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You are here: > News > November 23, 2014; 5:20 pm MDT

SHT in Alphabetics: Crucify Messianic Technology

I looked up the numbers in Jack Aganyan's (President of Solar Hydrogen Trends) cell phone number, and they include: 818 Shiloh/Messiah; 427 God; 4714 to crucify. I also looked up their email and web address in ASCII. An initial-caps version of their url in ASCII clearly recommends the remedy of open source. Survey. 

Jack Aganyan, Konstantin Balakiryan, Michael Aganyan of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. at the Defense Energy Summit, where they were identified as the "Most Interesting Technology" of 2014.

Was on display at their booth.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


For many months, the copious hydrogen from water technology by Solar Hydrogen Trends in California has been a leader in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing. They have set themselves apart by getting two independent tests for their quantitative analysis (amount of gas produced) by highly qualified industrial entities, and three tests for their qualitative analysis (ratio of gases in output); showing that they get over 1300 times more energy out than in via electricity to run their system that involves 16 different process running simultaneously, including cold fusion, electrolysis, sound, vibration.

Last week, they were featured as the "Most Interesting Technology" of 2014 at the Defense Energy Summit in Austin, Texas.

This has made many of us nervous that if the US military gets interested, they might slap a National Security gag order, sequestering it for their own use and keeping it from the civilian population.

So you can imagine that my eyebrows went up a couple of days ago when I looked up the last four digits of Jack's phone number, which was printed on the brochure they distributed from their booth at the Summit, and that word number, 4717, meant "To crucify" in the New Testament lexicon.

As I dug into this, it was apparent that the Alphabetics code I discovered nearly two decades ago had a lot to say about this situation.

I spent all of Saturday afternoon, evening, and Sunday until about 6 pm MDT working on this this report. There is a lot here. 

From my reading of this, the remedy is found in the last thing I looked up, the numeric sum of the ASCII character values of their domain name, with initial caps: which is how I like to present domain names so you can easily read the key words in the url.

That remedy is for SHT to open source their technology thereby circumventing the military being able to slap a National Security gag order on it. SHT can request that anyone going commercial with the technology remit a 5% royalty. I'm confident that enough groups will be honest that SHT will bring in a healthy income from that method, while providing technical assistance to those seeking to implement their technology.

You'll need to bear with me, as this report is quite long, and it is an approach that most people are not familiar with, so there is a bit of a learning curve there; though the primary tool for understanding is just asking yourself "what does this word have to do with SHT?" I provide my input in brackets.

After you've had a chance to digest this information, I welcome you to participate in the poll at the end of the page, and/or to post your comments at the bottom.

Larry's Geo Tracker that he converted to electric with on-board genset to power the electric, giving him 3x better fuel mileage.

Larry's E.E.S. Ultracapacitor

Important Tangent

Yesterday, I had an amazing recorded interview (posting probably Monday on with Lawrence (Larry) Sadler, owner of four patents, with a fifth pending. He was referred by Patrick Walker. Larry has two phenomenal energy-related inventions. They're not free energy, but are great transitional technologies and tools for when we finally do get free energy technologies to power the future. 

One is a HO.P.E. (High Output Propulsion Electric) vehicle. It's an electric car with onboard generator (genset), so rather than burning fuel in an ICE connected to a drive train, you run an engine to turn a generator to produce electricity to power batteries that power the wheel motors. I don't get how this works from an energy conservation point of view, but he's able to get 94 mpg in his Geo Tracker that usually gets just 30 mpg. I would have thought that you would use more fuel in this scenario because you are converting torque to electricity back to torque, adding additional losses to the system. He's got 3000 miles on his Geo now. He says with optimization, the efficiency could be even greater than that. When you're done with your trip, the battery is not depleted. The 10 kW generator keeps the batteries topped off. What's really cool about this is that now your car can power your house. You drive home, and plug your house into your car as a back-up generator able to keep your essential functions operating.

The other energy-related invention is a "quantum cell" or ultracapacitor, a unique energy storage system. His prototype stores 500 Farads, and at the end of 6 months will still hold 95% of that charge -- unheard of for any capacitor-related storage. But like a capacitor, it can charge 10,000 times faster than a battery. His prototype pegged a 10,000 amp meter at 32 volts (at least 1/3 a megawatt) for a pulsed output, able to repeat after just 10 seconds, compared to the 45 minutes required for similar existing technologies. It's good for billions of cycles -- essentially unlimited. And the prototype weighs around 100 lbs. Imagine that for your regenerative braking or solar/wind battery array. Its cost is expected to be competitive as well.

