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You are here: > News > October 22, 2014; 22:10 GMT

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat Devours Lockheed's Hypothetical Compact Fusion Reactor

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Division has announced their plans to build a compact nuclear fusion based reactor prototype within five years. The LENR or Cold Fusion E-Cat – which actually exists today as a commercial product – offers more benefits with none of the drawbacks. Did the positive findings of the Lugano report force Lockheed's hand? 

STERLING ALLAN'S COMMENT: I agree that the E-Cat holds proven promise for resolving the world's energy needs. However, we need to make the point that there are several other exotic free energy technologies also getting close to emerging, which will also provide clean, affordable, practical energy -- and some of them may have advantages over the E-Cat for certain applications. The E-Cat isn't the only promising technology in view. I list it as number 5 in that ranking because it isn't as close as those ahead of it in the list. See https://Top5Energy.

The Hot-Cat test setup, glowing, as it produces heat equivalent in the kilowatt range at around 1400ΊC -- 3.5 times more than the input required to run it.

Allegedly, the first commercial Lockheed Martin reactors capable of producing 100 MW would be small enough to fit on the back of a 16-wheeler, and could be ready for use in a decade, after producing their first prototype in five years from now.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Due to the existence of the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer, there is no reason – whatsoever – for traditional hot fusion projects to be proposed or continue. No complicated, expensive “hot fusion” technology can compete. Andrea Rossi's technology offers a way of producing vast amounts of power while using no radioactive materials, producing no nuclear waste, and emitting no radiation into the environment. In addition, E-Cat reactors can be made from nearly all off the shelf components; once mass produced, they will be dirt cheap. So the announcement by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works division of their theoretical plans for a Compact Fusion Reactor or, more formally, the “High Beta Fusion Reactor” seems to have been little more than a move of desperation. 

The fancy graphics produced by Lockheed to promote their currently non-existent claim the technology will “restart the atomic age.” In reality, the technology to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and eliminate the use of dangerous conventional fission reactors already exists in the form of the E-Cat. For a number of years, experiments with real world E-Cat reactors (which are small enough to fit on a desktop) have proven they are capable of producing several times more power out than they consume. Certain tests of the E-Cat have demonstrated the ability of the technology to completely self sustain – producing a constant output of power without any input except for the small amount needed at start up. Moreover, the Energy Catalyzer is capable of producing extremely high temperatures in a stable manner (over 1,400 degrees Celsius) beyond what is required for electrical generation with standard turbines. 

No dream, fantasy, or pipe dream: the E-Cat is real and works today. A recently released report describing a thirty-two day test of a high temperature E-Cat in Lugano, Switzerland has confirmed both massive excess power generation and isotopic ratio shifts in the fuel that provide hard proof of nuclear reactions. 

As this article is being written, Industrial Heat – the company that acquired the E-Cat technology from Andrea Rossi – is continually testing over a hundred reactors that compose a one megawatt plant. This plant is located in the factory of an undisclosed customer. After at least a year of testing has been completed, the customer will share the performance of the plant with the world and allow visits. The E-Cat is in process of going commercial.

The Compact Fusion Reactor of Lockheed Martin, however, does not exist in the real world. If a government or business had a billion dollars in the bank and a plan to convert over to fusion energy, they could not purchase a CFR. Not a single reactor, even a prototype, has been constructed. Also, after a prototype is constructed, they claim to need another five years to develop a commercial product. This means, at best, commercial CFR's will not be available for a decade. This is of course if their technology actually works, and they do not run into problems. Most likely, there will be hurdles and issues appear they do not expect. 

Let's compare Lockheed's non-existent technology with the E-Cat. 

  • Once the results of the first year of operation of Industrial Heat's one megawatt plant are released, commercialization can proceed rapidly. At best, Lockheed will need ten years to reach the same point. Before the first CFR prototype is built, it will be running five years or more behind the E-Cat. Also, embarrassingly, the first prototype of the CFR will only be designed to operate for ten seconds. It is only going to be a proof that the theory works. E-Cat reactors have already been operated for many months. In the recent Lugano test, the reactors were run for thirty two days non-stop. 
  • Even if Lockheed is capable of producing a fully functional reactor in ten years, they will be using at least one radioactive material (tritium), producing radiation inside the reactor (including dangerous neutrons), and producing some nuclear waste. The E-Cat will be using no radioactive elements and will not generate any radiation or nuclear waste. 
  • The Lockheed CFR will be a far more complicated product than the E-Cat. Unlike the CFR, an E-Cat reactor will not require huge electromagnets and will be simple to mass produce. The components of the actual E-Cat reactor are common: alumina tube, resistors, and fuel powder comprised of nickel, lithium, iron with hydrogen.
  • The Lockheed CFR is one massive reactor. The first E-Cat plant is modular – composed of over a hundred smaller reactors. If one E-Cat reactor fails, the faulty reactor can be extracted and a new one inserted. In the CFR, if one part fails the whole device will become disabled. 
  • The Lockheed CFR will be far more expensive than the E-Cat. In addition to the fact that the components and fuels of the E-Cat will be much cheaper, due to the lack of radiation and nuclear waste the technology will be capable of being used almost anywhere. 

