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You are here: > News > September 22, 2014

Strevens says he confirmed his Transfusor Theory

"I calculated the power of my machine. I found that with hydrogen it would be about 3 watt but with deuterium about 20MW. That is the maximum. Previously it was not found to be radioactive except for gamma at the e+ e- annihilation energy. My experiments are with air. Oxygen and Nitrogen can undergo nuclear fusion reactions to make energy...."

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here is a portion of a Skype dialogue I had with Dr. Christopher Strevens from London, beginning August 23. 

This stuff is way over my head. 'Sounds interesting, but I have no idea how legit or not it is. I pass it on for your consideration -- those of you who might be more versed in this language.

I got a pulse from my Cherkoff counter at exactly the right time after the ignition current pulse of 400 amp to confirm transfusor theory.

Here are two scope traces, but look at the web page  where they display in context.

I have found a British firm that supplies ampoules of deuterium but avoiding a chemical explosion is difficult.

We will soon need some venture capital.

I gave him a memo suggesting that he might want to rearrange his site and not have so much information on one page, subdividing it into logical sections. He replied:

I write it as I do it so it an experimental notebook. I use it for reference, because my computer gets cyber attacks very often. There was one yesterday that destroyed the whole system, so I spent from 6pm to midnight and from 6 am to just now rebuilding the system from the reinstallation of windows 7.There are a few more things to put in. It's an ongoing page, completely unplanned. I expect more to add for some time yet.

On September 1, he wrote:

I calculated the power of my machine. I found that with hydrogen it would be about 3 watt but with deuterium about 20MW. That is the maximum. Previously it was not found to be radioactive except for gamma at the e+ e- annihilation energy. My experiments are with air. Oxygen and Nitrogen can undergo nuclear fusion reactions to make energy, but I do not know the cross section or the yield. Air is free and readily available. Hydrogen does not react and Deuterium, is very expensive ,and I am not allowed to have it because of the risk of a chemical explosion with air.

Natural hydrogen only has a tiny proportion of deuterium, and protium itself does not react as the cross section, for fusion is too small. Air is a nuclear fuel but I do not know the reaction or the cross section. Deuterium is predicted to yield neutrons that take away a lot of the power generated. 

I experimented with a more powerful unit we built at RSRS in 1969 that ran on Deuterium. I was not told of the neutron count but I believe it to be very low; and another unit that ran on air that also had a very low neutron count.

The maximum power it can deliver is limited to the output winding and mine can only carry 36 watts.

Here is the little algorithm based on published results that estimates the power created.

'Power = 0.5 watt/cc/kPa^2 10torr=133 Pa
Let PowerGenerated=(0.5*(LengthOfFormer/3)*((InsideDiameterOfReactionTube/2)/1000)^2*2*Pi*((PressureOnPlasma)/1000)^2)*100^3
Print "Power Generated if Deuterium ";PowerGenerated;" Watt"
Print "Power Generated by natural hydrogen "; PowerGenerated*24E-9;" Watt"

The proportion of Deuterium is from abundance tables in Wikipedia.

I could be murdered if I report success as there is so much at stake. An attempt on my life was made a few days ago when a neighbour stabbed me in the chest with a steel piano wire.

I replied: "This doesn't sound like conspiracy but squabbling among neighbors." To which he responded:

My cousins did not want it and took money I inherited from our aunt from me. A friend who was working with me is no longer reachable on the phone and I do not know his address. Not conspiracy but he has petrol shares. 

Our fathers all fought Hitler over a source of power reported as similar.

I have made 3. I do have a tubd containing low pressure deuterium. I fear using it because of what happened the first time I used it.

On September 5, he wrote:

I am using air as the fuel, and when I did tests at NTP with another transfusor that resonated at 33 KHz and had a resonance coil potential of 1Kv, I found quite a strong signal from the neutron detector. I send a file of the output of the resonance coil and the neutron detector. There are traces at NTP and at 20 tor. The ones at NTP gave the biggest neutron signal. I think I am edging towards the kapadnaze engine that uses air at NTP and very high potentials and big coils with many turns. I have yet to test my build that has 80,000 T in a 100 H winding. I cannot measure the inductance so I estimated from Gauss. 

Here is the BASIC source code for the calculations that the transfusor is based on.

On September 11, he wrote:

With hydrogen the neutrons generated by the d-d reaction are absorbed by the hydrogen to make more deuterium for fuel. So a hydrogen jacket ca be used to generate more fuel and as a shield.

Today, he wrote:

I now need a 400 amp 12 volt (4000 W) ignition oscillator. The transistor is £500.

Luke is making me on in The Netherlands. He works for the Japanese engineering firm, Mitsubishi, in Utrect, as an electrical engineer. He is a heavy current specialist.

I am hoping he will be able to fly over to fit it

We have Steve in Birmingham who is army trained.

They have a team of about 50 inventors and do the the tech  work.

My experiments can be seen in satellites that are to detect nukes.

They came and took a sample. I did go inside for a while and [was] warned about continuing. [Has] to do with a Geneva convention during the end of WWII.

It took about 5 years for the science research council to respond to my application for a grant. By that time, I had been inside, and the apparatus had been dismantled and disposed of. But they took an interest. I paid for everything myself. I think the nitric oxide the unit generated made me sick with complex hallucinations better than other recreational drugs and much cheaper. So I installed an extractor fan.

The unit we made at RSRS was a coil 50 cm long by 50 cm diameter of 1/4" insulated copper pipe. That was started by a current pulse from a car battery. Again the winding ends were taken to the opposite ends of the quartz glass tube with deuterium passing through slowly with s regulator and needle valve at one end and an Edwards high vacuum pump at the other. It resonated at its natural frequency without a capacitor. About 100 Hz, I recall. The output was from a winding around the outside and this powered a 1/4 HP electric motor as the load. The output potential could be adjusted with a multi-turn potentiometer. The regulator was a shunt type using a magnetic amplifier (known as a saturale reactor) driven from s valve circuit out of a spitfire. It was a series regular that controlled the electrical power driven from the Merlin engine. (I flew a spitfire once as a ground attack craft). The current in the resonance coil was about 300 amp and the potential across the reaction tube was about 2000 volt. It may be in use as a military power source but it was banned for civilian use because of the fatal nuclear explosion of the first one. It is too heavy for aircraft. There was a small capacitor across the ends also but I was told it did not do anything. It was 0.000015 MFD oil filled. A dated before WWII. That was in 1969 The first one was made in 1962 but ridiculed and than in 1967 at the vine stately home that I owned at that time. That exploded with fatal consequences, he died of chromosome damage. The place had wall paintings of aliens on another planet drawn by aliens who lived their in the 17th century. It is now under the M3 motorway. We made one at Portsmouth naval base in about 1973 after we had a mini war with the USSR and my AWAC was shot down... My life is running out so I want to pass it on.

The copper tube had the gas from liquid nitrogen passing through it. It had push button start based on the current being interrupted by a relay that vibrated to give AC.

Then, on September 23, he added:

I ran another test this evening with what appears to be a strong positive result with air at normal pressure and room temp.  Not all the results described are in the video. By the time I put the video to record the neutron detector had ceased to work.

I fed the feedback coil of the transfusor with the output of a 12 volt 3 amp mains transformer and found that after a warm up period the output doubled from 100 volt to 200 volt and the input from an estimated 12 volt to 20 volt and that this varied I bursts. The neutron detector showed a sine wave then it stopped working. I think the over voltage trap flashed also. That is at around 7000 volt output. It does look like air is a good fuel and low pressures are not needed. I am dumbfounded.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated October 06, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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