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You are here: > News > November 27, 2014

This Thanksgiving, I'm Headed to Hutchison's

Who wouldn't want to hang out the such an amazing set of people? No, they're not opening a lodge, but they did invite me to come to their new lab, so I'm on my way. Free Energy Quest -- where strange is normal and endearing. Trip planned to Tampa. Title in Alphabetics. Survey.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I offer the following letter I wrote to my family, with the intent of publishing it here as well.

My intent is not to create a mad rush of interest in a bunch of people descending on the Hutchisons, but rather to highlight the great work they are doing and have an opportunity to hang out with some similarly-minded people, aka friends, for a while.

To: [family]
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:53 PM [MDT]
Subject: Heading Away for Thanksgiving

Hi Fam,

I've had a change of plans.
I had an amazing day yesterday with John Hutchison's wife, Nancy, and her assistant Andy Hohmann, installing a radiation mitigation technology here in Fountain Green.
I'll be doing a report on that in the next few days. Took lots of video and photos, and saw some amazing evidence.
During a late lunch, Nancy invited us up some time to hang out at their place. They are on the coast of Oregon near Grants Pass, where Shelli and Bruce used to live.

They have a 12,000 ft2 facility with two or three kitchenettes, laboratory, TV production room with green screen. And not far away, Andy has some kind of intentional community type of project, which is probably where I'll be staying.

John is one of the most interesting inventors out there. Has been on all kinds of TV over the year, doing crazy antigravity stuff, weather modification. Here's our page on him:
The primary way he stays alive is by playing the joker. He's a nut. He's brilliant.

It was probably a dark, weaponized version of his technology that enabled the WTC buildings to turn to dust on 9/11. See Dr. Judy Wood's book: "Where did the Towers Go?" which Nathan told me about maybe three Thanksgivings ago.

As I travel around and interact with people in what I do, it is not unusual to have people invite me to come for a visit some time, or to ask to come visit me when they're in the neighborhood. I usually politely thank them for the invite and chalk it in the back of my memory, where it usually ends up being forgotten, other than a general sentiment of kindness from that person.

But when Nancy invited me yesterday, something stirred in me, and I got the notion to head up there right away.

I looked up a few things in Alphabetics relating to it last night, which helped me pinpoint what those nudgings might be about.

I'm not sure what the reasons are, but I feel an urgency to get up there, and I want to be true to those urgings. I plan on leaving Thursday morning.
My radio show will be playing a pre-record of an interview I did last Saturday with Larry Sadler who has 1) an amazing ultracapacitor that can hold its charge to 95% for 6 months, among other great features; and 2) a H.O.P.E. vehicle he's converted to electric that runs via an on-board genset, which gets 3x better fuel mileage. I hope to travel there mid-Dec. to hang out and get a demo.
Cheri and my parents wondered why I can't wait a month, past the holidays and birthdays (it's birthday season in our family); but it just comes down to wanting to follow those nudgings. I love adventure, and I enjoy what life has brought so far as I've try to be obedient to the promptings I've received.
I have to admit that part of my initial motivation was to want to get out of Dodge and avoid my siblings on our Sat after Thanksgiving. You all presently think I'm totally whacked out. I don't enjoy being around that. Heading up to hang out with John and Nancy sounds so much more inviting.
The other day I added the following statement near the top of the home page at PESWiki, after "If it appears to break the laws of physics, and it works, that's when we get interested."

"Strange is normal in this field. -- Sterling"

I know most of my family thinks they're outside the box, but there are gradations of that, and it's not fun when neat people that you love think of you as nuts -- not in a good way. Cheri said today: "You really should get some help. You're going deeping into crazy town. It's very sad."
Then she wonders why I want to get away.

My plan to be driving all day Thanksgiving day over all this seems poetic somehow.

