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You are here: > News > December 20, 2014

SHT dedicated to keeping U.S. dominant

"The electrical output equivalent from an input of 414 Wh was calculated to be 626 KWh or COP close to 1500 times. Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets."

On July 26, 2015, it was made known to us that the SHT reaction is primarily chemical, using aluminum plates exposed to water to produce hydrogen and aluminum oxide (plus more). So all prior representations of "overunity" are erroneously depicted, because they only accounted for the electrical input and the hydrogen output, and do not account for the aluminum/water expendable fuel input. That said, SHT's symphony of 16 processes that facilitate the production of hydrogen, including by enabling the aluminum plates to stay exposed to water and not be covered with a film of aluminum oxide to prevent further reaction, is indeed a significant breakthrough toward enabling the hydrogen economy, and appears to include some exotic processes.

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On December 4, 2014, Robert Avetisian and Jack Aganyan of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc wrote:

Hello Sterling,

Happy holidays to you.

Recently there was an article on Solar Hydrogen Trends at “New Energy Treasure – The Coming Energy Revolution” website. 

We posted our comment there today (the first attachment) to clarify and correct some of the information regarding the reactor output.

The second attachment was prepared for your audience since there were some misunderstandings regarding the nationality and citizenship for Konstantin Balakiryan (and possibly for the other members of our team).

Feel free to use both articles.

Thanks and best regards,

Robert Avetisian and Hakop Jack Aganyan

First Attachment

[SHT dedicated to keeping US dominant]

Dear Amos,

Thank you for your informative article posted recently on “New Energy Treasure – The Coming Energy Revolution” website. Your assessment of the great potential of our hydrogen reactor technology is accurate but the performance data that you posted does not reflect the latest achievements of Symphony 7A reactor.

The hydrogen reactor generates more than 17kg of hydrogen every hour at 96.7% purity. The process involved in the hydrogen production is more than simple electrolysis. It is a combination of 16 physicochemical processes that work together in unison (hence the “Symphony” naming of the reactor) to convert water into mostly hydrogen. There is a small quantity of Nitrogen (1.3%) and Oxygen (1.9%) on average in the reactor output verified by the TRC Solutions, one of the most reputable gas measurement companies in the world.

The electrical output equivalent from an input of 414 Wh was calculated to be 626 KWh or COP close to 1500 times.

Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems. It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy. We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.

This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind and should be treated as a national treasure. If it is allowed to end up in the hands of the rivals of the USA they will gain superiority in the military industrial capabilities which will be a threat to national security and economy. The US government can leverage this technology to pull itself from under this burdensome debt of 20 trillion dollars in a very short period of time.

Thank you again for following and talking about Solar Hydrogen Trends and its hydrogen reactor technology that will soon make the Age of Hydrogen a reality within our lifetime.

Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.
Hakop Jack Aganyan and Konstantin Balakiryan

Sterling's Response

Like Amos, over at New Energy Treasure, I, too, must disagree with SHT's gradual roll-out strategy limited at first to the United States. First, the U.S. is no longer the bastion of freedom it once was, but has become the premier tool for enslaving humanity. It's military is being not to liberate the captives but to spread the socialist New World Order. "Military-Industrial-complex" is not a compliment, but stands for a very evil body, from which we should stay as far away as possible.

If SHT were working with a subset of the U.S. military that is yet for freedom as a hold-out against the encroaching tyranny, that would be awesome.

I agree with Amos that these emerging exotic free energy technologies are about freedom and empowering humanity -- power to the people, literally and figuratively. It provides a tool for them to throw off the captivity of the petrodollar and the conspirators who have rallied around that doomed system that is all about captivity and destruction, both of people and of the planet.

Gratefully, SHT is not the only exotic free energy breakthrough that is emerging. There are others as well that can help free humanity as they turn back to God and goodness, to warrant and prosper in the freedom these will engender. 

We need to have trust that the transition from polluting to non-polluting energy sources can happen without too many problems. People are resilient and adaptable when challenged. In fact they do their best when challenged.


Second Attachment

[SHT's rich Armenian heritage]

Dear Sterling,

We, the scientific and engineering team of Solar Hydrogen Trends, continue to work intensively on tasks that are placed before us by our investors. We expect to publish very interesting test results sometime in March or April of next year. 

However, since there is confusion regarding the nationality and citizenship for some of our team members, we realize that we need to clarify some issues and provide information that will help answer some of the questions raised by Solar Hydrogen Trends followers.

Most of the Solar Hydrogen Trends team members are of Armenian nationality and are currently citizens of the United States of America. Konstantin is the only person with permanent residency card (green card) at the moment. 

As you may know, ancient Armenia is one of the oldest civilizations and is identified in the bible as the final resting place of Noah's ark on Mount Ararat. In 301, Armenia was the first sovereign nation to accept Christianity as a state religion. In early 20th century Armenia came to be a part of the Soviet Union, and became independent in 1991. 

We lived through a Communist regime and survived it. As a republic and as individuals, Armenians contributed immensely to the Soviet Union as a whole and to the Soviet military industrial complex and economy. Even under that oppressive system we flourished and thrived intellectually and scientifically. Being one of the smallest republics, Armenia was a center of high tech industries and was supplying at least 50% of the high tech electronics (including computers) to the other republics, the military, and to the Soviet space program.

Our team has members who are accomplished inventors and who had high level positions within the Soviet scientific community and military industrial complex. Perhaps not in the distant future we will disclose the full biography of the team members and the details of their accomplishments in the past and the present.

Konstantin Balakiryan’s nationality is Armenian. He received his PhD in Russia and at present holds Russian citizenship. He has lived and worked in several countries and currently resides in USA. Recently an article was published in Ukraine by the Institute of Strategic Achievements where they refer to him as a world renowned scholar, a former compatriot, and a polyglot who knows 9 languages including Ukrainian. 

In this article, they named Solar Hydrogen Trends as one of the biggest sensations of this autumn and mentioned the recent participation at the «Defense Energy Conference». It was noted that the hydrogen production technology of Solar Hydrogen Trends may allow Pentagon to lower at least three times the fuel costs for its military equipment.

One of our team members, Hakop Markaryan, PhD, who passed away a year ago, was a top scientist whose career extended from Lockheed Martin to Boeing and ended at NASA where he worked on the space shuttle. His nationality is also Armenian and he received his PhD in Russia. He was a US citizen.

Another member, Suren M., also finished his education in Russia with a PhD in Electronics. His nationality is Armenian as well, and he is a US citizen.

The videos below show a glimpse of accomplishments by Armenian intellectuals and their contributions to the world in science and technology. 
List of Armenian scientists and philosophers on Wikipedia: 

More information can be found on the Web and YouTube about the history, culture, and scientific achievements of the Armenian people.

We hope this helps to clear the misperceptions about our team members.

Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.
Hakop Jack Aganyan,
Robert Avetisian

# # #

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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