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You are here: > News > September 25, 2014; 5:30 pm MDT

David W. Allan recognized as "the founder of the modern time and frequency measurement statistic"

Award given at the International Symposium on Metrology of Time and Space in Russia, where my dad was one of the keynote speakers during the plenary session. We also give a follow-up to my dad's statement about his experiments surrounding his unified field theory supporting free energy harvesting potential. My mom's zucchini magic.

Today is my Dad's Birthday! Happy 78th!! We'll be celebrating on Saturday by going on a mountain bike ride.

click on images for enlargements

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Saturday evening, my dad, David Allan, returned from his trip to Russia where he had attended two international timekeeping conferences. While there, he was met with several surprises, including finding out that he was a keynote speaker at the main event, the VII International Symposium on Metrology of Time and Space, hosted by the Russian Metrological Institute of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering (VNIIFTRI) from September 17-19, 2014 in Russia.

Surpassing that, they asked him to give an impromptu speech at an evening banquet, and they gave him some gifts as well. At the Symposium he was honored to receive an award recognizing him as "the founder of the modern time and frequency measurement statistic, from Russian thankful users." The award had a photo of the VNIIFTRI facility and was signed by more than 40 of the top scientists at VNIIFTRI. 

Coming in February 2016, will mark 50 years since my dad's master's thesis was published by IEEE, and they will be doing a special issue of one of their IEEE magazines with papers coming from all over the world on the impact the "Allan Variance" has had on international timekeeping metrology as well as in other disciplines such as telecommunications. It is the most cited paper to come from the US Department of Commerce.

While there, my dad discovered that the Russian version of GPS, called "GLONASS", is actually about 12 times more accurate than GPS. The leader of Russian timekeeping, Nick Koshelyaevsky, is a good friend of my dad's, and finally urged him to attend the conference. With all the tumult between the US and Russia, you can imagine why my dad was hesitant and initially declined the invitation.

What my dad experienced defied his expectation. He found conditions in Russia to be better than in the United States. While things are in decline here in the U.S., they are improving in Russia, to the point that they are now more vibrant than here.

As I mentioned in my previous story about my dad, Nick joined the LDS Church several years ago, after my dad gave him a Book of Mormon. The turning point for Nick was when he read "time is measured only unto man". As a time-keeper, he thought that statement was too deep for a farm boy, Joseph Smith, to come up with.

Further on this tangent, speaking of Joseph Smith, Tuesday, on my show as part of the network, I interviewed JJ Dewey, with this description: "Some consider Joseph John Dewey to be the possible reincarnation of Joseph Smith. We talked about reincarnation, the teaching of which (at least a variation thereof) got him excommunicated from the Mormon church. We talked about how reincarnation fits into a Christian/LDS world view. JJ also does past life regressions." (I should mention that my parents don't share my view about reincarnation, but I'll be curious to see what they think after they listen to the JJ interview.)

As follow-up to the story I published a couple of weeks ago:

When I asked my dad about this, he referred to Lynne McTaggart's book: The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. In other words, her book gives the theory behind what his experiments support with data. I've read part of McTaggart's book, and I can definitely say it comes highly recommended to you all. Great material of "must read" caliber.

Below is a video I shot of my parents Tuesday night. In addition to showing my dad's award, I also talked about an incredible invention my mom came up with the day prior of sprinkling Snapea Crisps (the original Pea crisp available at Costco) mixed with a little whole wheat flour on sliced zucchini, then dried, to make a tasty and healthy treat. In the few minutes of the video, I give all the info needed to make this for yourself, requesting that if you go commercial (plans, translations, kits, components, product, franchises), just send a 5% royalty to my mom via my dad's website: Ditto for some of the other innovations I talked about in the video as well: reconstitutable dehydrated raw jam, zucchini fruit leather, etc. (Note, the royalty is my suggestion, not at my mom's insistence. If you visit, you can count on leaving with a batch of something or other.)

Here's an email from my dad to our family and friends, talking about his trip to Russia.