During that conversation, I urged Larry to be cautious with the military. It hasn't been about freedom for many years now, but is being run now by one of the most treasonous leaders in history, who is using the military to enslave rather than free people.

It just so happened that as I said that, our house guest, James Saline (very interesting guy: a dentist who is trying to replicate Stanley Meyer's circuit, for example) was reading the following paragraph in my copy of the Infinite Energy magazine, Volume 20, Issue 117, Sept/Oct 2014, in a Book Review of The Half Life of a Nuclear Battery by Philip H. Talbert, review by Jeane Manning.

However, his response at the meeting was also influenced by a warning a few months earlier from General Daniel O. Graham, former military advisor to President Ronald Reagan and known as the father of the Strategic Defense Initiative program. Surprisingly, the patriotic, highly-decorated general had cautioned Brown and Talbert, "Whatever you do, don't let the military get control of this technology." (p. 25)

That captures the essence of why I am feeling the need to warn SHT about in this present article, and that is why I bring this up now. I also mention this for Larry's benefit, to let him know that the angels had a hand in timing James' reading of that statement just as I was saying that to Larry in our interview in the next room. I hope that will drive home the point even more -- in addition to the merits of the argument.

By the way, I found out why my near 15-year-old boy, Christian, was toying with the idea of joining the military, the Air Force, to be specific. He said he wanted to be able to fly those jets. He's been spending a lot of time on flight simulators, and he loves that thrill. I reminded him that the missions would entail killing people, and with Obama as tyrant/president, many of the targets are likely to be innocent heroes from a standpoint of freedom. I think that response got through to him. The military isn't about following conscience, it's about following orders, no matter what; and I doubt that's something Christian would be comfortable with -- at least I would hope not.


I wrote the following preface email to Jack yesterday.

To: Robert Avetisian
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 2:20 PM
Subject: Alphabetics warning pending Re: Konstantin's reply to questions

It's up.

  • Featured: LENR / Hydrogen > Production > SHT >
    Report on SHT at Defense Energy Summit - Solar Hydrogen Trends CEO and Chief Scientist, Konstantin Balakiryan, answers a few questions about their exhibit last week, where they were recognized as the "most interesting technology" of 2014. Not only does it produce over 1300 times more energy out than in, but it does so cheaply. (PESN; November 22, 2014)
Heads up. I'm going to work on an article about SHT in Alphabetics.
e.g. Word 4717 in the NT lexicon means "To crucify"
I have to tell you that when I just composed the url for this story, I was hit with emotion so strong I started to cry for sorrow, as if from foreknowledge.

Please pay very close attention to what I'll be writing there.
/2014/11/23/9602571_SHT-in-Alphabetics_To-Crucify/ (composing)

Maybe your paying attention will prevent something terrible.
Let me tell you that I have never found an Alphabetics entry that is not applicable in some way. I've looked up thousands of things.

Sterling D. Allan

Preface to SHT in Alphabetics

Note, this is deep Alphabetics stuff. If you don't get into that stuff, you might as well move along. You'll not find anything useful here with that attitude.

For those of you good souls out there who are believers in God, but who don't see value in these Alphabetics (people like my brother, Nathan), and think its grasping at straws, finding the Encyclopedia Britannica by looking at bricks in the wall, finding any shape imaginable in a normal cloud...

Bear in mind the excellent principle taught in the Book of Mormon: "And we did liken all scriptures to ourselves." Liken to Us was one of my favorite songs to listen to at home as a teen. At a minimum, consider that what I'm doing is just taking a set of word definitions from a Biblical context, which is a great starting point for inspiration, and I'm asking, "What does this have to do with me, or with this situation in question?" Even if there was no "intended" correlation from some grand design, I would argue that this exercise of applying Biblical principles to our life in this manner is a beneficial one. I would agree that I could open the lexicon randomly and find relevance to something through wondering about possible correlations. 

Now, add to that the principle of resonance. It's a simple scientific principle that things of a similar frequency vibrate harmoniously. That is not voodoo in the least. It's fact, easily demonstrated. Just go to a piano, hold the "loud" or sustain pedal down, sing a note loudly, and that note on the piano will sustain that pitch after you stop singing it. No other notes will vibrate loud enough to hear, but if you had proper equipment you could detect that harmonic notes (e.g. x2, x 1/2, etc.) would also be vibrating, just not as pronounced. That is science, and it is the same principle that is in play in Alphabetics. Numbers have resonance. The numbers that are in your life have resonance with you, who you are, what you're here to do, warnings, cautions, encouragement, confirmation.

