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You are here: > News > December 21, 2014 (Solstice)

Sterling resigning from NEST, NEM, and NEC

Due to personal circumstances that I need to attend to, I am resigning from the New Energy Systems Trust, and from the New Energy Movement, and from the New Energy Congress. Some thoughts to consider. Today's Sterling Sunday School lesson on "Millennium".

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Due to personal circumstances that I need to attend to, independent of the free energy movement, I am resigning from the New Energy Systems Trust which I helped found on May 1, 2012; and from the New Energy Movement, of which I've been on the board since at least 2007; and from the New Energy Congress that I founded in November 2005.

My continued involvement in the free energy movement may be severely limited for some time. I will do what I can as long as I can.

Note, NEST, NEM, and NEC are not synonymous with PES, which is a separate entity, which I will continue to advance as long as I can.

There are many talented people emerging in this field who are very capable of carrying things forward with or without me.

As humans, we all make mistakes, and I've made my share. I hope that my shortcomings will not reflect negatively on those of you who have had close associate with me.

That said, I would like to share just a few thoughts for you to consider during my potential absence. In interest of time, I'm doing this here in stead of recording today's episode. Today's topic is "Millennium".

  • Exotic free energy technologies will emerge on this planet. It is our destiny. They will help transform society from a scarcity, warring, greedy, hording, follow-the-tyrant and other unsavory mentalities, into an abundance, peaceful, sharing, freedom-loving mentality. Great days are ahead, though yet darker days lie immediately before us.
  • All that is needed is a broken heart and contrite spirit, turning to God, which is answered by a mighty change of heart. This is enumerated in a book I wrote in 1996: A Mighty Change for a New World. (Available for free online; never published in hard copy.)
  • Free energy is all about freedom, and as long as we deserve tyranny, we won't deserve the freedom that free energy engenders. The wickedness we've sewn as a civilization is being reaped today by the tyranny that is getting a firm grip over us.
  • Besides that, the next biggest impediment to the emergence of exotic free energy technologies into the marketplace is interpersonal conflict -- people can't get along, impossible personalities, petty disputes, not seeing things from another's vantage point.
  • For those of you with exotic free energy technologies, I recommend that strategically, your first target customer base should be the "remnant" types of people -- those who are awake, who love freedom, who are watchmen, seeking to live in harmony with nature and God. E.g. off-gridders, intentional communities, Nexus magazine readers, Infowars subscribers.
  • When these exotic free energy technologies finally emerge into the mainstream, it will signify the beginning of a glorious era -- a new world, where there are no wars, no oppression, no poor, no deep corruption.
  • One of the reasons we will arrive there is because we will realize how up-side-down our present society is. The commentary about the blatant corruption of this day, and the spurning of the great works of goodness among us, will keep people awake for a thousand years -- the millennial reign of peace. And following that will be another quantum leap ahead.
  • I believe that the days ahead (not too many years) will see a literal baptism of fire of the planet, whether from coronal mass ejection, or incoming asteroid/comet, or some other similar event that will consume the entire earth in fire, as it was baptized by water in Noah's flood. Those whose hearts are right with God will be able to survive that by being "lifted up"; whether by help from our ET friends; or by anti-gravity craft we build ourselves, capable of staying aloft long enough for the dust to settle before returning to re-plant the earth; or by earthly vessels built to withstand such a burning.
  • I predict that the corrupt powers that be who have built underground shelters and cities with our tax dollars and by illicit schemes to survive the incoming blow, will not survive. Only the righteous will survive, whether by miracle or by some kind of prepared vessel(s).
  • One of the primary principles to live by is "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me." We should treat each other well, for each of us is an extension of God. Do unto others what you would have others do to you.


There is no word in the Old or New Testament translated "millennium" in English, so to get some Alphabetics commentary, I translated "millennium" into English using Google Translate. 


In Greek, the modern word for "mellennium" is rendered χιλιετηρίδα

In the NT lexicon, this corresponds to definitions 5505-5507: "One thousand..."

The word before it is

5504 chthes, Yesterday. It also refers to past or former time.
Syn: long ago; from of old; in the old time [alpha]
Ant.: tomorrow; after, next; later, last, final [omega]

In my margin, I have noted that a transliterated spelling of my ex-wife's name, Cheri inserts between word 5503 cheras and 5504. Here is the definition of that word:

5503 A widow, a woman who has been bereaved of her husband
Syn. unmarried
Ant. a married woman; a wife, woman

So the words surrounding the insertion point of "Cheri" mean: former (5504) wife, now divorced (5503).

In the context of Metaphorically, the divorce of the wife from the husband represents how the people of God are divorced from their relationship with God; prior to the millennium; prior to the change of heart.

Following the words for 1000 is word 5508, Chiou, proper noun Chios, a Greek island... I see a play on words here, where "Chios" signifies "choice". How our future unfolds will be a function of choices we make. Will we turn to God, or will we stay alienated? Each of us is entitled to and should seek a personal relationship with the heavens.

