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You are here: > News > November 4, 2014; 11 pm MDT

Free Energy Quest guest specified by name in Alphabetics

In looking up the url of the Rense Radio Archives for my Free Energy Quest show in Alphabetics, it not only gave the most general explanation imaginable: solar, via web-highway: but also gave the specific name and phone number of the guest I had scheduled for today: Sampson, 0490.

Becky likes to take photos with people she meets, so she can remember them by face. This is a reduction of a screen shot of a video of the photo she sent me by iPhone. Welton, who got me started in free energy 12.5 years ago, is in the background.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Up until today, I've always been able to find a guest for my show in time for the show, even though sometimes I've pushed the deadline a bit close -- once lining it up just ten minutes before we went on the air. Shout out to Peter Crunk for doing that! David Puchta also came on with about an hour's notice.

Today, though, after contacting about ten different people to come on either today or in the future when they are available, with 1.5 hours before the show started and still no guest secured, I decided to go ahead and take the show myself, solo, and give an introduction to the idea of "Free Energy in Alphabetics". I probably could have found someone, even with that little time left -- like I've done before -- but it felt right for me to do a solo for the first time on that show.

I thought I'd also come up with some fresh content for the show, rather than use examples I've used before, so I thought I'd look up the url of where the archives for the show are posted by Rense Radio: 

In doing so, it turns out that not only did it specify the general nature of the show as covering free energy, broadcast through the world via the world wide web, but it specifically named the first guest I had initially scheduled for today, and it tied in to her phone number. (I met her this last Saturday at my kid's baptism [she was filling in as pianist prior my arriving to play], and recorded a shout out to her when I recorded my class Sunday night on Eternal Marriage [the Gospel Essentials topic of the day], after returning from a tour with several associates from Safe Haven Villages to her family's "camp" down near Bicknell, Utah. I invited her on my show because I was so impressed with her and her goal to set up 500 healing centers in 5 years. She replied yesterday that she'd have to postpone.)

That's the kind of specificity I've seen over and over with Alphabetics -- thousands of times; and I'm not exaggerating.

No, in answer to the peanut gallery, I don't think it means unequivocally that she'll be my wife, though it (along with several other things I found previously) does point to possibilities. I'm not emotionally invested in any particular outcome; just taking things as they come and unfold, honoring agency, of myself and others.

So you can see that I'm not just making this up, let me walk you through this.

1) Go to 

2) enter

You will get the following result:

Char Dec Hex Oct
h 104 68 150
t 116 74 164
t 116 74 164
p 112 70 160
: 58 3A 72
/ 47 2F 57
/ 47 2F 57
w 119 77 167
w 119 77 167
w 119 77 167
. 46 2E 56
r 114 72 162
e 101 65 145
n 110 6E 156
s 115 73 163
e 101 65 145
r 114 72 162
a 97 61 141
d 100 64 144
i 105 69 151
o 111 6F 157
a 97 61 141
r 114 72 162
c 99 63 143
h 104 68 150
i 105 69 151
v 118 76 166
e 101 65 145
s 115 73 163
. 46 2E 56
c 99 63 143
o 111 6F 157
m 109 6D 155
/ 47 2F 57
f 102 66 146
r 114 72 162
e 101 65 145
e 101 65 145
_ 95 5F 137
e 101 65 145
n 110 6E 156
e 101 65 145
r 114 72 162
g 103 67 147
y 121 79 171
/ 47 2F 57

3) Now, sum the numbers in the first column. (I use an xls spreadsheet with a sum function to do this rapidly, just copying and pasting the contents from that column.) You get 4546.

4) Now, look those up in the Old and New Testament lexicons, and consider the words around them, and the page numbers, etc.. (Alphabetics)

Internet Foretold

These two words come one after the other in the Old Testament Hebrew lexicon.

    4545 ;,./ macceketh: "web"

    4546 %-./ mecillah: "highway"

click here to see complete write-up

Word 4546 in the OT lexicon means "highway; a public way; course of life; ladder, steps"; and the word immediately before it, 4545, means: "web". Together, these describe the venue of the Free Energy Quest show -- the world wide web highway. Rense Radio is not on terrestrial radio stations because the material is generally too deep or challenging for most radio audiences. It is available live via satellite and the web.

Nearly from the beginning of starting my website, I've shown this very example of alphabetics on the home page of the Alphabetics index. You can confirm this by going to For example, here is the link from April, 2000. (The table shown to right is from near the top of that page.)

