for the shortcut url for this quest "", comes to 4400, which is just 6.5 more than 4393.5, which is 17574/4, the sum of the phrase: "Though I will film my encounter with Jesus, I will not make it public until a sufficient core of society have turned to God. I may make it available to highly trusted individuals in private." So one string talks about the conditions of disclosure, while the other string is the url of what presently is disclosed on the very subject.

The night of January 25, I ran the following string: "Why was Jesus a "no show" for me, Sterling D. Allan, on January 25, 2015?", which came to 5876/2=2938. That harmonic (1/2) is just 10 less than the sum for "Hear my voice, and open the door." = 2928, which I looked up on the evening of January 24 .

The string: "I, Sterling D. Allan, hope to open the door to sup with Jesus, tomorrow, January 23, 2015, at the meditation spot above the waterless waterfall at Safe Haven Villages." comes to = 14809/4=3702.25. And the string I did the night of Jan. 23 after running the show... string mentioned in the previous paragraph was: "That's not very funny. I, Sterling D. Allan, feel like I've been led astray and made a fool. Am I not going to be able to sup with Jesus in the next few days (January 2015)?" It's sum is just 7 less: 14802/4=3700.5. The reason I was saying "that's not very funny" is because some of the words for 2838 had to do with "taste", as if God was teasing me with just a small sampler rather than the full thing. 

And there was another one in this range. The sum for the phrase "In many ways, [***] turned me from Jesus." (I removed the name of a person for privacy) which I looked up on January 26, comes to 3703, less than 1 more than 3702.25. (The last 4 of that person's cell number are 3709.)

That makes three strings in this vicinity: 3700.5, 3702.25, and 3703 -- within a range of 2.5. 

The ASCII sum for "Should I post the sup videos one per day or combined?" comes to 4873, is just 5 less than 4868, which is the sum of "How do I turn this "sup" thing into a corporeal event?"

When I got home after staying past midnight at the meditation cove on Jan. 28, the seventh day of the quest, I looked up the ASCII sum for "Well, I gave that sup thing a fair shot. Now what?" which came to 4389, just 4.5 less than 4393.5 x 4 = 17574 = "Though I will film my encounter with Jesus, I will not make it public until a sufficient core of society have turned to God. I may make it available to highly trusted individuals in private." which I had looked up on Jan. 24. And it is just 1 short of 4400 = "".

So, that makes three strings in vicinity there as well, with the values 4389, 4400, and 4393.5 -- within a range of 4.5. That makes three sets of three closely-bunched strings in this quest in the past week.

I think more than half of the strings I looked up had some kind of coinciding number along these lines. 

And you guys say all this is meaningless, totally random, a waste of time. I'm guessing the statistics on this happening without intelligent design are about the same as the Earth coming into existence by random acts of nature, with no God involved.

With these kinds of things being a regular occurrence for me in this Alphabetics quest, you can see why I don't give it up, but continue to pursue it as its discoverer. I will be vindicated, both in Alphabetics and in Free Energy. Destiny is on my side.

It's Not About Ego

Probably the number one criticism I hear regarding this claim that I'm Heavenly Father in the Flesh is that it is ego driven. I assure you that this is the last thing that drives this. I am fully aware how people who make such claims are treated -- like a nut case needing time in a mental institution. That isn't just a recent realization. I knew that from the beginning, nearly 20 years ago, when I first saw it. Do you think I would wish that kind of reputation on myself if I didn't have more than adequate support for the paradigm? It's one of the primary reasons I've not brought it up until now. Now I have enough confidence in it to be ready to subject myself to the ridicule that comes from making such a claim.

Bear in mind that my definition of "Heavenly Father" is very different from the classical version of "God." My view of God is paralleled in the idea of Santa Claus. It's not just one dude doing everything. Quite to the contrary. Furthermore, while I see God as a universal power, I see Heavenly Father as being a local manifestation for this Earth only. And I see that calling as having tons of helpers, including you reading this. That message of the equalization of God, taking him/her down off the unfathomable pedestal he/she has been put on by tradition, is a very humble one, not ego-based.


Added January 28, 2015; 12:31 PM MST, prior to Sterling heading back to Safe Haven Villages for Day 7. 

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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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