There are quite a few people in my Free Energy News audience who also think I'm losing it and need to seek professional help.
Actually, if it makes any difference to you, I do have a professional counselor who encourages me to follow my path.
These sentiment expressed about my needing help mostly stems from all the Alphabetics I've been getting back into.
I absolutely know it is good and valuable and of huge importance. So when people say it is a waste of time, useless, futile, random, etc., don't be surprised that I don't pay heed to their sentiments. I don't know anyone who has spend quality time studying Alphabetics who fights me on it.
When I say "quality time", I'm talking about getting into the same spiritual zone you need to get into to appreciate the meaning of scripture or other holy writings. Coming at it with critical, jaundiced eyes, will never produce validating fruit for you.
The whole purpose of parables is to only be open to those who are open.

Also, I have another motivation in traveling on Thanksgiving, missing the family (siblings and parents and kids) Thanksgiving outing on Saturday; missing birthdays, and maybe even missing Christmas.
I think our society totally overdoes things about holidays and birthdays. Way too many things are bought that are not needed that are junk, that last for a very short time, if at all, only to be thrown away or trash up the house until they get thrown away years later. We have probably 30 Barbie dolls strewn about our house (Cheri's place). Ridiculous. First of all, Barbies represent a very worldly representation of the female that isn't based in reality. Second, I would think just a few dolls would be adequate for playing.

We spend so much time building up for the trappings of holidays and birthdays that we don't just take time to sit down and relax and enjoy people in real interactions, playing fun games together, telling stories, singing songs, being silly; and not worrying so much about whether the house is completely clean or the Christmas lights are hung.

Cheri, who is the queen of decorations and buying presents, thinks I'm losing it and am sadly selfish over such a silly rationale.
She thinks the kids will be scarred for life if I go away and am not around for this holiday and birthday season. I think they're plenty tough and will handle my absence like they do my presence: playing computer games, as Cheri doesn't bother to impose screen time limits any more.

They chose me for a dad, they knew what they were getting into. They'll be just fine. I'd rather pursue my dream of making this planet a better place, helping free energy get to market, help reduce radiation in the environment, bring out information that can help people turn right side up what is up side down.

So yes, I'm leaving in protest for a while, but no, that's not the only reason. There's something a-brewing in Oregon that I'd like to be part of.
Hope you have a great time.

In other news, I've got my plane tickets to Tampa to go visit Larry Sadler in the first part of December, whose technology I reported on briefly on Sunday. You can listen to a recording of the interview I did with him last Saturday tomorrow at  In a few day's I'll post a full recording of the interview.

I just created this chronological sequence of our coverage of John: 



I've looked up tons of stuff in relation to going on this trip. Here's the latest, taking the title of this story in ASCII. This one seems public friendly, so I'm posting it.

This Thanksgiving, I'm Headed to Hutchison's

T 84
h 104
i 105
s 115
T 84
h 104
a 97
n 110
k 107
s 115
g 103
i 105
v 118
i 105
n 110
g 103
, 44
I 73
' 39
m 109
H 72
e 101
a 97
d 100
e 101
d 100
t 116
o 111
H 72
u 117
t 116
c 99
h 104
i 105
s 115
o 111
n 110
' 39
s 115


Gesenius' Old Testament Lexicon  
[words before 3995 are all on p. 445 Ges. = Fountain Green phone prefix]
39 consecutive words all very relevant (actually more, but we'll limit it to this here)