Those gibberish characters after word numbers 4545 and 4546 are the Hebrew characters if you have the proper font installed on your computer.

As I looked at this again, today, I noticed that word 4546 is on page 490 of my lexicon (Gesenius). And I made a mental note that 0490 are the last four digits of Becky Sampson's phone number, that I had looked up a few days earlier. You can see that publicly listed on her website: 

You can imagine how floored I was when I then looked up word 4546 in the NT lexicon, and discovered that it is "Sampson". No kidding. Look it up. 

Hey, I just found a website that you can look stuff up in. 

In the NT lexicon, the meaning is rendered, "like the sun", but in Gesenius' OT lexicon (8123), its equivalent is actually rendered "solar."

I pointed out in my radio show today that "solar" is the most often used example I give of conventional free energy. It is always the first one I cite of the 25 conventional genres, because it is the one that the most people can relate to. The sun's energy is free. You don't have to pay for the sun. Those of you who have been following my stuff for years, know that this is true about me. To provide evidence, go to the version of the 25-genres page from February 20, 2013. Even though I give the listing in alphabetical sequence, in the introduction, I say: "The 'conventional' modalities are those that mainstream science acknowledges as legitimate, such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, waste-to-energy, and biomass" (emphasis added). I'm sure I could find older examples -- nearly any recorded interview I've done will have something along these lines, e.g. my first appearance on Coast to Coast AM on January 19, 2009. "Solar" is even listed first in the Coast overview of the interview.

So, in word definition 4546 in the NT lexicon is both the most general word for free energy -- solar -- and the most specific instance, the name of the guest I had planned for today: Sampson.

There's a lot more there, too. For those of you who know me, you know that my ex-wife's maiden name is Moon. And from a doctrinal point of view, 1 Corinthians 15:41 contrasts the "glory of the sun" to the moon and the stars as comparable to the different gradations of glory people have after death based on how they live their life here.

It the notations of my Zodhiates' NT lexicon I have the next page number, following where word 4546 is located, highlighted as Cheri's birth month and year: 1279. In the past few months, corresponding to our separation and then divorce, she has signed up for and commenced training as an Esthetician (skin care, for working in a spa). A positive spin on that is that this enables her to give her clients a little slice of heaven on earth. A different side of this is reflected in Zodhiate's synonym for word 4559 on page 1279: "sarx covers that entire domain of our fallen nature made subject to vanity in which sin springs up and moves." There is a good and bad manifestation in most everything, and I trust Cheri will focus on the good, even though that industry in general tailors to vanity. 

Another meaning of word 4559 is "(II) implying weakness, frailty", which describes her quite well, as she has a very low energy threshold, getting worn out with just a little exertion. Driving the kids to school, 5 minutes away, is like doing a full workout. I can't fault her, as this is part of her physical makeup or temperament, and has always been. I'm just noting it to show how specific alphabetics can be. She's been an amazing mom notwithstanding. 

Also on the page is word 4557: "Sardonyx. A precious stone." And the page opens with the phrases: "golden sands... a site of great beauty..." 

If the "glory of the moon" has relevance to Cheri, I would say she easily rises to the highest that the telestial glory entails, and perhaps that is indeed what her role in my life has been to reflect.

You can see why on my show today I didn't want to elaborate on what I see on that page. And even now, I anticipate that I'll get a lot of flack for what I just wrote.

[9/30/2014 10:28:46 AM] Sterling D. Allan: Hey Nate,
Just found something in Alphabetics that I'd be curious to see if you'll balk on.
1) go to
2) enter "Alphabetics" without quotation marks
3) the sum of the "Dec" column is 1120
Word 1121, gramma (vicinity is very significant in the approach as I've discovered/analyzed it) is: "That which is written, a letter of the ALPHABET, a book, letter, bond, and so forth. ....the letters of the alphabet as used in Scripture as the object of study or knowledge."

But part of getting what I get in Alphabetics is being true to what I find and reporting it the best I can. "To him that receives shall be given more; but to him who rejects that which has been given shall be taken away." (e.g. Matt 12:13; II Ne. 28:30; Alma 12:10-11) This is one of the key principles of what Greater Things is all about, both as a site and me as an embodiment. If you don't hold true to stuff you get, especially even when it's difficult, then you'll not get more. So as unpopular as I've been in reporting all this Alphabetics stuff, I just keep right on going, and I keep on getting more.

