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You are here: > News > October 13, 2014; 22:10 GMT

Hell Freezes Over: Brian Ahern's Doubts on E-Cat Test Resolved

Dr. Brian Ahern, a well known scientist and researcher in the field of LENR and long-time cynic of the E-Cat, has changed his opinion about the most recent test. He now states his doubts have been resolved, after being satisfied from an expert that a key measurement method was what he would recommend.

Brian Ahern, courtesy in YouTube interview

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Hell Freezes Over: Brian Ahern's Doubts on E-Cat Test Resolved.

Dr. Brian Ahern, a well known scientist and LENR researcher, has been a long time critic of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology. In the past, he has made statements implying that Rossi's technology does not work and that the inventor of the technology is guilty of being dishonest, among other harsher accusations. Although less vocal and far less obsessive than some of Rossi's worst detractors, certain of his comments have seemed particularly hostile. 

The following quotes have been attributed to Brian Ahern on certain online websites. A simple Google search will find them: I do not want to directly link to the websites to give them additional traffic or higher search engine rankings. If these quotes are not accurate or the statements were not made, I encourage Dr. Ahern to let us know we are in error so we can provide a retraction. 

“The calibrations stopped at 500C for a foolish if not deceptive reason... blackbody radiation was absorbed by the alumina to a greater extent at lower temperatures. If the power was increased to achieve temperatures of 1200 – 1400C they would have observed the same excess energy (in the dummy as in the active reactor)! – Attributed to Ahern, in regards to the paper released on Oct. 8th, on the Vortex L list by Jones Beene. 

“Rossi has been clever enough to change the trick on each successive demo. Using a secret customer is a great way to allow him to fulfill his promise to demo the 1MW unit in October. He then evaded conducting the demo transparently by saying the customer demanded the demo conditions. The “customer” signed off when Rossi gave him the wink and he shut things down without any measurements by anyone except the shill.” – Attributed to Ahern on two sites that have a history of being hostile towards Andrea Rossi. 

“Occam's Razor, on the other hand, says that 12 inconclusive demos in succession are not random. It is well planned and orchestrated. He has used the journalists like a team of puppets.” – Attributed to Ahern on one site that has a history of being hostile towards Andrea Rossi.

“This test was an intentional deception as usual,” Ahern wrote. “He mounted the thermocouple such that it responded directly to the heater and not the actual temperature of the hot water. This was not an oversight. He used this trick in February (2011) with Levi.

“This is why the power appeared to go up when shutting off the power. The liquid heat transfer exceeded the vapor and the thermocouple temperature rose as it did not reflect the fluid characteristics as much as the location of the external thermocouple. Mounting thermocouples externally is also absurd. A T-type fitting to place it in the actual flow costs less than $20.” – Attributed to Ahern on two sites that have a history of being hostile towards Andrea Rossi. 

I do not wish to discuss the technical issues brought up in any of these comments. This article was not composed to debate such topics. Andrea Rossi is not a flawless engineer or scientist, despite his amazing accomplishment of developing the world's first practical LENR technology. Although I disagree with Ahern's conclusion that the series of tests were inconclusive, I will admit there may have been areas where tests could have been performed better. Any test can always include better measurement devices, sensors, controls, or methodologies. But I am convinced the tests were fully adequate to show excess heat – in some cases massive amounts of such heat as in Dr. Levi's 18 hour test of a self sustaining E-Cat. 

What is important to stress is that Dr. Ahern has previously asserted – if these statements were truly made by him, which seem to be the case – that Rossi has personally used various methods of deception to perform tricks, setup rigged tests, manipulate journalists like puppets, and use shills. 

These statements seem harsh and unfair, in my opinion. However, everyone is entitled to give their two cents about any topic they choose. But after all these bold statements, it is amazing to actually hear that Dr. Brian Ahern no longer has doubts about the most recent paper that was published on Oct. 8th. I did not expect him to change his view point: I honestly expected hell to freezer over first. There are only a handful of individuals that I would be more surprised to hear accept the results of a test that proves, beyond any doubt, the E-Cat produces massive excess energy via completely safe nuclear reactions. 

