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You are here: > News > December 6, 2014

SHT responds to potential Gag Order issue

Konstanin Balakiryan, Solar Hydrogen Trends CEO and primary inventor writes: "In my opinion if we ally and work with the United States government and its armed forces, the safety of our personnel and our technology will be better protected. The possibility of a Gag Order is there regardless if we work with the military or not..."

Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The following is a follow-up to this story:

On December 4, 2014, Robert Avetisian of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc wrote:

Hi Sterling,


Konstantin Balakiryan wrote a reply to the recent issues you brought up and to the question “Does Konstantin's Russian Citizenship Provide Immunity from Gag Order?”


As always, unless specifically stated otherwise, these correspondences are the opinions of the individual members of Solar Hydrogen Trends team and should be treated as such.

Solar Hydrogen Trends, letter from Konstantin


The greatest scientific and technological discovery that we have done has no citizenship and will serve all mankind.

The planet will get rid of pollution, environmental disasters, and nuclear catastrophes.

We do not want our technology to end up in the wrong hands or be suppressed.


In my opinion if we ally and work with the United States government and its armed forces, the safety of our personnel and our technology will be better protected. The possibility of a Gag Order is there regardless if we work with the military or not. As you have mentioned it yourself, these days, the government can get what it wants with legal and illegal means.


The way that I see our technology being leveraged by United States is by creating so-called "Energy Bases" in the territories where USA has military naval and air bases. United States can significantly reduce energy costs for the armed forces by switching to hydrogen fuel supplied by our reactors.


In addition, hundreds of countries can solve their energy shortages by purchasing their electricity and hydrogen fuel from the US “Energy Bases” near their borders or on their territory.


The economic viability of such a strategy I leave to the US government to research and evaluate. In my opinion it is in the interests of our government to transform the military bases from revenue spending sites to revenue generating “Energy Bases”, thereby relieving the burden on the taxpayer.


In conclusion, I would like to mention that the construction of "energy bases" on foreign territories have been practiced for quite some time. Latest example is the construction of nuclear power plant on the territory of Turkey by Russia where Turkey buys the electricity from the plant.


Konstantin Balakiryan,

PhD, Professor.

Does Konstantin's Russian Citizenship Provide Immunity from Gag Order?

November 26, 2014; 7 pm MDT

It's been pointed out to me that Konstanin Balakiryan, the CEO and primary inventor, is a Russian.

Also, the patent(s) were filed internationally first for similar security purposes.

I'd like to hear from those legal sleuths among us who can advise us as to what this means regarding SHT being insulated from the US government being able to issue a National Security gag order on his technology. This is actually one of the primary reasons he has retained his Russian citizenship, while many of his Armenian associates have become US citizens.

It might diminish those chances, but by how much? We live in a day when the US Government is doing whatever it wants, regardless of laws, not even trying to have the color of law, just because they want to do something and can, because they are not being stopped by a the system has become so corrupt -- as a symptom of the sick state of its citizens who have sown decades of wickedness.

# # #

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