And before you get all caught up in a wad about what you perceive as a Messiah complex in me, in today's write-up below, you will see this: 

433 el-o-ah God, of the true God; any god; of gods or deities; kings; angels; judges; any divinity; idol; GOD, the one and true God. The plural [more than one] of majesty, elohim, occurs more than two thousand times. [It is the most-often used word translated God in the Old Testament.]

The Old Testament word for "you" is spelled aleph, tau, which are the alpha and omega letters in the Hebrew alphabet. You are alpha and omega, every one of you. You are gods in the flesh.

Jack's SHT Phone Number in Alphabetics

Now, let's tie this in to Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. Yesterday, I published a written interview I did with Konstantin Balakiryan, Founder, CEO/Chief Scientist and driving force behind the seven models of the hydrogen reactor, of which Jack Aganyan is also a co-developer and President. Here's the news bullet for that story:

  • Featured: LENR / Hydrogen > Production > SHT >
    Report on SHT at Defense Energy Summit - Solar Hydrogen Trends CEO and Chief Scientist, Konstantin Balakiryan, answers a few questions about their exhibit last week, where they were recognized as the "most interesting technology" of 2014. Not only does it produce over 1300 times more energy out than in, but it does so cheaply. (PESN; November 22, 2014)

I posted a copy of a brochure that SHT was handing out from their booth. It included this contact info:

phone: (818) 427-4717

That is Jack's phone number, who is the primary interface between SHT and the public/media. I consider him a good friend, not just in free energy. He's an excellent human being. The ~4-hour conversation we had in LA a couple of weeks ago was amazing.

As many of you know, for over a year now, I have been broaching the subject of Alphabetics, which I discovered nearly two decades ago, based in the alphabetical sequence of words, such as in the Old and New Testament lexicons and the numbering of those words relating to modern people, places, events... The main reason I've been broaching it is that I've found it to be very useful in shedding wisdom on free energy matters as well. This present story will be yet another example.

Like with tuning an old-fashioned radio with a dial knob, in Alphabetics you don't just look up the word or number, but you look at the words/numbers before and after it, as they also have resonance.


Here's what I found on 4717.

My comments in [brackets].

Zodhiates' New Testament Lexicon

4701 The act of sowing, seedtime. Figuratively for spiritual seed or the Word of God. [SHT has sewn a seed of hope for a new, liberating energy for a new, clean, sustainable, peaceful world.]
4702 Sown fields, fields of growing grain.
4703 Seed, seed that is supplied for sowing.
4704 To be diligent, earnest, or eager. [A fitting description of the entire SHT team; and probably of all Armenians in general, as far as I have experienced in my life here in the US.]
4705 Earnest, diligent
4706 More diligently
4707 More diligent
4708 More earnestly, diligently
4709 Earnestly, diligently, eagerly, promptly
4710 Speed, haste, earnestness, diligence, zeal [The SHT technology produces copious amounts of hydrogen with just a little electrical input]
4711 A basket for storing grain or provisions [in this application, I also think of the antonym. The SHT process makes storing of hydrogen unnecessary because you can produce it, easily and cheaply, on demand]
4712 stadion A stadium, a measure of distance. (I) a stadium or an arena in which public games were held, the track in the arena, or as a metonym the race on the track [I think of SHT as a technology that has been displayed for the free energy community to watch as a very interesting spectacle.]
(II) a measure of length or distance... (the proportion of the Gr. foot to the Eng. being about 1007 to 1000, and the Roman foot about 970 to 1,000, or about 11.6 inches) [I find it very interesting that the number 1000 is given twice here, inasmuch as in an earlier PESN story I remarked about the significance of the SHT process being 1000+ times overunity, thinking of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes in which the number of people fed was over 1000 times what could have been fed by the number of loaves and fishes provided in the beginning.]
4713 stamnos An urn, pot, jar [used by SHT for qualitative measurements.]
4714 stasis A stance, a posture; an insurrection, sedition or uprising [true of all free energy, it is a peaceful revolution against a status quo]
4715 stater A weight or stater, an Attic silver coin... There was also a stater of gold. [I'll wax personal here, inasmuch as Sterling is related to silver; and I've played a role in the rollout of SHT technology. We might also note the synonym meaning here inasmuch as SHT is solid state, no moving parts; a stater.]
4716 stauros A cross, a stake, often with a cross-piece, on which criminals were nailed for execution. The cross was an instrument of most dreadful and agonizing torture.
>4717 stauroo To crucify [If I were to venture a guess here, it seems to me that this is a warning about working with the military or government, as their only agenda nowadays it to sequester great technologies for their own tyrannical purposes and to snuff out their peaceful civilian applications.]
4718 A cluster of grapes [If I remember right, one of Jacks real estate holdings is a winery. He does have a lot of real estate, the selling of which has been the primary means of financing the R&D for SHT. Regardless, I did enjoy the grapes they provided me when I was a guest in their home for the May demo. But I wouldn't consider that of sufficient weight to merit Alphabetics resonance. But his owning a winery would. I asked Jack about whether he owned any wineries, and he texted me back: "I wish I did "; so maybe some day he will. Not many minutes later they sent me a photo of their celebration (with bubbly) of their Defense Energy "victory". In juxtaposition to word 4717, I would interpret this as an opposite.]
4719 stachus An ear of corn [I see this "corn" show up a lot in very significant contexts. It seems to be a very significant metaphor, maybe for spiritual harvest of profundity?]
4720 Stachus [same as 4719]
4721 a covering, roof [SHT presently does not have a facility in which to operate. Their May demo and TRC Solutions third party testing was done in the back yard next to a pool.]
4722 To cover. In the NT, to cover over in silence. (I) Generally meaning to conceal. (II) To hold out, forbear [Could this be a prediction about what will come of this technology if the military or government gets involved? It does apply to their recent silence imposed by a party that requested their silence for 45 days.]
4723 steiros Deprived of bearing children, sterile, barren [Jack is single. Compare 815 Zod below]
4724 To set, place, appoint to a position (such as soldiers in battle array) [Perhaps another allusion to the Military involvement?]
4725 stemma A garland, wreath (the oxen...) [ox is the meaning of aleph, the first word in the Hebrew alphabet, linked to the meaning of mankind]