You in the peanut gallery might say, "So, you've lost an amazing wife, what do you have to say for yourself?" I'd say that since separating from her last Spring, I've been able to grow very significantly spiritually and have been able to step into my Alphabetics work profoundly, which Cheri has fought me vehemently on over the years, causing me to put that which is most fundamental to me on hold -- until recently. The future is yet to reveal what is in store for me.

I do wish and expect the best for Cheri, but I'm extremely grateful to no longer be held back by her.

Here's a video with images relevant to the audio recording of today's show.

Near the end of today's show, I cited an excerpt from something I wrote a year ago, that Cheri thought I was completely nuts to write, as did most of you, but which I still stand by as a prediction I fully expect to see fulfilled in many years from now.

You'll notice that following the "built ships" section, I also underlined the phrase: "to put together, to join together." This, in my opinion, is very significant because it ties word-for-word with the definition for word 260 in the Old Testament lexicon ("join together") as well as word 260, "together" in the New Testament lexicon. This is significant because there are 260 chapters, total, in the New Testament; and the phrase "join together" in that context brings to mind Ezekiel 37 that prophesies about the stick (record) of Judah and the stick of Joseph becoming one in the hand. That verbatim phrase, "join together" also comes up next to word 1580 in the OT lexicon. There are 1580 total chapters in the Mormon "quad" which includes the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I don't think this word association should be brushed aside as insignificant, but rather, should be seen as another way of saying: "All the scriptures teach you how to be rich and good, if you will implement their teachings in their true essence."

Dansie Again

Those of you who regularly follow my news, will also know that I recently wrote an article in which I pointed out that my nemesis, Mark Dansie, who has totally trashed Raphial Morgado, and killed any momentum there was for people to support his Aviation 2.0 project, has a cell phone number whose last four digits have the following definition in the OT lexicon.

1688 to join together, to press together into a mass, especially a round mass, hence ball of dung, dung...

The "join together" word string hence ties him into the above scenario as well, as a negative voice against these positive dreams. I hope he changes. He has no compunction against jumping to the "its a fraud" conclusion without adequate evidence for that. With him it's "guilty until proven innocent" when it comes to any exotic free energy claim. He sees no problem with that attitude and is actually quite proud of it as the basis for his skepticism. His living in the Philippines seems to be softening him, so maybe he'll turn over a new leaf.

Rossi's E-Cat Tie-in

But while I'm on the subject of "join together" and word 260, I'd like to show you that definition from the Old Testament, because within it is embedded a very obvious prophecy about Andrea Rossi and his "cold fusion" or LENR technology (which Dansie has been brutal on) that has been in my Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing nearly the duration that I've been running that listing.

Not that the definition just prior to it specifically mentions Ezekiel 37:17 "and they shall be (the two sticks) joined in one".

the image for a whole-page photo.

Andrea Rossi and myself after his October 28, 2011 demonstration of his 1 MW E-Cat in Bologna, Italy.

You see the string "to join together" near the bottom. But up above it, you see underlined "Rossii" which the name of an etymologist. (Gesenius wrote this book in 1847). Just below it is underlined "Water", and below that is underlined "Celsius". Then, in the right column, you see underlined: "the west" and "latter time, the future". And in the top right, you see "hinder, rear, end", which is the antonym of "Top 5". In the context of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat, these phrases can be interpreted:

  • Rossi - name of the inventor
  • Water - is heated by his LENR process; and the process involves hydrogen, which is usually extracted from water.
  • Celsius - heat, temperature, LENR process
  • join together - fusion (actually, its probably transmutation)
  • the west - Rossi moved from Italy to Florida to do this work
  • latter time, the future - now

Note also, near the beginning of the definition, is underlined "Hebrew" and "Greek" which tie to the idea of Alphabetics studies using the lexicons and their alphabetical sequence of words. "Wisdom" which is also underlined, ties into this as well.

I didn't notice this when I prepared this for the October 10 presentation in Boulder, but the etymologist name, "Jerome" is a play on the name "Jeroen", who was the conference organizer.

It's all resonance.

The reason I bring this up is to point out that the string "join together" for the word for "richer", also ties into this definition 260 and its link to Rossi and the other exotic free energy technology inventors -- its part of the wealth that is coming to a planet that will shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality, per the excellent documentary.

# # #

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Resources at

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated November 15, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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