3978 food, especially corn [Thanksgiving]
3979 knife, as being used for eating with [Thanksgiving]
3980 food for fire [Thanksgiving]
3981 strength, powers, figuratively used of wealth [free energy, in which field John is famous; ones mighty and strong]
3982 an edict, a mandate, a word belonging to the later age [a prophecy shown from Alphabetics about this trip; but more from resonance than "prophecy", though the effect is the same as prophecy]
3983 corresponds to 3982: appointment, word [got an appointment to go see Hutchisons for a while]
3984 a vessel [Thanksgiving dish]
3985 to refuse; unwilling [family rejects my Alphabetics and my strangeness generally; wanting to find new family/friends to hang out with]
3986 unwilling
3987 refractory, pertinaciously refusing {pertinacious: adhering resolutely to an opinion, purpose, or design} [debate w/ family over many months]
3988 (1) to reject (opp. to choose) (a) of God, as rejecting a people or an individual; (b) of men as rejecting God and his precepts. (2) to despise, to contemn; aversion, contempt; to melt, to flow abroad
3989 something cooked [Thanksgiving]
3990 darkness
3991 darkness of Jehovah, i.e. thick darkness [thick parables of Alphabetics are not understood or appreciated by family or the Free Energy audience in general, though there are some exceptions in the later]
3992 make bitter; to cause bitter pain; to become raw again as a wound [family animosity]
3993 ambush; (a) where one is placed; (b) the liers in wait themselves [Sterling's deciding at the last minute to skip Thanksgiving and the birthday and holiday season and head out the Oregon. Stirling will be showing up at Hutchison's dressed in his Halloween pregnant lady costume.]
3994 curse, execration {execration: the act of cursing or denouncing} [family tensions Sterling v Fam]
> [Gesenius inserts] from with, includes spelling aleph, tau the first (alpha) and last (omega) letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which means "you". My message in alphabetics: You are God in the flesh -- all of us are. Family thinks Alphabetics is craziness.
> Page turn in Gesenius, from p445 (Fountain Green phone prefix, where I'm leaving from).
>3995 separations, i.e. separated places. Fountain Green is 986 miles away from the Hutchison's place -- a 16:20 hour drive.
3996, 3997 an entering, entrance, approach [entering a new chapter, with friends where strange is normal]
3998 perplexing, confusing [look on my daughter's face Nov. 26 when I told them I was leaving the next day to head to the Hutchison's]
3999 an inundation of waters, a deluge; used of Noah's flood [Hutchisons are right on Oregon coast, overlooking the ocean. Prophecies predict that hundreds of feet-high tsunami will inundate the coast in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully we won't be there when that happens.]
4000 prudence, prudent teachers [me and my friends]
4001 a treading down of enemies by conquerors [infowariors, pen is mightier than sword; vindication coming]
4002 a fountain [I'm presently living in Fountain Green, UT w/ parents, following my divorce]
4003 emptiness [comes only to those who don't understand because they don't seek, knock, receive answers]
4004 choice [choosing to make this trip wasn't something I entered into lightly. I mulled it over very carefully, weighing the ramifications, checking, double checking with Spirit, using Alphabetics to great effect]
4005, 4006 election, choice; most choice, most excellent, best; "thy most choice valleys" [I'm transferring from a great place to an even better one]
4007 expectation, hope [I will say my challenge is to not let my expectations get too high based on what I've found in Alphabetics about what could come of this venture]
4008 something rashly uttered [important to avoid. I'm sure people watching on, including my family, think this is what I've done here; but it isn't. I've been extremely introspective and careful in this analysis, using left brain and right brain in harmony.]
4009 confidence, sure and firm hope; security [comes from having solid answers to inquiries made in a variety of ways]
4010 a cheering, exhilaration; cheering up [this is a theme that showed up repeatedly in my Alphabetics inquiry about this journey to the Hutchisons]
4011 building [the Hutchisons are now in a 12000 ft2 building with guest quarters, conference room, laboratory, living quarters, TV facilities with green screen; and they are building a new future for this planet, as are all the ones mighty and strong who have been stepping into their god-calling]
4012 built up [Nancy and John and Andy have been fixing up the place into what it is now]
4013, 4014 defense, fortress [via goodness; the Hutchisons are deploying technology for the remediation of radiation that has been spreading around the globe; in contrast to how the dark powers that be used a warped version of his tech to turn the WTC towers to dust]
4015 flight [play on words. Just this evening I booked a flight to Tampa from North Bend Oregon in a couple of weeks, so I'm committed to getting there]
4017 "sweet odour"; hearths, cooking places [Thanksgiving motif again; also looking forward to healthy meals w/ the Hutchison crew]
> great, powerful
4019 congregating [the Hutchisons want to teach classes and produce instructional videos]

Zodhiates' New Testament Lexicon
Word 3995 is on page 1138 of Zodhiates -- eight pages after 1130 (words 3963-3971), which is my birthday: Nov. 30, 1963. Eight days after 1130 I'll be flying to Tampa for a few days to visit Larry Sadler's and his tech.