Gesenius' Old Testament Lexicon

4715 a fining pot, crucible of a goldsmith [perhaps the idea that this military scenario presents a refining crucible for SHT, and by extension for those watching on. Note that word 4715 in the NT lexicon also mentioned gold.]
4716 putridity; rottenness 
>4717 a hammer; a strenuous warrior [note reference of "warrior" has military reference]
4718 a stone quarry [stone cut out of mountains without hands]

Lexicon Page Photos

(Sorry, the lighting wasn't bright enough, but you can make out most of the words.)

  • 818 (Area code)

    • Gesenius
      • 818-word-Ges_ref-Van-Nuys-area-code_rd.jpg 
        • 814 a gift [is the last (omega) definition in OT lexicon]
        • 815 large tree, Allon [syn Hebrew word links to my last name]
        • 816 to fail in duty, become guilty, negligence; be destroyed, to be laid waste [accused of violating laws of physics, which incites opposition]
        • 817 fault, guilt, blame
        • >818 (1) in fault, one who has contracted guilt; (2) one who brings a sacrifice for trespass [remedy for power pollution to earth]
      • 818-page_Ges_ref-Van-Nuys-area-code_rd.jpg
        • 7804 to liberate [compare 425 Zod below: "liberty"
        • 7882 a pit
        • 7886 shiloh tranquility, peaceable one, peace-maker; "he whose it is"; "Messiah"
        • 7887 Shiloh "place of rest"
          7888 Shilonite
    • Zodhiates
      • 818-word-Zod__ref-Van-Nuys-area-code_rd.jpg 
        • 812 To break the ranks ["breaking laws of physics" as they are presently understood by academia]
        • 813 Disorderly, irregular [ditto]
        • 814 In a disorderly manner, irregularly [ditto]
        • 815 having no child; Syn. sterile [compare 4723 Zod above]
        • 816 To look fixedly, gaze intently [third party validation]
        • 817 without; Syn. 427 without [427 is Van Nuys prefix]
        • >818 to dishonor, treat with indignity; Syn. to make of no account; despise; set aside, reject; care little for, regard lightly; withdraw because of public shame; to reckon as nothing; to heap abuse upon; revile; blaspheme
      • 818-word-Zod_next-page_rd.jpg
        • 819 Dishonor, disgrace, ignominy
        • 820 Dishonored
        • 821 To dishonor, treat with indignity
        • 822 Vapor, exhalation [hydrogen output]
        • 823 atomos Atom [SHT involves nuclear]
        • 824 without place or having no place; prejudicial, hurtful, improper; absurd, unreasonable; wrong [allegations against SHT science]
        • 826 shine
        • 827 daybreak
      • 818-page-Zod_ref-Van-Nuys-area-code_rd.jpg
        • 2579 kαn And if, also if [818 is also related to Mona, who I visited a couple of weeks ago in Vegas. It's her birthday: Aug 18. She said she used to give presentations on not saying "if only" but just doing it. Note that this Greek work could be pronounced "can" if the a is changed to that vowel sound. SHT embodies what happens when people carry out their inspiration. Compare 432 Ges: "if, but if," below]
        • 2583 reed or cane. Anything straight used in examining other things, as ...a plumb line in building; rule of conduct. A measure or measuring rod. The word is given as a technical term to the accepted books of the Bible considered inspired. The idea is clearly implied in the expression "the Scriptures" [SHT is one of the first exotic FE companies to get third party validation by a (actually two did quantitative analysis, and three did qualitative analysis) reputable scientific organization(s).]