On the opposite page facing these definitions meaning 1000 is definition 5516, which is the word for 666, "symbolizes the zenith of man's power" -- the anti-Christ or beast. On a collective level, this signifies the world tyranny headed up outwardly by Obama, who is at the forefront, outwardly of the conspiracy that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries. On an individual level, 666 signifies the anti-Christ that is in each of us that seeks to overthrow the Christ within. Each of us must choose who we will follow. Will we awake and put on strength and become one mighty and strong in the Lord, or will be allow the inward anti-Christ to bring about our self-destruction. It is never too late to turn to God and live.

While we're over there, let's look at the word following 5516 (means 666).

5517 choikos Earthly, made of earth or dust.
Syn. earthen; earthly; subterranean [corruption of the flesh; natural man is an enemy to God]
Ant. heavenly; pertaining to heaven; from heaven 

The scriptures teach that we much humble ourselves before God, recognizing that without God we are less than the dust of the Earth, which moves according to God's commands.

The word prior to 5516 (means 666) is

5515 chlora Green

Wow, there's a lot that could be read into this in the context of 666. On the positive side, it points to "green" as in "Earth-friendly" as an antonym to the Anti-Christ. These exotic free energy technologies that are emerging are going to enable us to power our civilization in a way that doesn't trash the earth. And "Green" also symbolizes the "wheelwork of nature" that free energy modalities harvest, free for the taking. The devices are not free, but the energy they harvest is -- as a gift from nature.

On the antonym side, "Green" reflects how environmentalism has been used to promote more tyranny, e.g. carbon taxes, for the sake of "sustainability." The irony is that the biggest environmentalists are usually also very liberal politically, looking at government control as the answer to every problem -- more tyranny. So when they are presented with the exotic free energy solutions, which render the grid and governments essentially obsolete, and truly empower the people, they are not interested. At best, they ignore it. At worse, they participate in its suppression.

Speaking of suppression, I should mention that a couple of words prior to that is a set of two words that is quite interesting, as touching on the primary tool of suppression: ridicule, which has been very effective in dissuading people from getting involved in "fringe" causes, whether free energy, or other alternatives such as home schooling, natural healing modalities, exposing the conspiracy to establish global dictatorial government, etc.

5511 chlamudos A garment of dignity and office. The purple robe wich which our Lord was arrayed in scorn by the mockers in Pilate's judgment hall.

5512 chleuazo To mock, scoff, deride in words.

This is how people who take up their ones-mighty-and-strong missions will be treated. Jesus said, "Therefore, take up the cross and suffer the shame of it." Of such bravery are the heroes of history made. An antonym of this bravery is given in the next word definition:

5514 chliaros Lukewarm.

Take a stand! Which side are you on?

And the next word, prior to 5515 for "green", is

5514 Chloes Verdure, tender shoot

As a metaphor, this signifies the Lord's servant(s) who step into their One Mighty and Strong callings -- the 144,000. In opposition to 666.


In Hebrew, the modern word for "mellennium" is rendered 

אֶלֶף שָׁנָה
(For some reason, my cutting and pasting this changes the sequence of these two word. Aleph is the first of the two.)

Aleph is the name of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and one of its meanings is "thousand."

The second word, shanah, word 8138 in the OT lexicon, means "to repeat, to do the second time."

This ties into last week's lesson, whose topic was "Second Coming of Jesus Christ." For that lesson, I focused in on the word "Second," and made reference to word 8138, which is preceded just two words prior by definition 8136 "iteration, a repeating, 'thousands of iterations'." So even there next to the second of those two words is a vicinity word that ties to the idea of "thousand" or Millennium.

I actually recorded this lesson again yesterday, because the recording I did last Sunday included references to a friend in Portland and a product he's involved with; and he doesn't want attention brought to it yet, nor does he want it associated with something as radical as my Sterling Sunday School series.

And its only going to get more radical in the coming days.

Finally, let me just comment on the irony of today being the Winter Solstice, when the days stop getting shorter and begin getting longer. It symbolizes the rising of a new day or era. So why would I make such an announcement of my resigning from involvement in these exotic free energy movements of which I have played a major role? Am I withdrawing from the fight, just when we most need warriors to see it through to the end? 

No. As I said in the opening, this has to do with some personal issues in my life. And might I say that what may be coming down in my life could be metaphorical to what is coming on the planet -- the 3.5 year reign of the beast, in which the earthly powers seem to achieve full power over humanity -- the anti-Christ in priority over the Christ. Gratefully, we know this is only temporary, and that victory comes in the end when there is a reconciliation to God. Deliverance will come.

Love you all.


If I should become unavailable for attending to matters that need my attention from a business administrative point of view, I am giving Ray Jennings, my friend and attorney, power of attorney to handle such matters as needed. Sign-up for PESWiki editorship is being handled by Stuart Campbell Just let him know what username you want, what your intentions are, and he can get you set up.

Leslie Pastor has agreed to help keep PESWiki, PESN, and other PES sites open. He's been posting content there on a regular basis for nearly ten years. If he had someone to help with formatting of pages and bullets, he could help keep the news going as well. He's willing to serve as the contact point for incoming news tips.

If any of you are feeling the urge to step up and help us maintain the news service, please contact us. Let us know your experience, interest, and vision. Thanks.

NEST is in good hands and will continue to serve its mission purpose.


Here are some of my favorite relevant sites:

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated January 22, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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