3983 peinao To be hungry, famished, starved [Thanksgiving antonym]
3984, 3985 Experience, trial, attempt; to try, to prove
3986 peirasmos Trial, temptation, a putting to the test. When God is the agent, peirasmos is for the purpose of proving someone, never for the purpose of causing him to fall. (I) Generally, trial of one's character. [To a limited extent, this is what I've felt like in making this decision, which superficially goes so contrary to tradition: spend Thanksgiving with family.]
3987 peirao To try someone, put him to the test [To a limited extent, this is what I've felt like in making this decision, which superficially goes so contrary to tradition: spend Thanksgiving with family.]
3988 peismone Persuasion, conviction. Ant. unbelief [Is why I am going, following my promptings; notwithstanding urgings to the contrary by my family.]
3989 pelagos A vast expanse of water or the open sea. [Hutchisons are right on Oregon coast, overlooking the ocean.]
3990 pelekizoi To chop off or behead with an axe [In earlier history, "lunatics" / "heretics" / "radicals" like us would end up this way.
3991 pemptos Fifth [see note on 4002 below]
3992 pempo To dispatch, send, thrust out. (I) of persons, meaning to cause to go; Ant. receive [I'm being sent by Spirit, and received by Hutchisons, and thrust out by family.]
3993 penes Poor, but able to help oneself through his own labor or toil. [Hutchisons are masterful at scavenging things; it's how they've created a TV production studio.]
3994 penthera Mother-in-law
>3995 pentheros Father-in-law; See pater (3962), father, for various relations [Thanksgiving is a family gathering; but I'm choosing to travel on Thanksgiving to go hang out with some people who seem more like family to me than my blood relations.]
3996 To mourn, lament (I) to bewail someone, grieve for him; more commonly for one dead; (II) to mourn at the death of a friend; Ant. to rejoice [transplantation is never easy even under the best of circumstances; it's hard to leave those you love, even if it is to go hang out with others that you also love; the "rejoice" antonym seems a fitting description of what I anticipate will be the prevailing sentiment of cheer around the Hutchison's]
3997 Mourning, grief, sadness; Ant. joy, delight
3998 from 3993, to work for a living. Miserably poor, poor and needy; Ant. abundant; wealthy, abounding; full, complete [I predict that during my time hanging out with the Hutchison crew that you will see me transform from the destitute person I've been most of the 12.5 years I've been tracking these exotic free energy technologies; into the beginnings of the wealth and abundance that is coming to the planet at large as these technologies begin to emerge.]
3999 pentakis Five times 
4000 pentakishilioi Five thousand [gotta love the Alphabetics that has the word number that means 5000 being 4000, showing the idea of the significance and non-just-random-coincidence nature of numbers.]
4001 pentakosioi Five hundred
4002 pente Five [Now, check this out. Guess what the road number is for a very short road between the Hutchison's and Gold Beach, the nearest town, and name on their mailing address. 555 Go to Google maps, and check it out. And guess what else, the words for "gold" in the NT lexicon are 5552, 5553, 5554, 5557. No joking.]
4003 pentekaidekatos Fifteen
4004 pentekonta Fifty
4005 pentekoste A fiftieth part. Pentecost; so-called because it was celebrated on the fiftieth day, ounting from the second day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread or Passover. [Just yesterday, my interview with JJ Dewey [mp3] on the show included a discussion about Pentecost and what brought it about.]


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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan March 12, 2011
Last updated December 14, 2014




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