  • 427 (Van Nuys prefix)

    • Gesenius
      • 427-word-Ges_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg 
        • 419 "whom God loves"
        • 420 "whom God called"
        • 423 an oath
        • > 427 an oak
        • 424, 425 [Gesenius sequence isn't always the same as James Strong's, who did the standardized numbering] a strong, hardy tree, specially the terebinth, sometimes oak, of any large tree
        • 426 elah God, Jehovah [A Messianic mission of salvation for humanity]
        • 430 eloheem God, of the supreme God, sometimes as a superlative: - angels, exceeding, (most often form used) [taken from James Strong and other notes]
        • 431 behold, lo!
        • 432 if, but if [compare 2579 Zod kαn "And if" above]
      • 427-word-Ges_next-page_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg
        • 433 el-o-ah God, of the true God; any god; of gods or deities; kings; angels; judges; any divinity; idol; GOD, the one and true God. The plural [more than one] of majesty, elohim, occurs more than two thousand times. [It is the most-often used word translated God in the Old Testament.]
      • 427-page-Ges_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg
    • Zodhiates
      • 427-word-Zod_previous-page_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg
        • 421 patient [crucial in this free energy quest; things always take longer and cost more than we initial expect]
        • 421 impossible to be traced out [operative word here: "impossible", which is a primary motivation for most FE researchers, to prove people wrong, just as the Wright Brothers did]
        • > ανέξοδος anιxodos free [I noted in the margin that this is where a word for "free" inserts, as in "free energy"]
        • 422 not ashamed
        • 423vone who has nothing which an adversary could seize upon with which to base a charge
        • 424 go up
        • 425 liberty [compare word 7804 Ges above: liberate]
      • 427-word-Zod_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg 
        • 426 bexamine strictly, thoroughly, to examine by scourging
        • > 427 Without [I wrote "without hands" in the margin; compare to page 683 in Gesenius below]
        • 428 unfit, inconvenient, not appropriate [ever notice the hypocrisy of the liberals who claim to be seeking sustainable solutions, yet they intentionally ignore exotic free energy completely, because it's all about true power to the people -- the empowerment of the individual -- and liberals are all for government control by big brother]
        • 429 to find out by diligent seeking [free energy quest]
          Syn. to discover; to become fully acquainted; Ant. to lose, to vanish away
        • 430 to hold in or back, restrain, stop [sequester/suppress]
      • 427-word-Zod_next-page-word-435_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg 
        • 431 a cousin or nephew [the SHT team acts like one big Armenian family, and some of them are]
        • 432 Dill, an herb [?]
        • 433 To come up, come to, reach to, pertain, belong to; it belongs, it is fit, proper, becoming [victory celebration, when mission is accomplished]
        • 435 Man, husband [435 is rural UT's area code, e.g. here in Fountain Green, Ephraim, and Mt. Pleasant] 
      • 427-page-Zod_ref-Van-Nuys-CA_rd.jpg - unilateral expression of God's desire and disposition for man; testament of God; He, actually being the Word, became flesh

(References for the write-up above.)

Let me explain, briefly, why I included the 683 entries. Earlier, as I was doing the above write-up, I looked down at Gesenius' OT lexicon, which was randomly open; I hadn't purposely opened it to any page; and a word phrase caught my eyes: "Without hands". This ties, of course, to Daniel's prophecy about a stone being cut out of the mountains without hands and filling the whole earth. What is cool about this is that I had written "Without Hands" in the margin next to 427 in the NT lexicon, years ago. So when I saw that this was Jack's cell phone prefix, I thought that was pretty cool. A word right after 4717 in the OT lexicon means "stone quarry"; showing how these free energy technologies literally fulfill Messianic mandates.