The following is the statement by Jed Rothwell, a trustworthy researcher and librarian that often posts on the Vortex L mailing list. 

An expert reviewed and approves of this configuration

Brian Ahern just called me to say that he spoke with expert in thermal imaging. The expert went over the paper and said this was exactly the right kind of camera for these materials and this range of temperatures. The guy said surface roughness and various other factors come into play. He knows something about alumina and he said these are the instruments and wavelengths he would select. 

Brian said his own doubts have been resolved. 

Normally I would have jotted down more details, such as the expert's name, but I didn't because Brian promised to send me a note with the particulars. It occurs to me he is not a good correspondent. He is a busy bee. If he does not send me the info I'll call him back and get it.

This expert does things like measure the temperature of rocket plumes. I told Brian I have heard of people using IR cameras for volcanoes. They are good for uncontrolled, high temperature phenomena. 

Details to follow.

Brian is a good egg.

 Jed

This sudden turn around by Brian Ahern is stunning. If he can be convinced that the test results – at least for excess heat production – are accurate, what other skeptic of the E-Cat might be next? A few possibilities come to mind, but I cannot help but wonder if such individuals publicly changed their mind about the E-Cat if they may only do so as a form of damage control. When the world accepts this technology as one hundred percent real, the cynics who have belittled the technology will probably be asked many questions. It would be easier for them to just flip-flop to the position of admitting the E-Cat works.

Could we be at such a turning point? Perhaps the evidence has accumulated to such a degree that the only safe thing, out of self preservation of their reputation, for a hardcore skeptic to do now is publicly state they recognize the E-Cat is a valid technology. 

Of course, regardless as to the motivations of those skeptics of the E-Cat who are reversing their position on the technology, we need all the highly educated, intelligent individuals working on this technology as we can get. Except in the case of a few of the worst detractors, maybe it would be better for humanity if we learned to overlook the negative comments made by certain more “reasonable” and honest skeptics. We should never forget the accusations that have been made – they should be recorded for posterity just like the statements made against the Wright Brothers claiming that they did not have a flying machine – but it may be best to simply move on. Replicating and proving to the world that LENR represents a paradigm shattering technology is more important than holding onto the past. 

Hopefully, Brian Ahern will provide more information himself about his conversation with the expert. Since he has made such bold statements against Rossi in the past, if he truly has had his doubts resolved about this test, it would be great for him to provide a detailed explanation of what changed his mind. 

Let's hope that Brian Ahern is only one of many to recognize the truth, as a growing trend. We have sent an email to Brian asking him for comment on this story and will post his reply when we get it. We also sent a link to this story to one of the other chief skeptics who has quoted Ahern's critical statements in the past.

The E-Cat Works.

Case Closed. 


You're welcome to chime in below.

Before we published this story, we got the following response in from Jed Rothwell of replied:

Hey, that seems a little unfair to Brian. Let's not rub it in. Let's not make a big issue about it. He got more information; he changed his mind. That's what a scientist does. It is not "stunning."

I recommend you pull this story. It is a non-story. Especially his previous doubts. Everyone has doubts about things like this.

- Jed

My rebuttal is that Ahern could have voiced all his concerns without the accusations of trickery, intentional deceptions, and shills, which are extremely unsavory accusations that imply dark motives.

Sterling D. Allan comments: I think people need to be held accountable, especially big wigs; and people need to know the unsavory history from people who should have been friends to the cause. Those were very negative statements, posted very publicly; so the public deserves to know he has changed his position.

- - - -

On October 14, 2014 5:30 AM [MDT = GMT-6], Brian Ahern responded to our request for input/corrections/comment as follows:

"I am confused on the subtle details [of calorimetry/measurement?]. I prefer to let others sort out the details of pyrometry."

# # #

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