The advantages of the E-Cat over the Compact Fusion Reactor are clear. If Lockheed and other companies truly desired to end the energy crisis and bring almost free, clean energy to the world, they would have been building and testing cold fusion or LENR devices for decades. Some people claim the reason they have not is ignorance in that they simply do not realize the E-Cat is a real, working technology. This may be a small factor why some scientists have avoided LENR research, but I think there is another reason -- an explanation that should make all citizens who believe in freedom and liberty fume with indignation. 

Conventional hot fusion technology is controllable by the powers that be; cold fusion is not. 

All conventional hot fusion reactors – like the CFR – are complicated and expensive. A small team of engineers in a third world country would probably not have the skills, access to materials, or funding to build one. Although a CFR would probably be much cheaper to build than previous models of fusion reactors, it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build the first prototype. The E-Cat reactors that are already being used to produce power in the factory of a customer probably cost a few hundred dollars to build. Also, they would use mostly common components. If they had the ability to produce the fuel, the same team of scientists and engineers would be able to build an E-Cat with little effort. 

The E-Cat represents a simple, cheap technology that could be easily replicated across the globe by just about any company or academic institution with a desktop and a few thousand dollars of funding. This represents a disruptive, uncontrollable technology. If proliferated widely, the E-Cat could provide unlimited, cheap energy to every single country -- and town, and even house -- on the planet -- via a distributed, not centralized paradigm. This means that nations considered “hostile” to the United States such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea could have their energy costs reduced down to almost nothing. When it comes to access to energy, all the nations of the globe would be equal. Access to energy can currently be used to put sanctions on certain nations and groups that powers that be want to suppress. In a world where the E-Cat provides almost free power to everyone, the powers that be will find it more challenging to put a stranglehold on those they want to control.

The entities who control this planet do not want power taken away from them. Because of this, it is far better for them to promote “hot fusion” than cold fusion. They can shout about the benefits of hot fusion while knowing that it will not actually benefit anyone for decades or maybe even longer. In the mean time, they will retain their power over the world: they can push for carbon taxes, stronger environmental regulations, and global government. 

If they pushed for LENR or cold fusion research, everyone would instantly realize that excessive, economy killing environmental regulations are unneeded. By simply switching over traditional coal burning fire plants to nickel-lithium-hydrogen, the emission of carbon, heavy metals, and particulate matter into the atmosphere can stop. Their long term plans to control the world by enforcing draconian environmental laws will be destroyed. The E-Cat far surpasses their own environmental benchmarks, which they have been using to bottleneck power and drive up prices.

The E-Cat can eventually be used to produce power to operate every vehicle, home, and appliance. All conventional (including existing "renewable") forms of energy will fade away. This will give ordinary people an enormous amount of freedom. No longer will people struggle to pay for gasoline or pay their electric bills. If someone wants to live out an RV all year long and travel ten times across the United States, they will be able to do so for minimal energy cost. They will be able to drive thousands of miles without needing to use any gasoline and will not need to “plug in” anywhere when they stop. With this freedom all sorts of new communities will develop. Most importantly, they will be less dependent on government and have more freedom than ever before. 

Of course part of the reason for the recent push for hot fusion is probably for an even simpler reason: people want to protect their careers. There are countless scientists and engineers who have worked for decades exclusively on hot fusion research. If the funding for hot fusion research dried up, they would be out of work and prestige. I should stress that even though the introduction of the E-Cat technology to the world would eliminate many hot fusion related jobs, there would be countless new opportunities in the cold fusion field. 

If used appropriately, the E-Cat technology could bring more wealth and freedom to every single human being on the face of the planet. It could bring energy costs down dramatically, reduce pollution, and eliminate any fictitious need for severe environmental regulations. The CFR, however, is not a technology that currently exists: it has never been built and has never been tested. 

Everyone who is interested in a real source of clean and cheap power for our civilization should spread the word about the E-Cat and the Lugano test. No one should allow themselves to be distracted by the CFR. 

I hope the folks at Skunk Works wake up and join the winning side. 

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated March 05, 2015




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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