I completed the above write-up at 3 am on November 23. But as I awoke that morning, I realized there was more I could look up from the contact information listed on the SHT brochure. 

i 105
n 110
f 102
o 111
@ 64
s 115
o 111
l 108
a 97
r 114
h 104
y 121
d 100
r 114
o 111
g 103
e 101
n 110
t 116
r 114
e 101
n 110
d 100
s 115
. 46
c 99
o 111
m 109


Gesenius' Old Testament Lexicon

(Actually, I'm grabbing most of this from James Strong's concordance)

2914 tekh-ore [Hebrew, play on word: Tech-ore; which is how SHT started, trying to improve and electrolysis process in the refining of ore] from and unusual root meaning to burn; a boil or ulcer (from the inflammation), especially a tumor in the anus or pudenda (the piles); emerod ["Pain in the ass" -- which is what their getting involved with the military is going to become for them, and vice versa. "Tumors" come from normal cells losing their usual self-controls, and going into unbridled replication; as a metaphor for un-checked human pride which is at the root of today's societal ills; the remedy being a broken heart and contrite spirit, acknowledging that we are less than the dust of the earth, and need to look to God and live.] 
2915 tee-akh mortar or plaster; daubing [play on the English definition words: mortar and mortal. Definition of daubing: "coat or smear (a surface) with a thick or sticky substance in a carelessly rough or liberal way"; brings to mind the mass of humanity roughly getting by in mortality.]
2916 teet [Hebrew, play on words: suck at the breast] to be sticky, (perhaps from 2894, through the idea of dirt to be swept away); mud or clay; calamity; dirt, mire [As incarnate humans, we are "made from the dust".]
2917 teen [Hebrew, play on words: teens epitomize the "human frailties" component] clay, miry
2918 teeraw a wall; hence a fortress or a hamlet: goodly (castle), habitation, palace, row [Jack lives in a nice home and is supported by good people in his life]
2919, 2020 tal dew (as covering vegetation) [In context of SHT, I think of open source, which falls like dew on the planet each morning as a free gift from nature, without effort, and which can be harvested if you know how.]
2921 taw-law to patch, to sew up; spotted, having large spots like patches on a garment [By way of protection of their IP, SHT has about 6, or was it 12 people around the world who are instructed to release the know-how of their technology should something happen to them; and those people could piece it together and bring it forward. I wonder, though, how that injunction would change if the SHT lives were held at gunpoint, so to speak, by a National Security gag order at possible penalty of death.] 
>2922 tel-aw the sense of covering (for protection); a lamb [Behold, the lamb of God. Will this be required of Jack? His willingness to lay his own life down (in violation of National Security gag order) to allow this technology to go forward.]
2923 tel-aw-eem from the plural of 2922: lambs
2924 taw-leh variant for 2922: a lamb
2925 tal-tay-law overthrow or rejection; captivity [Violation of the National Security gag order can also result in imprisonment.]
2926 taw-lal to strew over, i.e. to cover in or plate (with beams); cover [SHT technology is covered by the mandate to release the technology, unless those who are to release it decline to do so out of fear for what might happen to SHT personnel.]
2927 tel-al ["tell all" -- a play on this Hebrew word] corresponds to 2926: to cover with shade; have a shadow [The dispersed plans provide a back-up shadow for the inventors.]
2928 teh-lem ["tell 'em"] to break up or treat violently; oppression
2829 tal-mone oppressive
2930 taw-may to be foul, contaminated; defile (self), pollute (self), be (make self, pronounce) unclean; X utterly [From an eternal, world-benefit point of view, if SHT team and back-up plan give in to or comply with the National Security gag order. Also applies to those selfish, paranoid hypocrites issuing such an order.]
2931 taw-may foul in a religious sense; defiled, + infamous, polluted; unclean [antonym: hero; of such defiance of unjust orders are heroes made historically]
2932 toom-aw religious impurity; filthiness, unclean [not just religious context, but applies in professional settings for people in regards to their carrying out their life's mission, and being willing to take up the cross and suffer the shame of it, as Jesus admonished]
2933 taw-maw to be impure in a religious sense; be defiled, be reputed, vile [Definition of repute: "be generally said or believed to exist or be of a particular type, despite not being so" (Google)]
2934 taw-man to hide (by covering over); lay privily, in secret [is what the National Security order demands]

Zodhiates' New Testament Lexicon

[definition 2917 is the first full definition on p. 888 of Zodhiates. 888 is the number of Jesus.]