From: David W. Allan 
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 1:28 PM [MDT]
Subject: 23 Sept.'14 Summary of trip to Russia

Dear family and friends,

I was impressed with the economic growth in the 25 years since I was last there. New cars of all kinds. Everyone has a cell phone. The young people are slim and trim and very intelligent, and many of them are traveling to the states for vacations; they speak good English. I met two young ladies who are working on their PhDs. They gave papers at the Symposium and it was fun to see them trigger off of my work. My master’s thesis is heart and core to their clock characterization and utilization program, and you see what we call sigma-tau stability diagrams using the “Allan deviation” in almost all their presentations. Edna said, I didn’t know you were a deviate.

I don’t think I could have been honored more. My talk was a keynote during the opening plenary session of this Seventh International Symposium on Metrology of Time and Space, where I was able to feature my book as well. They want a copy for their Time and Frequency Standards lab even though I have told them it is an integration of science and religion. The book flies in the face of communism and atheism. If I had taken a hundred copies, I think I could have sold them all. The twenty I took were soon gone. There were 158 Symposium attendees with 11 foreign nationals.

The symposium was held in Suzdal – a community of about 11 thousand about 200 km north of Moscow. Suzdal is unique in that it is one of the only cities that was preserved through the communist revolution. There are some 300 beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedrals throughout this four square mile community.

The Monday and Tuesday before the Symposium, I attended a working group for the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) on international time and frequency comparison techniques. Clocks have gotten a billion times better in my life time. GPS works at the nanosecond (billionth of a second) level. Now clocks have gotten so good that we need timing a billion times better than a nanosecond; a nanosecond is too big. Give a cheer for the attosecond (10-18 of a second). Last June at the seminar in Boulder I saw measurements into the attoseconds for the first time in my career. In my book, I give a solution to this challenging international comparison problem. I was able to share that with them, and almost everyone in that working group got a copy of the book.

Just to calibrate you, seven times around the earth is the distance light travels in one second. It travels 30 centimeters in a nanosecond. A picosecond is 1/1000 of a nanosecond, and a femtosecond is 1/1000 of a picosecond. An attosecond is 1/1000 of a femtosecond, and the progress continues in all countries. Precise timing is at the heart of high tech.

I have been invited to speak in China next year with all expenses paid. I don’t know yet whether the Lord wants me to go. Traveling is hard on a 78 year old. I had almost no problem with jet lag on this trip as any I have done using some tricks I have learned over the years. However, I am still recovering from a 28 hour day last Saturday coming back home. How great it was to be home. I deeply appreciate all your love and support. By the way the book is available in Kindle format and through Chapter 1 you can read “look inside” on Amazon. Our web site for acquiring the book is  Our grand-daughter Rachel did the cover, and our son-in-law, Kevn Lambson – a gifted artist as well – helped with the cover and formatted the book; one big job.

Love to you all,


Corroborating what my dad said about Russia, here is a Skype chat I had with Chris Cuvar of Quad City Innovations, on September 29 (his birthday).

Christopher Cuvar: ...By the way, have you seen any working Motor generator combos yet? []

Sterling D. Allan: ironically, no.

Christopher Cuvar: Lot's of them out there making claims, but we have seen none as of yet either
The Russians seem to be cornering this market...LOL

Sterling D. Allan: yep.
Not surprising.
They're both smart and rogue. Putting America to shame.
They're choosing freedom and thriving, while the US is choosing socialism
My dad just got back from a trip there

Christopher Cuvar: I totally agree with you
I went there recently as well, and the people are getting up on their own feet to thrive unlike this nation waiting on Obama's handouts



Judah Levine with Nick Koshelyaevsky, US and Russian timekeeping leaders.
Judah is the 2013 winner of IEEE's I.I. Rabi Award, of which my dad was the second recipient, following Rabi. He is also the guest editor for the IEEE 50th anniversary special issue featuring the Allan Variance. 

Timekeeping standards lab colleagues

A VNIIFTRI director with my dad

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated October 09, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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