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You are here: > News > November 25, 2014; 5:20 pm MDT

SHT Choice: Open Source or Gag Order from US Military?

An open letter with survey, encouraging Solar Hydrogen Trends to open source their technology while they still can, before it is absconded by the military industrial complex via a National Security gag order. 

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

An open letter to Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.

The following is a follow-up to a story I posted Sunday:

Hi Jack,


Was on display at their booth.

I don't expect you to be able to fully digest what I wrote Sunday. It's a lot of material using a methodology that is unfamiliar to most people and still unappreciated by most who have cautiously tried to understand it. But based on my near two decades experience with it, I am absolutely certain it is an extremely valid and valuable approach that should be paid attention to and not disregarded.
Here is the bottom line of what I found.
  • Your phone number, email, and website that I looked up in Alphabetics definitely had a strong resonance of applicability and commentary specific to your situation.
  • It's like the Bible Code by Drosnin, except this is one I discovered nearly 2 decades ago and it uses different techniques and is even more specific and precise.
  • Alphabetics points to your technology as having a strong Messianic component. It is something that could help save the world from the present collision course they are heading to with disaster. I know you realize this. To emphasize this, Alphabetics lines you up directly with the words for Shiloh (which means peace) and is another word for Messiah, and God.
  • Alphabetics gives a very strong warning against SHT working with the military. Once the military comprehends the power of what you have, they will not want to see this made available to enemy forces. As they have done so many times before with other exotic free energy technologies, they will slap a National Security gag order on it, keeping it to themselves.
    • This prevents a patent from being published, requiring that it be kept classified.
    • This prevents you from discussing the technology with anyone but those the military approves.
    • This prevents the technology from getting into civilian hands.
    • The penalty possibilities for your violation of this order include incarceration and death.
    • This prevents public acknowledgement of your contribution. Only those with required clearances will know of your role (and most of them will be the bad guys).
  • Based on my experience, knowledge, wisdom, Spirit, and Alphabetics, I would give a 98% probability to the above scenario of your technology being gobbled up by the US Military, keeping it from civilians for as long as they can.
  • The remedy that Alphabetics puts out happens to be the same as what I would recommend, as well as the strong majority of respondents in the poll [from Sunday] so far: Open source it.
    • Advantages:
      • Can deploy it more rapidly worldwide, especially to the developing world.
      • Anyone who wants to can launch a business making these systems, though the up-front costs will prevent most from making the attempt; but not all.
      • It opens the science immediately to the scientists of the world to start developing models and improvements based on that understanding, accelerating the development of the technology.
      • You are far more likely to become wealthy more rapidly and overall through open source, even though not everyone will honor the request that all commercial sales (plans, kits, components, completed units, manufacturing, distribution, installation, maintenance, franchises) remit at least a 5% royalty to SHT. Your alternative is to have the US military gag order, and they are likely to keep this themselves and a few allies, so your total sales and volume will be much smaller; and you'll only be helping them (the Military Industrial Complex), not the whole planet.
      • SHT will be recognized and revered worldwide with hero status.
      • The opportunity will create millions of jobs and bring hope to an ailing planet and help us prevent the total collapse of civilization.
    • Logistics:
      • Publish complete schematics, drawings, instructions, parts lists
  • If you opt out of open sourcing now, then get slapped with a National Security gag order, you could still opt to jeopardize your own lives by violating the gag order and releasing the technology at that point. This is basically what will happen if one of the 6-12 different people you have deployed around the planet who have a complete set of your plans, release them to the public because something has happened to you. The problem is that if you are dead or incarcerated by the military, it will be hard for you to help them piece together the information and fill in missing pieces you might have forgotten to clarify, or crucial typographical errors, or losses in translation from Konstantin, through you. Could take years. Stanley Meyers was killed in 1998 and had published a lot of information about his system; yet still to this day none have been able to perfect it to the point of being able to bring it to market.
  • Your choosing now to open source will give the planet the benefit of your full cooperation and ability to provide assistance to those seeking to replicate, engineer and manufacture. And it will include the benefit of them being able to personally witness your working system and to fully analyze it, noting crucial things you might have inadvertently left out of a set of instructions.
That's my overview.
I trust you will weigh this very carefully.

To maybe offer a little encouragement, I'm posting another survey for people to chime in on their thoughts about this. There are a couple of questions here that I also asked on Sunday's poll. The audience for this poll is likely to be larger and wider than the last one, which will turn many away because of its Alphabetics material.

My best wishes to you and your team.

This advice is given with and the best love and wisdom I have to offer.


Sterling D. Allan

Does Konstantin's Russian Citizenship Provide Immunity from Gag Order?

November 26, 2014; 7 pm MDT

It's been pointed out to me that Konstanin Balakiryan, the CEO and primary inventor, is a Russian.

Also, the patent(s) were filed internationally first for similar security purposes.

I'd like to hear from those legal sleuths among us who can advise us as to what this means regarding SHT being insulated from the US government being able to issue a National Security gag order on his technology. This is actually one of the primary reasons he has retained his Russian citizenship, while many of his Armenian associates have become US citizens.

It might diminish those chances, but by how much? We live in a day when the US Government is doing whatever it wants, regardless of laws, not even trying to have the color of law, just because they want to do something and can, because they are not being stopped by a the system has become so corrupt -- as a symptom of the sick state of its citizens who have sown decades of wickedness.


Click here to take the survey at SurveyMonkey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.


See Follow-up

  • Featured: LENR / Hydrogen > Production > SHT >
    SHT responds to potential Gag Order issue - Konstanin Balakiryan, Solar Hydrogen Trends CEO and primary inventor writes: "In my opinion if we ally and work with the United States government and its armed forces, the safety of our personnel and our technology will be better protected. The possibility of a Gag Order is there regardless if we work with the military or not..." (PESN; December 6, 2014)

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Last updated December 19, 2014




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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