2217 krima Judgment, sentence, the reason for judgment. [Pending due diligence by military and other government interests.]
2218 krinon A lily [Remember the lilies of the field, they toil not... Those who trust in God will be taken care of in their missions (stepping in your personal 888).]
2219 krino To separate, distinguish, discriminate between good and evil, select, choose the good. (III) (C) To vindicate [A fundamental human duty for progressing from wherever you presently are to a higher state. SHT has chosen well, and has set themselves apart by getting third party validation.]
2920 krisis Separation, figuratively division, dissension, decision, crisis, turn of affairs, judgment. [This is the word given in the scripture: "It is given man once to die, then comes the judgment." (Heb. 9:27) This word was the basis of an entire episode I did last month about reincarnation. Ironically, today, Nov. 23, the topic in Gospel Essentials is "The Post Mortal Spirit World". Since I already covered that, I'm going to talk about this present study for today's episode. This is yet another example of synchronicity that is commonplace for me, tying one thing to the next.]
2921 Krispos "crisp" [perhaps a reference to a possible form of National Security order violation retribution]
>2922 kriterion Judgment, the art, act, or authority of judging or determining; judicial contest or controversy, a lawsuit; judgment seat, tribunal, court of justice [So it was with Jesus prior to his crucifixion; and he calls on us to take up the cross and suffer the shame of it. We need to be willing to go through similar rejection as we step into our missions.] 
2923 krites He who decides, a judge.
2924 kritikos Able to discern or decide, critical, skilled in judging.
2925 krouso To knock, rap at a door for entrance. ["Ask and ye shall receive", is a good tool for any human as they forge through life.]
2926 kruptos Hidden, concealed, and thus secret. [National Security order]
2928 krupto To hide, conceal.
2929 krustallizo To shine like crystal, clear and sparkling. [(1) SHT technology involves vibrations; (2) the technology is a beacon to the world, and should not be held back.]
2930 krustallos Ice, water solidified by cold. [A National Security order would put SHT water on ice.]
2931 kruphe Secretly, not openly [If a National Security order were applied, they wouldn't even be able to say that this had taken place.]
2932 ktaomai To get for oneself, acquire, procure, by purchase or otherwise. [I want one, don't you! And I think everyone one the planet would like one. to hell with the Military Industrial complex.] 

h 104
t 116
t 116
p 112
: 58
/ 47
/ 47
w 119
w 119
w 119
. 46
s 115
o 111
l 108
a 97
r 114
h 104
y 121
d 100
r 114
o 111
g 103
e 101
n 110
t 116
r 114
e 101
n 110
d 100
s 115
. 46
c 99
o 111
m 109


Zodhiates' New Testament Lexicon

3428 An adulteress [SHT courting the US military, which has now become a proponent of tyranny, is on a certain level an act of adultery or infidelity in regards to We the People to whom this technology should be going to -- power to the people.]
3429 To commit adultery
3430 The act of adultery
3431 To commit adultery
3432 An adulterer
>3433 (from molos, labor pains) With difficulty, hardly, scarcely
3434 Moloch an idol-god worshipped by the Ammonites with human sacrifices, especially children [Such takes place within the higher echelons of the cabal running the US and the world. This is the ilk of those who would be slapping an National Security order on this technology.]
3435 To defile, besmear; Syn. to stain; to spot, pollute [The cabal is not about fixing the planet but propagating its rape and destruction.]
3436 Filthiness
3437 Fault-finding, blame, censure, an occasion of complaint [Them against us, us against them; and me in this polemic about SHT and its contemplating involvement with the US military.]

Gesenius' Old Testament Lexicon

(Actually, I'm grabbing most of this from James Strong's concordance)

3431 He will praise [Certainly the gratitude will be immense, worldwide.]
3432 Will return [We'll stop raping the planet and will return to goodness and harmony with nature, and great abundance with responsibility in that abundance.]
>3433 Returner of bread [SHT technology could enable the feeding of the planet by bringing the price of energy down, which would bring all other prices down as well, and make blossoming of the deserts a plausible endeavor.]
3434 People will return [Power to the people]

(With initial caps -- still goes to same destination, but is easier for people to see the name the url spells out; and it's Alphabetics meanings are much better.)

h 104
t 116
t 116
p 112
: 58
/ 47
/ 47
w 119
w 119
w 119
. 46
S 83
o 111
l 108
a 97
r 114
H 72
y 121
d 100
r 114
o 111
g 103
e 101
n 110
T 84
r 114
e 101
n 110
d 100
s 115
. 46
c 99
o 111
m 109


Gesenius' Old Testament Lexicon

3333 A casting [Tesla's favorite number; and he was master at conceiving in his head first, completely, before building, and things would work exactly as he conceived.]
3334 To be straightened, to be narrow; to be in distress; to be in perplexity; to be grieved [problems have solutions]
3335 To form, fashion; to destine; for form in the mind, to devise, to plan [The idea that we can become creators when we come to learn the power of proper thought and becoming human vessels of universal wisdom, per the talents we are born with and develop.]
>3336, 3337 Frame, formation; meditation, thought
3337, 3338, 3339, 3340 Things formed [We become co-creators with God; an attribute manifest or exemplified by the SHT team.]

Zodhiates' New Testament Lexicon

3322 mesoo To be in or at the middle, in the midst, midway. [Immanuel; God in the flesh, in our midst; we all are gods in the flesh as well.]
3323 Messias Messiah, corresponding to the Gr. Christos; the anointed one [Messianic calling, which all 144,000 Ones Mighty and Strong step into, and which all of humanity is invited.]
3324 Full, filled, stuffed [Fullness]
3325 To fill [Indwelling of the Holy Ghost, which empowers man to be godlike.]
3326 In the midst [Immanuel]
3327 To pass or go from one place or state to another; to go away, depart [3327 was Tesla's room number when he passed away.]
3328 To throw or turn over as with a plow, to change [There are quite a few words in a row here with related meanings. In the context of SHT, I think of the invitation that this Alphabetics study and audience response to the survey at the end will provide for them to reconsider their path of courting military involvement, and instead open source the technology to the people, requesting a 5% royalty on all commercial sales; so this technology can spread to the world rapidly, without being blocked by the corrupt powers that be through a National Security order.]
3329 To lead over, transfer [from the hands of the corrupt to the hands of the people.]
3330 To share with someone, to impart, communicate. [The last or omega word of the OT lexicon is "gift." Free Energy is a gift from nature and God to humanity. Open source is in complete keeping with this notion.]
3331 Transposition, a moving to another place. (II) Mutation, change [The SHT process involves transmutation of oxygen from water into hydrogen, so that the output gas from water is 97% hydrogen.]
3332 To life away, remove from one place to another.
3333 To call to oneself, send for [An invitation to introspection. 3 is Tesla's favorite number.]
3334 To move from one place to another, move away, remove. Metaphorically in Col. 1:23, "not moved away from the hope", i.e. not fallen away, wavering.
3335 To take part or share of something, particularly with others [Namely: open source.]
3336 The act of partaking of something; Syn. communion, fellowship, sharing in common; partnership, participation [Open source]
>3337 To exchange, to convert from one state to another [Convert from courting the Military Industrial Complex and open source to the people of planet Earth.]
3338 metamelomai To regret. metemelethen Has the meaning of changing one's mind or purpose after having done something regrettable [The regrettable thing, in this case, is having courted the military.]
3339 To transform, transfigure, change one's form.
3340 To repent, change the mind, relent. Theologically, it involves regret or sorrow, accompanied by a true change of heart toward God.
3341 A change of mind, repentance.
3342 In the midst of [Immanuel. Through such might change of heart do we step into our godhood.]
3343 To send after or for; invite to come. [You all are invited to turn your hearts to God and experience the broken heart and contrite spirit which is answered by a mighty change of heart and indwelling of the Holy Ghost, turning humans into god-beings.]
3344 To turn about from one direction to another.
3345 To transform, change.
3346 To transpose, put in another place and hence to transport, transfer, translate. [Through such a change will we see the kingdom of God be brought to earth, and a new Earth emerge.]
3347 After that, then, thereafter, afterwards. ["Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (1 Cor. 2:9)
3348 To have together with others, to partake of, share in. [Kingdom of God on earth, deposing the kingdom of the devil presently in charge.]
3349 To life up on high. Used figuratively of the mind, to animate, incite...
3350 A moving from one habitation or country to another, a transportation or transplantation. [Just as the SHT process transmutes water to hydrogen, so also will a change of heart of the people transmute us from one state of existence to another, much more glorious. Could also be a reference to being lifted up by ETs to go off planet during cleansing of earth?]
3351 Partnership, fellowship.



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